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hey! i've asked quitefinished already and would love to know your picks for top 10 h/l fics :) x

ok these might be a little dated but hey nostalgia! in no particular order ok

  1. curtain call by anythingbutloud
  2. SEXBOT by mediaville
  3. with love comes strange currencies by mediaville
  4. you and me were kings by ithacas
  5. horizontal like a quarter to three by likecharity
  6. your name is tattooed on my heart by mcpofife
  7. some things take root by navigator & quitter
  8. boys of summer by sharktoothedfawnskinned
  9. make tea, not war by popsongdelusional
  10. walk my days on a wire by sunshiner

Fi doesn’t remember the men whose names are tattooed in a circle over his heart.  He doesn’t remember why he misses them.  All he knows is the hollow pit in the center of his chest aches when he runs his fingers over the script, enough to steal his breath away.  He leans on the bathroom counter, his knuckles going white as he grips the tiles, trying to breathe through it.  Manda, why does it hurt?  He knows they meant something - they still mean something, when his brain is working the way it’s supposed to.  He can’t forget them, forgetting them means they’ll disappear forever, marching away into the fog, lost completely.  They won’t be waiting for him.  He can’t forget-  Teroch.  They were his squad.  He remembers now.  They’re not lost.  Not yet.  “Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum,” he murmurs, repeating their names aloud, trying to cement them in his mind.  He knows it won’t work - maybe he’ll do this again tomorrow, maybe next week, but for now…  They weren’t forgotten.

AO3 link here.

im still literally so…… WOW that louis tweeted harry for his bday, pre-planned not to do promo on harrys bday, harry only went to that tequila and taco party for like halvies and then louis went back to work the next day and posted a pic of him wearing a rose shirt. i…. am…. so… WOW

okay but i think we can all admit that this was a pretty great era.
tyler wrote his first song about love.
jenna defeated blurryface in the music video for timh.
they brought back the lyrics to goner and street poetry.
tyler wore floral prints, round white sunglasses, red socks, black paint and a red beanie that will forever remind us of this band and era.
josh wore eye makeup, got his sleeve finished, and got more tattoos.
dj spooky jim.
they got each other’s names tattooed on themselves onstage.
they sold out massive venues such as madison square garden.
tyler shaved his hair while josh dyed his (again).
they won a grammy. in their underwear.
their video reached a billion views on youtube and is currently the most viewed video on the fueled by ramen channel.
they released heathens and cancer.
they gained several fans who will stay here till the end.
tyler got a house, a home with the love of his life.
they gave us more intimate, small shows in their hometown.
they kept us on the edge with hints about blurryface and the end of the era that we etched together to make sense.
tyler washed away the black paint for the last time to show that he defeated his blurryface.

Soulmate AU Tropes

Soulmates who can feel each other’s pain

Everything you draw on your skin also appears on your soulmate’s skin

The name of your soulmate tattooed on yourself

The first words you’re soulmate will ever say to you tattooed on yourself

Having, when you’ll meet your soulmate countdown clocks

Not being able to see colour until you meet your soulmate (extra: colour disappears when your soulmate dies)

Being able to telepathically communicate with your soulmate

Reincarnated soulmates

Matching tattoos with your soulmate

Stop aging at 18 years old until you meet your soulmate

Having dreams of your soulmate before you’ve even met them

One person aggressively not believing in soulmates, until their soulmate proves them wrong

Fanfiction reading challenge

I have seen a lot of “book challenge for 2017″ and I thought “Hey, why we don’t have this with fanfiction???” and here we are with 101 points.

High School AU

Hogwarts AU

First Kiss  

First Time

Secret Relationship AU

Roommate AU

More than 30 chapters ff

More than 60 chapters ff

Fake relationship

A is famous, B is a fan  

Both A and B are famous  

Teacher/student AU

Stripper AU

Pure smut ff

Smut with some kinks in it (wink wink)

Jock and Nerd AU

Dancer AU (includes cheerleaders, but not strippers)

Cheating (A with B, not A on B)

Christmas ff

Kiss under mistletoe  

Summer Love  

Bad boy/girl and good student AU

Dating show  

New Years Kiss  


Making out (the one that does not lead to smut tho)

Slow burn

Sloweeeeeeest burn ever (you will know the difference)

Soulmates AU – colours

Soulmates AU – tattoos/marks/names

Soulmate AU – others  

A has terrible pick up lines, B finds it annoying/adorable

Sexting/phone sex

Birthday Party

Meet Cute  

Drunk Meeting

Drunk!A had a crush on B for a long time and now alcohol is involved  

Vampires or other supernatural AU (except werewolf)

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics AU

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics – omega is pregnant AU

Coffeeshop AU (it just had to be here, we all know it xD)

‘We were supposed to be just fuckbuddies but feeling happened’ AU

Forced to sleep in one bed

Camping (bonus for sleeping in one tent/sleeping bag, because B forgot his/hers)

A taking care of sick B


Fluffiest fluffy fluff that ever fluff (again: you will know the difference)

'Our friends tried to set us up, may give it a go when we are here’  

‘I thought I wasn’t gay, but hello there I may be bi now’

Teasing – like a lot of this one

Wearing each other clothes  

Competing sport teams/schools  

Competing CEO’s

Crossover ff

Blind date AU


Heavy angst  

Cheating (not A with B, but A on B)

Break up fic

*Major character Death* - although I would recommend to avoid this one  


Childhood friends  

A is in a toxic relationship/after break up and B helps to heal broken heart  

One of them is a Doctor/Police Officer/Lawyer and that’s how they met  

Crack fic

'I thought feelings are long gone but then I saw you again after years, and yep, its still here’

Assassin/Murderer/Criminal AU

A is a Demon/ghost/vampire and B is not amused  

Disney AU

Song fic


Forced to work together

Foster siblings AU

A and B are soldiers and met at war/training  

A is afraid of something (probably storm) and B calms them down

'5 times when… and 1 when…’

Superheroes AU  

Superpowers AU (different than superheroes)

'So you are my best friend’s date? Shit’

'We had sex before and now we are forced to work together/be around each other’

Soulmates AU Angst

Boss/employee situation

'I accidently found/text wrong number and its you and oh we know each other in real life’

Genderswap AU

Best friends to lovers  

Different Era AU  

A has a obvious crush on B and B is clueless

Co-workers AU



Kids – expecting/adopting

Kids – toddlers problems  

Kids – first date and 'what if he will hurt our daughter?!’

Telling to kids how they met  

Coming out to families  

Space AU  

DRAGONS AU (im sorry)

Kings/Queens AU

Fic that had amazing description but is shitty as hell  

Total multifandom fic with this couple in it

A and B are old and together and looking at their past with nostalgia

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Yuuri once got a tattoo when he got drunk~ it was small tattoo on his wrist that says "Victor" in Russian text. He freaked out a lil when he got sober but figured it looked really nice anyway and just covered it with make up whenever he performs. Years later he meets Victor and he sees it and was like "I didn't know you loved me this much, Yuuri!!" Yuuri was so embarrassed but the next day Victor has Yuuri's name in Kanji tattooed on his other wrist so it touches when they hold hands omg haha

omg i love this hc

some quick ideas based off @pepplemint ‘s soulmate name tattoos au where Allura has a soulmate tattoo that says “Takashi”:

1. The tattoo is written in Altean symbols, and Shiro catches sight of it one day when they’re training. They’ve all learned a bit of Altean by that point and Shiro thinks he can sorta read it, but it looks like it says ‘takashi’ but he’s not sure? So he thinks it must be an Altean word with similar pronunciation and he casually asks Allura what the word is and what it means. He’s thinking this is gonna be fun and hilarious, she’ll tell him what the word means and he’ll tell her how much it sounds like his name, it’ll be cute maybe he’ll tease her a lil bit about having his name tattooed on her arm…

But when he asks Allura gets all sad and shy and eventually tells him: “It says Takashi. It’s the name of my soulmate. All Alteans have their soulmate’s true name tattooed on their skin, but of course my soulmate must have died with Altea… Shiro are you alright?” becauSE SHIRO.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING does he tell her? should he say something? does she even want him as her soulmate?

Bonus: Shiro tries to think of a way to tell her that doesn’t come across as creepy or forward and he can’t think of anything and after about three days of agonising he just blurts out in front of the whole team “My name is Takashi Shirogane!” and everyone’s like ‘dude…… what?’ and now ALLURA.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING because SHE SECRETLY SORTA HOPED

2. The tattoo is written in kanji, and Allura obviously can’t read it, so she just assumes her soulmate is an alien of some kind. When she meets the Paladins and Shiro, she ~secretly hopes~ he’s the one but nope, they all speak English and Pidge’s laptop is in English (she checked) and she’s never seen any other language from Earth so OH WELL GUESS THAT’S THAT

Then one night she’s sitting up late with Shiro and they get to talking about different Earth languages, and it’s news to Allura that Earth still has SO MANY languages, and Shiro starts talking to her about Japanese. And about learning English and Japanese as a child, and how Japanese sounds and how it’s written. He starts telling her about Japanese writing systems and how it’s written downwards and she’s so cute and fascinated that he just picks up a scrap of paper and goes “here, i’ll show you” and writes his name in kanji. And he shows her and says “that’s my full name, Takashi Shirogane”.

And Allura’s looking at it like… this looks HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR. So she takes the scrap of paper and asks really shyly: “can i keep this?”. Shiro just thinks it’s adorable of course and says ‘yeah keep it’ and that night Allura goes back to her room and lifts up her sleeve and with shaking fingers holds the scrap of paper up to her tattoo and IT’S THE SAME.

what about… shallura soulmate au where all alteans have soulmate name tattoos, and alluras say “takashi” and she just assume this person naturally died with alteas destruction because why would she think shiro is named anything but SHIRO when that’s all anyone ever calls him

and then someone actually say his full name one unsuspecting day and she is like “excuse me. what. w h a t.” and freak out (together with coran) and no one understands what is going on especially shiro

i just remembered harry’s has 3 godchildren and one of them is his lockscreen and has the name of another one tattooed he loves children so much imagine when he gets his own,,,,

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im a baby larry, are they any fics that are like THE FICS that i need to read?

hi peach!


These are some of my favorites!

***Don’t forget to read the tags on these fics! Have fun and happy reading!

the soulmate au but better
  • your typical soulmate au where a tattoo of your soulmate’s name appears on your xth birthday
  • person A is convinced that person B will be their soulmate
  • A wakes up on their xth birthday and is bitterly disappointed that it’s not B
  • it’s gotta be B’s relative or something though because they have the same last name?? but A has been to basically every family gathering and never even heard of this person, who the fuck is this soulmate and do they even exist
  • A never shares this with B because they don’t want to be embarrassed/it’s not really socially unacceptable to share your soulmate’s name before you find them/whatever
  • cue n years of angst
  • B comes out as trans/nb/genderqueer/other and changes their name
  • their new name matches A’s tattoo, A is overjoyed, all the feels

By hit count on Ao3, here are the


  1. You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) by LoadedGunn
  2. Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar
  3. Fading by tothemoonmydear
  4. We’ll Play Hide And Seek To Turn This Around (Give Me Love Like Never Before) by Wankerville
  5. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife
  6. Baby Heaven’s In Your Eyes by theboyfriendstagram
  7. Love Is A Rebellious Bird by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews
  8. Wear It Like A Crown by zarah5
  9. Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows
  10. Switch Out The Batteries by istajmaal, LoadedGunn
  11. Touch by kotabear24
  12. Just Me, You, And This Box Of Matches by tomlinsunshine
  13. Hoping This Cold Blue Water Scrubs Me Clean And Spits Me Out Again by phantasmagoria (aphrodeity)
  14. You Are The Blood by sarcasticfluentry
  15. It’s My Pleasure To Introduce You by LoadedGunn
  16. Empty Skies by green_feelings
  17. From Eight Until Late, I Think About You by supernope
  18. Let’s Talk About Making Love by istajmaal
  19. The Finish Line (Is A Good Place For Us To Start) by LoadedGunn
  20. Into The Blue by zarah5
  21. Feel The Chemicals Burn In My Bloodstream by togetherwecouldbealright
  22. Cause All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need by Wankerville
  23. Give Me Truths by iwillpaintasongforlou
  24. With Nothing But Your T-Shirt On by crybaby
  25. Some Things Take Root by navigator, quitter
  26. Jump Before We Fall by green_feelings
  27. This House No Longer Feels Like Home by hilourry
  28. Nicotine by KrisStylinson
  29. Put The Stars In Our Eyes by crybaby
  30. My Heart Is Breathing For This Moment In Time by usedtothebeach
  31. Perfect Little Family by smuttythings
  32. But I’ll Still Take You Home by LoadedGunn
  33. Allies In Heaven, Comrades in Hell by rockinaintnowalkinthepark
  34. Reeling Through The Fall by zarah5
  35. Ain’t Had None Like You In A While by istajmaal
  36. All Too Human by Gotthisniallthang
  37. It Ain’t Trickin’ If Ya Got It by sarcasticfluentry
  38. Know You Got That Thing (That I Like) by lightseep
  39. I Need Home (Our Tangled Bones) by togetherwecouldbealright
  40. My English Love Affair by isthatyoularry
  41. Counting The Steps Between Us by zarah5
  42. All You Can Eat by harrysprostate
  43. You Can’t Keep Your Hands Off Me, I Can’t Keep My Hands Off You by harrysprostate
  44. Core ‘ngrato by Velvetoscar
  45. Don’t Make This Easy (I Want You To Mean It) by wildestdreams
  46. Pretty Boy by iwillpaintasongforlou
  47. I Would Name The Stars For You (I Would Take You There) by impetuous
  48. So Keep My Candle Bright by whisperdlullaby
  49. Up To No Good by whoknows
  50. With Love Comes Strange Currencies by mediaville

Part 3/? of the Louis & Harry Fic History series

INSTAGRAM: loganmartintran 

Reaching for the light // I’ve learned early on in my life that no matter how hard we try, we will always have times in our lives where we find ourselves in dark places. I’m currently in the darkest place I’ve ever been in, and it’s a constant battle for me to remind myself that it doesn’t end here. It’s in these darkest places and in these darkest moments that we are challenged the most; Causing us to learn the most, grow the most, and change the most…and by God’s grace, these dark places can transform into beautiful things. This is currently my deepest prayer and heart’s desire. Let the ruins come to life, in the beauty of Your name.