Sehun Scenario: Long Time No See

It may be a bit sloppy, I’m sorry. I also wasn’t sure if you wanted for them to get back together in the ending, so I decided that they did not get back together. If you’d like an alternate ending to this, feel free to request it.

But anyways, here you go! Thank you for requesting~ :)

*** Also, C/N stands for Child’s Name (sorry, but I used girl terms as the child haha). I couldn’t really think of any good names so I decided to let you choose her name.

-Admin Min, x.

Member: Oh Sehun
Genre: AU, Sad
Length: 1,234 Words

“You’re pregnant.” Those two words echoed repeatedly in your head. It was a rainy day, and the cool air ruffled through your hair as you walked down the street. This was real, you were actually pregnant. You couldn’t fully comprehend the news, but you were quite excited.

The only issue you had was telling your boyfriend of 3 years, Sehun. Although you two have been together for a while, finding out that you were pregnant was going to be huge news. Hopefully he would be happy and not angry or upset. To be quite honest, you were excited to find out you were pregnant.

You reached the apartment you two shared, and quickly unlocked the door. On your way home, many different scenarios of how he’d react raced through your mind, but you focused solely on the positive ones. You wanted to believe he’d be happy about the pregnancy.

However, you were not expecting the apartment to be eerily quiet at six in the afternoon. You removed your shoes, and walked around the tiny place, your eyes narrowed. “Sehun? Where are you?”

You searched every room, not that there were very many. Tears pricked in your eyes as you realized everything of his was gone. Drawers were empty, closets contained only your clothes, and pictures of the two of you together in frames were placed upside down. You knew what was happening.

Sehun left. He was gone.

A small envelope with your name written in bold laid on the neatly made bed. You hesitated to grab it, wishing this was all just a sick prank Sehun and one of his friends were pulling. After contemplating for a while, you grabbed the letter and ripped it open viciously. Your eyes focused on every word written, tears blurring your vision before dripping into the paper.

Dear Y/N,
Don’t worry too much, okay? I know you’re probably freaking out at the moment, but please know this is for the best. I do love you, I promise, but I don’t think I’m in love with you. I just need time away, so please do not bother asking around for me. By the time you read this, I’ll already have changed my phone number. You did nothing wrong, I promise. You deserve to be with someone who will love you to their best ability, and I’m just not that guy. Just know that I don’t regret these past 3 years I spent with you.


Only seconds after finishing the letter you were already angrily shredding the note. Is this truly how he felt? He didn’t love you? He was faking these past 3 years? Why? Why did he throw away everything you two have built, all of the memories you shared together?

Your head raced with many thoughts, but your main concern was the human being expected to grow inside of your stomach. Sitting on the ground with your back pressed against the end of the bed, the only thing that you could do was call for someone you knew very well. And so did Sehun. The only one who would be able to comfort you in a situation like this. Jongin.

“Ah, jagiya, make sure C/N doesn’t go too far!” Jongin called out, rushing towards you. You smiled gently, your eyes focusing on the 3 - almost 4 - year old girl that he has helped you raise.

After Sehun left you and cut off all contact, you called for Jongin to help you. He was there for you through everything - the mood swings, abnormal cravings, and giving birth. During that consoling time, he showed you a side you’d never seen before. And you slowly forgot about Sehun and trusted Jongin with all of your willpower.

You started dating him a couple of months after you gave birth, and have been with him since then. You were thankful for everything he did to help, and were happy to call him yours now. He was a total sweetheart, and treated your daughter as if she was his own.

“It’s okay, C/N isn’t going that far.” You giggle, letting Jongin’s arms envelope you in a hug. His plump lips pressed gently against your cheek, lingering there for a couple of seconds before detaching. You blushed red at the bold move. “Jongin! We’re in public!”

He laughed it off, nuzzling himself into your hair. “It’s almost 4, we should start leaving soon. The boys want to hang out with us later at our place.”

You nodded as he told you what was going to happen later on, and you casually agreed. Jongin was always hanging with his friends, so having them come over was usual. After getting C/N and packing up the things you guys brought to the park, you headed to the house.

“Omma, why are we leaving?” You heard the cute voice of your baby girl call from the backseat. You smiled gently, turning around to make eye contact.

“Your uncles are coming over. Don’t you want to see them?” You grin as C/N nods enthusiastically. She loved seeing them, and Minseok always brought her a treat or toy. He was her favorite.

When you arrived back at your home, you were quite surprised to see that they boys had already arrived. Three cars were parked in driveway and along the curb. Not wanting to keep them inside by themselves, you quickly grabbed C/N and went inside with Jongin.

Jongin supplied Junmyeon with a key to access our house, so it was obvious as to who let them inside. You let C/N down and run into the house to greet her uncles as you headed straight for the bedroom to put away your things. You could hear the boys greeting each other loudly, and your daughter calling for Minseok.

Once everything was put away, you headed into the living room. As you opened your mouth to offer making snacks, you felt as if your throat was unable to form a coherent sentence. Your eyes widened when you spotted the man sitting in your recliner - the last man you wanted to ever see. He seemed to notice you, and offered a nervous smile, standing up.

“Hey, Y/N. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Sehun said, his voice full of confidence. His eyes darted towards your daughter, a soft smile forming. “Our daughter is beautiful, isn’t she?”

The frown that formed on your face was very evident as you spoke harshly to him. “Don’t you dare think she is your child. You didn’t do shit to help raise her, or help me while I carried her. You simply helped create her, but that doesn’t make you her father. Jongin is her only father.”

Your words were harsh, but you didn’t care. Who the hell did he think he was? How dare he think C/N could be considered his child? He didn’t do shit for her, he had no right to call her his child. Your mind instantly began to swarm with impertinent thoughts, but were cut short.

As if Jongin noticed the harsh atmosphere, he spoke up clearly attempting to lighten it a bit. “So, how about we play a game, yeah? Y/N is on my team since she’s my girlfriend.” He stepped towards you two, and wrapped an arm around your waist.

As he led you away from Sehun, you noticed the rejected look on his face. You felt no pity or sympathy. The only thing you could think when you noticed the look on his was how much you believed he deserved to feel that way.

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I thought i could do this. Oh my God! Whether or not that is his child, this picture is so fucking sweet! And baby now has a name, FREDDIE. (Larry is still real)

(ok, so as I’m tagging this, I’m typing in Freddie and freddieismyqueen pops up as a suggestion, and I’m just like, oooooh shit! You bet your ASS that baby’s name is Freddie! He the queen of the ship!)

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My mother keeps telling me why babygate is real and that I'm delusional 😓 my own mother is an anti I can't believe this

well, i’m hoping your mother wouldn’t use words such as that to describe you. that’s no way to speak to your child. i’d probably tell her that i felt disrespected when she used that word, and ask that she kindly respect my own feelings and opinions or ask that we not have discussions about it if we’re on polar opposite sides of the spectrum and she’s going to resort to name-calling in order to prove her point. well, actually, i’d probably tell my mom to chill out and go get a daiquiri but i have an unconventional relationship with my mother.

So I’ve been seeing a lot of hate toward this whole baby thing. In a standpoint from a person who isn’t a fan of one direction, the name Louis and Briana has chosen for their newborn child should not be deemed as “too girly” or “too feminine” or even “too odd to be real.” Mind you that A) NAMES ARE NOT MALE/FEMALE SPECIFIC and B) they can name their child whatever the fuck they want too and it is none of your business what they name their OWN CHILD. Just because YOU wouldn’t PERSONALLY name your baby Sydney Rain, doesn’t mean you have to tell them off for doing so….like who are you people?

Tag thing

Thank u for tagging me @jokookie

1) How tall are you? 164 probably / 5′5

2) What is the color and style of your hair? long straight hair that is dark brown and reddish brown underneath

3) Which color are your eyes? dark brown m8

4) Do you wear contacts/glasses? sunglasses

5) Got braces? nay

6) What is your fashion style? nice style in my head, sweatpants and hoodies in real life

7) What is your full name? my mother warned me against saying my full name on the internet so no.

8) When were you born? I am a child

9) How old are you? 15

10) Where are you from/live now? Norway

11) Do you have siblings? One older bro

12) What school or college did you go to? Public norwegian school

13) What kind of student are you? asian stereotype

14) Do you even like school? no

15) What are your favorite school subjects? English 

16) What are your favorite shows? I’ve only been watching anime lately oops  

17) What are your favorite movies? I can’t think of anything but i really liked kingsman

18) What are your favorite books? pjo series and tmi series

19) What is your favorite pastime? playing flute, listening to kpop, writing, procrastinating, anime

20) Do you have any regrets? yah

21) What is your dream job? i dont want to think about it too much cause i dont wanna grow up

22) Would you like to get married someday and where? yes and i dont know

23) Would you like to have kids someday and how many? i have literally no idea

24) Are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or more of a tomboy? ????????????? a girl

25) Do you like shopping? yes but i never use my own money

26) What countries have you visited so far? too many to count

27) What is the scariest nightmare you ever had? can’t remember cause tbh i dont have a lot of nightmares

28) Do you have any enemies? no

29) Who are your best friends? murph, ems, ovo

30) Do you have a date mate/girlfriend/boyfriend? :’-(

Put your phone on shuffle and write down 15 songs WITHOUT SKIPPING

Haikyuu ost - Miracle Quick Attack

Football Gang - Luhan

Bloch Suite Modale for flute and piano

How Far We’ve Come - Matchbox 20

Just - Zion T, Crush

Young God - Halsey

Grape Soda - Snail’s House

Winter Wonderland/Don’t worry be happy - Pentationix (ft. Tori Kelly)

Baby Don’t Cry - EXO-M

Syrinx - Claude Debussy

Ace of Diamond OST - Keen eyed player (Miyuki’s theme 2)

Outro: Love is Not Over - BTS

Don’t Stop Me - Foster The People

This is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco

Dope - BTS

(thank god i did this cause i just realised that i have a shit ton of songs to delete from my playlist)

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Malik ('v' )

Reblog and Tag with your ocs’ Names

And then for every name you get in your askbox, you must fill out the following character profile for said oc:

ah yes, it is this child. done for modern verse.

Full Name: real name is errhendyle, but his adopted name is malik al-nasir
Gender and Sexuality: male; bisexual
Pronouns: he/him
Ethnicity/Species: scottish/irish/welsh/norwegian; human
Birthplace and Birthdate: saskatchewan, canada; march 23 (aries)
Guilty Pleasures: riding his horse, beer
Phobias: none
What They Would Be Famous For: he’d be that one fool who wins the lottery and then accidentally loses the cheque
What They Would Get Arrested For: for accidentally running someone over with a tractor
OC You Ship Them With: dareios (sibling’s oc), ambrosia, yusef, koumei
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: fenrir or asad, but only because these clowns do the most ridiculous shit and would probably end up getting each other killed LOL
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: he likes books and movies about animals and superheroes
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: “fake gamer girl”
Talents and/or Powers: he’s amazing with animals, like this is some disney princess shit right here.
Why Someone Might Love Them: he’s loyal, dependable, and very headstrong.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: he’s tunnel-visioned, closed-minded, and very stubborn. everything is black or white for him. he takes everything on his own shoulders and refuses to ask for help.
How They Change: he opens up more, learns to let things go, is able to cope with his depression. stops blaming himself for every little thing.
Why You Love Them: if he and asad were two sides to a coin, they’d be the sides to the same coin. they were foil characters without being total opposites. i love the parallels i’ve established between their stories.

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3, 5, 10, 32, 40 and 50 :)

3. If you could learn a new skill, what would it be? Either playing another instrument (perhaps the piano) or Scottish Gaelic (which I’m already attempting to learn)
5. What was your favourite book as a child? I don’t think I had one but I think the first “real” books I read were a series about elves and they were my favourites for a while.
10. Do you like your name? Would you ever change it? I never really liked my name but I wouldn’t change it either.
32. What are you afraid of? Um, quite a few things actually… social situations, my future and some rather embarrassing things, usually only children are afraid of :P
40. If you had to have a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it? Probably something pagan-/ nature related on my arm(s).
50. Invent your own word. What does it mean? I’m very uncreative when it comes to stuff like that… However I once invented the word “eckschräg” with my sister which we used to say if something (for example an item of furniture) stands in a corner and is directed to the middle of the room.

Thank you! :)

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Name a fandom: Steven universe

Name a fandom and I’ll tell you:

The character I first fell in love with:

I would say Rose Quartz because she’s a character I’ve been wanting to see as a child…But the real answer is just about everyone.

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

Greg Universe! I think everyone thought Greg was going to be your average, dead beat cartoon dad. His design did remind of Homer Simpson for some reason.

But hoho boy were we proven wrong! Best written dad I’ve ever seen. Hell, he even reminds me of my own father! ^_^

The character everyone else loves that I don’t:

Lapis Lazuli. She’s the only character on the show that I genuinely dislike for a couple of reasons.

To me she’s an selfish, ungrateful, erratic, overly powered, whiny, life endangering child with some major anger issues.

I can’t help but feel that she was just written to complicate Steven’s life and to be someone dark and angsty for him to rescue.

The character I love that everyone else hates:

Sugulite! I know I know, she beat up Pearl and all. But man I just love her look, her weapon, her attitude, the theme song. She’s voiced by Niki Minaj! How freaking cool is that?!

The character I used to love but don’t any longer:

Sadie. I still like her and all. But the whole tricking Lars and Steven into living on an island with her thing..was really strange.

The character I would totally smooch:

I would say Garnet…But the real answer is just about every Crystal Gem and adult character there..

The character I’d want to be like:

Connie Maheswaran. Jesus, she’s one brave and smart kid!

The character I’d slap:

Eh…I don’t think anyone really deserves a slap. A loud, angry scolding maybe, but not a slap.

A pairing that I love:

I’ll forever and shall always going to be a shipping slut for Ruby/Sapphire and Greg/Rose Quartz.

A pairing that I don’t:

Sadie and Lars..Yeah I think they’re better off as friends. Very rocky and toxic chemistry with them.

Take a moment to consider that people are actually very upset over that one direction guy naming his kid something strange. So what? Is it your kid? No. People are actually mad about this. Again I’m reminded of how little people show concern to real problems if this makes them seriously upset. Instead of focusing on someone naming THEIR child something they want and like, focus on pay inequality, on the fact we have a corrupt, racist, sexist business man running for president (with the majority of the polls,) focus on the fact that innocent people are being slaughtered, and a whole religion is being blamed for it. Focus on racism, homophobia, sexism, discrimination in any form, on the state of schools in America, or wherever you may be. Don’t waste your anger on something so shallow in comparison.

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Me and this guys I was in love with broke off things months ago. Shit got broken, people got hurt. We fell out stopped talking lost connection. But every once in a while he hits me up and calls me by the cute nickname he gave me.. Why can't he just use me real name.. Does that mean anything or am I buggin?

Well, I’m not the one to really ask about things when it comes to names because I over analyze things. It could be that he’s calling you by your nickname because he misses you or because he’s slowly breaking away from who you actually are. I can’t begin to describe what I mean by this other than to tell you to listen to “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child.

When I dumped my ex, he kept calling me the dumbass nickname he gave me and it only made me hate him more. Quite frankly, I would rather be referred to by my actual name because I feel like they’re taking the situation more seriously in that sense.

Dear brother,

Nineteen years without you.
I wish I could talk about you with our mother. The silence is screaming louder than I ever could.
Does it hurt her to hear your name every day? To have to say it, but to the wrong child?
I don’t know and I don’t think she’ll ever allow me to ask.
But it comforts me. A lot. Wearing your name like it was my armor helps me to be strong enough for everything that may come. Your name makes it more real.
People don’t know and it’s a perfectly fine nickname for the longass beauty my name is; but every time I hear it it feels like you are there for a second.
Things would be so very different if you were here. My imagination isn’t enough to picture it. But I know for sure I wouldn’t have had to stand all alone in the back of that tiny church the day I buried our grandgrandma. I know I would have held your hand the whole time at grandpa’s funeral.
I know I would have loved you with no pardon. Even in the times boys and girls get so different. Even if you would’ve made fun of me for watching Greys Anatomy and for liking Boybands and even if you were ashamed of my teenageoutfits. Even if you would have been a massive dickhead. You are my other half.
I would do everything to just see your face for a second. Everything.
If only I knew what to believe in. Souls? Reincarnation? Heaven? Mulituniverses?
Or the big big nothing, a theory I always pretend to maintain. Not that I really would. A simple nothing would imply that there was no you at all as you were never actually born and someone is only a person because they lived and felt and have memories and shit. I could never accept that.
No. There is something, just like you are there, because I can feel you. I feel you rushing in my veins and the echo of your voice is always in the back of my head, never a real memory or something I could point at but a deep feeling of being loved.
I am loved, just as you are.
It’s the one thing I know for sure: that I never will be alone, not really, but forever will have the palms of my hands tingling like someone nearly holds them and the sun sending beams as warm as your smile.
No matter what happens, we two are one, connect and belonging together, for ever.
And I will find you again. I promise.

Name: just call me Sharonmun or something;; don’t wanna give out my real name in public.
Gender: Female
Eye Color:  Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Relationship: Single
Zodiac: Gemini
Favorite Color: Black and Red
Favorite Season: Spring probably
Favorite Place: meh..
Favorite Holiday: meh
Favorite Video Game: Devil May Cry and Assassin’s Creed
Last show you watched: i dunno really

What’s your honest opinion about your muse? I love her she’s my child my bby and I’m a horrible mun for hurting her so badly I’m sorry Sharon :(
Would you date your muse? No.. because I’m not into females like at all.
What are your favorite kinds of threads? ANGST :’)
Are you a selective roleplayer? Not really…
Do you have a favorite muse (if you have more than one)? I dunno I just started to rp a bit with her uncle and mother aswell :’) but Sharon’s probably the fave but.. I love all of my bbies.
What made you decide to join the fandom? I dunno I just started to love DMC a lot some years ago?? So yeah.. I also made Sharon somewhere in 2014 if I’m right and I felt like rping with her.
Do you see yourself staying with the fandom for a long time? I dunno really.. It’s not really the fandom I look at it’s just the games I love a lot.

Read a really offensive article in the first place by a really hopelessly out of touch mother on a popular news site on her transgender daughter. It was all very self congratulatory and really offensive, with her questioning her daughter’s desire to be “stealth” and more, but the worst was how irresponsible she was for posting it in the first place.

Using the information provided in the article (which had her real name, a link to her personal blog, and a comment from a personal friend), I was able to find out the names of her children, where she lived, and even found her facebook page, along with pictures of her children and public posts from family friends that showed some of her activities.

Seriously, if you’re really concerned about your trans child’s safety, maybe don’t fucking share loads of personal info on one of the most popular news sites in the US.

I’m not posting a link to the article because I don’t want it to be searchable and even easier to find that info but seriously, people need to be more aware of your online footprint. 

Top 10 Celebrities with Weird Real Names - People - TopTention

Top 10 Celebrities with Weird Real Names – by Andrew Manning at TopTention… #People #Academy_Award, #Aloe_Blacc, #Brit_Awards, #Charles_Harmon, #Dan_Guynes, #Demi_Moore, #Destiny_Child, #Golden_Globe, #Kathryn_Elizabeth_Hudson, #Katy_Perry, #Kelendria_Trene_Rowland, #Kelly_Rowland, #New_Mexico, #New_York_City, #Olivia_Wilde, #Reginald_Kenneth_Dwight, #Stevie_Wonder Is it okay so that you can change your name if it sounds weird? Clearly, many people achieve this. The name is our identity and we would like it to sound superb. Also, we look for names to be meaningful and purposeful. A few of the celebrities have been known for his or her weird names, however …
via Toptention

when you see your forth grade teacher again after years and she blatantly lies about remembering you 

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like bitch, do you see that little fuckin demon child of yours over there? remember when you were fucking pregnant with that satan spawn and you asked for name ideas and i said “oliva” and you turnd your ass around and named the little shit “alivia”? because i do.

i remember real fuckin well.

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1, 35, 42?

1. What is your name and does it mean anything?
My real name is Emelie and I don’t know exactly what it means 

35. Have you ever been admitted to a hospital? Why?
Not really, I have been there several times to take tests and such, I was operated as a child to remove my tonsils (is that the correct word?) but never due to an injury 

42 What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
thats a hard one haha idk maybe whole small little octopus things? I can’t think of any other thing, they are at least not normal to eat here :D 

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Little Henry Vacuum


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