Time for a brand-new series, and one that I know *nothing* about!

Here comes the intro – let’s see what’s up.

We’ve got Scooby in a kitchen… and since I’m watching in historically-accurate Certified Late‘80s VHS-O-Vision™, certain frames look like–

–Scooby is some transcendent multi-dimensional being, phasing in and out of existence within our mortal realm.

Then again, how do we know he’s not?

A monster pops out of his food bowl, and Scooby does…

…uh… whatever this is.

Cut to Scoob alongside Tiny Daphne in a graveyard.

She then proceeds to phase the Scooby Snacks–

 –straight through his ear, because Tiny Daphne is magic, I guess.

At this point, the theme song specifies that:

When the ghosts and ghouls attack, Scooby eats a Scooby Snack!

but Tiny Daphne pours the whole box of ‘em down his throat, throwing the whole “*a* Scooby Snack” thing out the window.

Immediately after, Scooby does–


…he does… uh…

whatever this is? I guess?

And then, he… uh, he kinda…


becomes a rocket? Because reasons?

I don’t want to know what part of Scooby makes that exhaust port.

Scooby-rocket ascends into the heavens…

…up, up into the sunset sky…

Random Babby Velma walks in…

…and Scooby-rocket… wait, explodes into fireworks?

And then Random Tiny Velma makes her eye b–…




…oh. Ohhhh dear.

Well, that explains everything.

Get ready, folks, this show is gonna be a heck of a Scooby-rocket ride.

Shiro with a baby sling, as promised.

Concept: Shiro and Allura have amazingly beautiful babies in the future. And Shiro totes them around everywhere he goes, because look at these powerful half-Altean children he helped create. 

I’m weak. 

A Good Fuck - Yuta (M)

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Sorry to Lucas and Doyoung in advance.
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not a relevant gif, but he hot & biceps
Word Count: 2,098

Doyoung sifted through drawers of the kitchen, cleaning supplies spread across the granite counters.
Amusement struck you as Doyoung ran a hand through his lavender tresses, sighing to himself in frustration.

“You’re a couple months late,” you jeered from the entrance, removing your sandals, “Spring cleaning is supposed to happen during spring.”

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Has anyone else noticed that Nicole never leaves a room without doing a quick turn around for one last look? I feel like this is part of her training like she always needs to remember the way things are, everything about a scene as soon as she leaves it. I mean most people just walk straight out, no looking back, but she always looks back. Maybe i’m making a bigger deal out of this but it’s a quality in Nicole that I find interesting. Much like her heightened attention to detail.

‪Author: *write a fic with Yuri’s cat in the story* since we don’t know it’s name and it’s gender let’s just call it Furrball or Snowball. Sofiya also sounds good. Oh it’s actually Potya?‬

‪Yuri Plisetsky, an intellectual: this is my cat. His name is Puma Tiger Scorpion. Pyocha for short. IT’S A BADASS NAME DON’T YOU THINK‬