Feminism is needed for men and women.

Why do I keep on seeing posts saying “ feminism is for women only”. “Feminism is a womens only space”.

Why do I notice those posts have 300+ notes? WHY IS THIS BEING SUPPORTED?


Sorry, not sorry.

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Fun - Chris Brown lft Pitbull
Angel With a Shotgun - The Cab
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Intoxicated - The Cab
Nikki - Forever the Sickest Kids
Everywhere Everything - This Century

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Blog title help??

OKAY so I’m starting a blog and I have no idea what to call it?

The lovely adamsabode suggested Liminal-living or liminal-learning, as I kinda wanted something to do with the liminal or little details or something along those lines…

Or do I stay with Positivemessagefortheday?

Suggestions welcome (aka PLEASE ;-;)

Diana (Latin) [archaic fem of Janus] Goddess of light; an old Italian divinity, later identified with the Greek Artemis as daughter of Zeus and Latona, and sister of Apollo. Goddess of the moon and queen of the night, she presided over the chase, open country, forests, war, and water. As the moon goddess, identified in one aspect with Hecate. She was worshiped in her form of Lucina as presiding over births; as goddess of the night she was worshiped with torches, and was beloved as the protectress of the outcast and slave.
The moon “stands in closer relations to Earth than any other sidereal orb. The Sun is the giver of life to the whole planetary system; the Moon is the giver of life to our globe; and the early races understood and knew it, even in their infancy. She is the Queen and she is the King, and was King Soma before she became transformed into Phoebe and the chaste Diana… . For, if Artemis was Luna in Heaven, and, with the Greeks, Diana on Earth, who presided over child-birth and life: with the Egyptians, she was Hekat (Hecate) in Hell, the goddess of Death, who ruled over magic and enchantments. More than this: as the personified moon, whose phenomena are triadic, Diana-Hecate-Luna is the three in one. For she is Diva triformis, tergemina, triceps – three heads on one neck, like Brahma-Vishnu-Siva.

When they ask for your name,
you give them the short form,
the westernized way of saying it,
so they don’t slip and bruise
their tongues. You are too kind,
but know that they will not care
the same way for you, will not
spare you the acceptance
they readily have for one another.
Some say that your name is
too difficult to pronounce,
too long for the limited boxes
on government forms,
so long that it could wrap
its way around your body.
— Good. This world is cold,
and you will need the warmth.
—  Nav K