nameless dead

  • environmental storytelling: cautious environment building that lets the player think for themselves what happened here, whats the lore of this game etc
  • environmental storytelling feat. bethesda: My Diary, by Nameless Dead Skeleton 1490. Day 1. Hey gamers, I heard theres a great big treasure in this cave but that damn fucker Al'hrdhrt doesn't feel like sharing. I hope I don't end up being a dead skeleton under a collapsed mine entrance somewhere

That’s it…done…so done. 

Cause of death: Omega spanking Niels 


did you see that??? 


Ghost and Dead Soul on tour. A typical evening.



Okay so, all the bands were fucking amazing, we saw: of mice & men, Killswitch engage, Anthrax, Ghost, Pierce the Veil, Chevelle, Volbeat, Slayer, and Avenged Sevenfold. My friend and I were dressed as Deadpool with ghost shirts on. We almost got to meet Anthrax, but they saw us and laughed. We met Chevelle and got a picture signed. And apparently if I bought a ghost CD I was able to go to their signing which I didn’t know what was happening. So, of course they only had meliora, which I already fricken own, so I bought it anyway so, so when Ghost came on I was real into it and they were fucking fantastic as always, and during their last song, which was Mummy dust, my friend and I left and legged it to the signing and we got a really good place in line. So, we waited and I was freaking the fuck out an yelling, and their manager was just shaking his head, and we finally got up to it being our turn, so I went first. I talked to water a bit then I abruptly pointed at air and shouted “You! YES!” And gave him a thumbs up, so he gave me one back, I told the female ghoul that she was fucking awesome and that She played the shit out of the bass and she said thank you, I then got to Papa and he looked up and smiled, he then said “Spider-Man!” And I was like “ah! I’m deadpool, but I’m not even mad” so he signed my shit and Earth looked at me and said “Spider-Man’s cool too!” And I was like “yeah man!” So then lastly I got to alpha and he signed it, and I was like “Hey man! Can I get a high five?! Is that a thing?” And he nodded and high fived me but then he just held my hand there and I didn’t know when to let go because he wasn’t, and my glove was ripped so I could feel his hand and it was really soft and he had me in a death grip, so I pulled away because I was holding up the line and I told them they were all fucking awesome and I walked out. So, that whole time I couldn’t see that well and I wasn’t functioning like an actual person in the slightest bit and it was really bad. And the ghouls signatures on my cd smudged really badly but yeah, I’m officially fucking dead because they were so nice.

As if my opinion really matters lol XD  

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