@ all the anons asking about those comments in reblogs of my “Yuurichka” post: I don’t want to start a discussion, but that person is half-right, half-wrong and I feel I need to clear some things for my followers.

Yuuri and Yuri are pronounced differently in russian, but it’s not the case. Yes, you really can use name forms of russian Yuri for a japanese Yuuri due to similarity.

But language does allow you to create a beautiful diminutive form that will be closer to original name, so it will have much more personal approach. Basically you can use it as well, as russian Yuri forms to him - that will be only the case of Yuuri’s preference.

So saying that “there’s no need to make a new one” is wrong. It’s like saying “there’s no need for Viten’ka when we already have Vitechka.”