• ~1180 – Monk Meinhard, alongside german tradespeople, arrives. He builds a church and castle in Ikšķile ( around 1185), which are the first stone buildings in these parts and becomes the first bishop of Līvzeme until 1196 (lands inhabited by the livonians – territories around Daugava and by the sea).
  • 1198 – Beginning of the Crusades in the territory of the current Baltic States.
  • 1198 -1229 – Bishop Albert.
  • 1201 – According to Chronicle of Henry of Livonia, bishop Albert begins the building of Rīga.

13th century – the fight for freedom of the Baltic tribes and livonians, and their eventual christianizing.

  • 1202 -  Brothers of the Sword order is created in Livonia.
  • 1203 – Turaidas livonian chief Kaupo, who has accepted christianity, visits Pope Innocent III in Rome. Kaupo is considered a traitor.
  • 1205 – Daugavgrīvas Cistercian monastery established.
  • 1209 – Crusaders conquer latgalian lands of Koknese and Jersika. The chief of Jersika, Visvaldis, becomes the vassal of bishop Albert.
  • 1210  -  Curonians fail to conquer Rīga.
  • 1211 – Creation of Rīgas Doms (The oldest church in Latvia) & the church school.
  • 1221 – People of Rīga evict the judge sent by King of Denmark, gain relative independance and around 1226 create the city council.
  • 1234 – Bishopic of Courland is created.
  • 1236 – Battle of Saule was fought on September 22, 1236, between the Livonian Brothers of the Sword and pagan Samogitians, alongside Semigalians. Nowadays this day is known as Day of Baltic Unity.
  • 1237 – Brothers of the Sword order is merged with the Teutonic order, as a branch of it is renamed the Livonian order.
  • 1260 - On 13 July 1260, the Samogitians soundly defeated the joint forces of the Teutonic Knights from Prussia and Livonian Order from Livonia. The battle undid two decades of Livonian conquests and it took some thirty years for the Livonian Order to restore its control.
  • 1279 – Semigalians, with their chief Namejs in the lead, rebel against the Livonian order. First mentions of the red-white-red flag in the Livonian Rhymed Chronicle.
  • 1282 – Rīga joins the Hanseatic League. Later Cēsis, Koknese, Kuldīga, Limbaži, Straupe, Valmiera & Ventspils join too.
  • 1290 – Semigalian rebellion ends. All Baltic tribes are now under the Teutonic rule.
BTS react to EXO flirting with their childhood friend/crush

Thanks for the request anon~

Note: E/M/N = EXO member’s name

J-Hope: *Whispers into your ear as you’re talking to E/M/N*

Jimin: “E/M/N, you need to leave,”

Jin: “We need to talk…I think you need to stay away from E/M/N. He’s not good for you,”


E/M/N: “Hey Jongkook, can you go and get us some water or something? Y/N’s thirsty,”

Jungkook: “My name is Jungkook, not Jungkook!” *Gets angry because you’re getting close with E/M/N*

Rap Monster:

E/M/N: “Why are you laughing so much Namjoon?”

Rap Monster: “Because you don’t stand a chance with Y/N. You know nothing about her,”

Suga: “Y/N means so much to me, you know. It’s just hard seeing other guys with her,”

V: *Sees you with E/M/N*

anonymous asked:

Not that men -can't- wear the 7 day rings, but at least as far as I know, usually young girls are given those rings and wear them, and many women get them for engagement rings. Not that men can't, but I think culturally men wear the Namejs more

Hey, I’m not an expert on this. I’ve honestly never seen a girl wear any of those myself? I know that women typically used to wear spiral rings instead of the Namejs rings, like I do. Maybe it’s just my region? I mean, I could be wearing my tautastērps wrong. I dunno. I’ll post a pic of my rings a bit later.

[150606] Jun’s Twitter Interactions with Fans

Intro Tweet: Hello. The quiet pretty boy has arrived.

Fan: Hello!
J: Hello~~~
(T/N: The fan tweeted in Chinese. Jun replied in Korean.)

Fan: Oppa, play with me.
J: Okay @-@

Fan: If you are a pretty boy, you’ll reply to my message, right?
J: I am a pretty boy~ *laughs*

Fan: do you like koalas?
J: They’re good. *laughs*
(T/N: The fan tweeted in English. Jun replied in Korean.)

Fan: say my name say my name
J: jam jam~
(T/N: This was in English.) 

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
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amkatepet  asked:

What do you think of Namejs Gredzens based on what you've seen in interviews? Do you think the film will live up to expectations? Do you have any theories on what might happen?

I think it’s a really powerful idea about a relatively little known (outside of Latvia, I mean) part of history. It has a wonderful cast to go along with its ambitious premise and despite being made on a small budget (3-5 mill) it looks gorgeous. Many of the background photos show just how impressive the film is despite not having the budget of other historical epics. I also definitely enjoyed the impression I got from many of the interviews of the film.

I was really impressed by James Bloor’s BTS interview where he talked about how Namejs fought to keep Semigallian culture alive and how stories like this was important in the context of Latvia’s history of occupation and for cultural pride. I think this is reinforced by the director’s, Aigars Grauba, story of how his mother gave him a Namej’s ring made from a silver coin from when Latvia was still independent.

As for expectations, well, I can only speak about my own expectations, in part because very few people are aware of this film lol, but I do not think my expectations are outrageous? I already know it looks beautiful and ultimately it is a film made by a Latvian writing team and director about Latvian history, so I’m not worried about it being disrespectful of the story or anything like that. As for the story itself, I don’t think it has to be perfect, it’s already something unique enough that it will be a fascinating film, good or bad lol.

However, I really don’t have any theories on the plot of the film, the footage they shown in BTS clips is muted and we don’t have a proper trailer yet. Obviously a big portion of the film will be that Namejs comes into power, while Max attempts to take over the region and Namejs will mount the resistance against him.

Namejs was a political and military leader in the late 13th century, but there is no historical basis to connect him with any ring. Archeologists found a plaited ring, but in a different part of the country and from about 100 years earlier. Writer Aleksandrs Grīns wrote a book in 1928 titled Namejs Ring, though the ring he describes is different. Grīns story was eventually performed on stage and later someone presented the President Ulmanis a ring they called a Namejs, and painter Liberts painted the archeological ring on the finger of his fantasy portrait of Namejs. Later Ulmanis’ connection to the ring was forgotten and it became a symbol of identity in the exile community and in Latvia, a symbol for supporters of Latvian independence.


A new Jonnor multi-chapter fic

Summary: Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?

Chapter 1:

*Twitter DM’s*

Jude: I’m really nervous about meeting my roommate

Connor:  I’m sure he’s a nice guy I mean they made you fill out a survey right?

J: Yeah they did

C: So they’ve already checked to see if you’d be compatible with your roomie

J: I know, but I don’t even know his name

J: I wish I hadn’t forgot my housing login

C: It’ll be fine I’m sure Jude…now I gotta go I’ve arrived for my move-in too

J: Ok bye ttyl

Jude liked talking to Connor, his internet friend. He felt like Connor understood him in a way few other people did.  Jude was starting to have a problem with the whole “internet” thing though. They only were ever able to talk by Twitter DM’s.  It was frustrating Jude. Connor was obviously his best friend, and they often messaged for hours, but they never got to hang out or actually talk. Jude snorted.  Like us hanging out would actually be a good idea, he thought.  Jude was pretty sure he was starting to like Connor as more than just a friend. Connor, his straight friend (well Jude assumed he was straight; he’d never said he was gay or bisexual or anything like that, but he’d had several girlfriends and hook ups, or so he told Jude).  And the craziest part of it to Jude was that it had nothing to do with Connor’s looks.  He’d only ever seen one picture of Connor before (and that was a couple of nights ago). No, Jude had started to fall for Connor’s personality only, a sensation Jude was finding rather strange.

As he was mulling over all these thoughts about Connor, the door to the room opened and a boy stepped in.  He was tall, about six foot three, well-built, with deep hazel eyes you could easily get lost in, sandy brown hair, and a radiant smile that seemed to brighten the whole room.  There was something very familiar about the boy, but Jude couldn’t quite put his finger on why.

“I going to guess that you’re my roommate.” he said.

“Room 2110?” Jude asked.

“Yep, that’s me.” the boy replied, smiling and extending his hand.  Jude took it, shaking it and introducing himself.

“I’m Jude.  Jude Adams Foster.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Jude. I’m Connor Stevens.” As his name tumbled out of his mouth, everything clicked into place for Jude and he screamed.

“You—I—we—internet—“ Jude said, only gibberish coming out of his mouth as he stood there pointing at Connor, trying to process everything that this meant.

“Jude?  Are you alright?” Connor asked cautiously.  Still finding it impossible to form words with his mouth, Jude instead pulled out his phone and opened Twitter.

J: You’re literally talking to me right now idiot, no I’m not alright

Connor’s phone dinged, nearly sending Jude into another fit of hysterics.

“One second Jude, I gotta check this it’s probably my best friend.” Connor said, pulling out his phone.  He tapped the screen a few times, stopping to stare at the message intently.  Jude could see the realization spreading across his face, Connor dropping his phone as he did, mouth hanging open.  He stood there for a few seconds, before a smile started to form, and Connor closed the few feet separating them, tackling to Jude to the floor with a hug.

“Oof!” Jude groaned.  “Get off me you big lug.”  Connor just grinned at him.

“I’m just so happy to finally get to meet you in person!” he practically shouted.

“I’m happy to see you too but I can’t breathe Connor!” Jude gasped, but only sounding slightly out of breath. It wasn’t really that he couldn’t breathe, it was that Connor lying on top of him like that was doing…things to his body.  Things that Connor might notice, he thought ruefully, which would be really awkward. Connor rolled off of him, instead sitting cross-legged next to him, a goofy grin still plastered on his face. Jude sat up, feeling a smile play across his lips as he surveyed the grinning boy next to him.

“So we’re going to be roommates.” Jude continued.

“I know!  Isn’t it great?” Connor said, bouncing around like a five-year old.

“Yeah it is.” Jude replied, struggling to match Connor’s level of excitement.

“Okay, I gotta go get the rest of my stuff, I’ll be right back!” Connor exclaimed, bounding out of the room. Connor’s energy reminded Jude of a puppy, Jude thought.  It was pretty cute, but even as he considered that, the smile was fading from his face. On the internet, with Connor miles away, Jude had nothing to worry about when it came to his developing feelings for Connor.  He could choose his words carefully, and Connor never saw the lovesick look he was starting to wear whenever they would message.  Now with Connor here, sharing a room with Jude, it was going to be much harder to hide his feelings.  In fact, Jude thought, if Connor was always this adorable, it was going to be impossible. Jude sighed.  College was going to be a lot harder than he had been prepared for, and for none of the reasons he might have expected.  Academics he could handle.  Connor on the other hand…

Jude heard footsteps approaching, and he quickly arranged his face into a smile again.  Connor burst into the room, carrying more boxes and bags than Jude thought it should be physically possible for one person to carry.  Connor dropped them on the floor, panting slightly, and Jude caught sight of his rippling muscles, feeling his breath catch in his throat. His face shone slightly from some sweat that had formed, and his hair was gently tousled.  On top of that, Connor was still wearing the same grin he had on his face when he had left the room earlier.  Connor was not only adorable, he was hot as fuck, and Jude swore in that moment he could feel his heart tripping and falling for Connor. Connor didn’t notice though, turning around and walking out, Jude presumed, to bring in more boxes.

“Shit.” he muttered.