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first of all, your writing is so so cute i could just die ♥ second of all, if it's not too much trouble, could i please request for nameless tfp insecticons growing increasingly enamored with the amoral scientist™ human who's been working with / for the decepticons ?? perhaps they express their interests in bizarre and somewhat disturbing ways, and while anyone else would be creeped out, said human actually finds it really cute an endearing ?? thank you so much, and keep up the great work ♪

This is making me laugh cos the human is just ‘awww look at that scary bug’ and meanwhile Decepticon command is like ‘oh they’re sneaky I see this plan to overthrow us’

Insecticons TFP

At first the insecticons (or the select few you saw most of) didn’t like you. At all. Humans were strange creatures that they wanted nothing to do with- did you wave? Was that a wave? Were you mocking them somehow? You had to be mocking them, you should be at least a little scared of them. Their curiosity was piqued, they had to know why you bothered being friendly. After that, they would show up randomly in your little lab to watch you, making threatening noises if you tried to come too close. They eventually relaxed as you casually spoke to them, unperturbed by their appearance. A few of them (the ones who came by most often), even started to like you

After that it became a game for the ones who liked you to see who could woo you first. Most of their advances went straight over your head (wing movements to imply romantic interest, specific chittering or purring noises, etc.), but the strange gifts they would leave you were impossible to ignore. Most of them were things only an insecticon would find useful or nice, but the gesture was there and you were sure to thank them for the sweet gift. They couldn’t understand why you weren’t reacting the way another insecticon would, but the bright smile and little hug was worth it 

Other cons like Knockout and Starscream couldn’t understand why you were so nice to the insecticons, and in turn why they were so tame around you. Whenever anyone else went on a mission with them, they seemed so aggressive, but with you they were practically giant puppies. Still terrifying to look at, but you didn’t seem to see it that way. You could walk right up to them and pet their mandibles, getting a purr in response instead of a growl. They would even pick you up with those scary claws and you just laughed, completely unafraid. It was truly shocking to the Nemesis crew

Whether or not you saw them as strange pets or some sort of friend, cons like Starscream and Megatron didn’t know. But either way, they were both keeping an optic on you, because with so many insecticons loyal to you, you could be a dangerous enemy that neither really wanted to deal with 

We Make A Great Pair (Part 8)

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Guy’s I’m sorry, I would make up some coy excuse to make myself feel better about my absent but I’d rather try to make a change. I honestly lost all inspiration, I had a great idea for the ending but when I tried to write it nothing seemed to fall into place. It still didn’t fall perfectly into place, so I delayed it and the time built up until I was too anxious to continue. That was until someone messaged me asking if I was okay. That message snapped me out of my whatever funk I was in and I busted this out. Also, this probably sucks but I just want to get this out so I can move on. I’m also going to try my damn hardest to post at least once or twice a week cause it’s getting ridiculous and I need to get my shit together.

Thank to whoever read that long explanation and again sorry if it sucks I didn’t properly edit it other then some small grammar and spelling that my spelling check corrected. :/

Part 7 

Steve sat in the quiet room staring at the sedated Bucky lying across from him. It’s had been about four hours since he had heard the gunshots and he was still just as shocked, still unable to handle the betrayal just as everyone was. But none was more affected than Clint. He couldn’t bring himself to accept that the you that shot Bucky was his sister.

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