named him inky and he is my baby

Keith and Lance's First Child
  • Keith: *laying on a bed, holding a baby with inky black hair and dark blue eyes wrapped in a light blue blanket* Oh my god,I can't believe it. I have a baby boy.
  • Lance: *looking down at the baby in Keith's arms* He looks just like you, but he has my eyes.
  • Keith: I know, he's wonderful.
  • Lance: He's not just wonderful, *reaches over to run over his tiny fingers, which unfurled and tightly grasped it in a little fist, making Lance smile* he's perfect.
  • Keith: What should we name him?
  • Lance: Hm, I want his name to unique, I want it to mean something.
  • Keith: I think I know what I want to name our son, Marcus.
  • Lance: That's a perfect name, Marcus. Marcus McClain-Kogane, our son.
  • Keith: Welcome to our family, Marcus. I'm your dad, and Lance is your dad, too.
  • Lance: Can I hold him?
  • Keith: Sure, *gives Marcus to his husband* be careful not to drop him.
  • Lance: *gets baby Marcus in his arms from Keith* Hi, Marcus. It's Daddy, Lance. I may not…I may not turn out to be the best dad in the world yet, but… *his voice trembled and tears welled up in his eyes* ...I love you, Marcus. I love you so much... *his voice broke on the last word and tears trickled down his face, and he touched one finger to his tiny cheek, stroking it ever so gently* It will take me a while to get good at this whole 'daddy' thing, so be patient with me…but I swear on my life, I'll always protect you and keep you safe.
  • Keith: So will I, Marcus. I promise Daddy and I will keep you from harm and teach you everything we've known and seen.