nameless fantroll

so i had all sorts of shenanigans going on during @rumminov‘s bday and soon after it but DONT THINK I FORGOT…..

heres all these gays (even the non-gay alphacestors). im also gay and i was gonna write smth fuckin sappy here but i wont. happy late bday and such

this is best viewed fullsize bc it is Big

okay so i’m still in a p bad mental space but it’s my most important son’s wriggling day and i couldn’t Not draw anything, so i finished this ref sheet i’ve had about quarter-finished forever (turns out it was a pretty good distraction)

i guess this is a pretty good opportunity to show his shiny new profile too, if you haven’t seen it yet!

also it’s probably better to view this fullsize because it’s Huge to show all the detail and tumblr doesn’t really do it justice

(i’m feeling very insecure about my characters and stuff in general and this took forever so reblogs would be super appreciated ♥)