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Hi, can I ask you for a blog recommendation? I need new blogs to follow..And secondly: for you what songs do not go out of fashion? ... btw, I know bts are inspired by bigbang, in fact, I discovered them thanks to a video of them dancing fantastic baby lol so funny... anyway, I love your blog, I can almost imagine them saying some of those texts xD

ummm @aunttanya has always been one of my favourites, but also @praisethepopeseungri and @jiyongies-collarbones are the blogs I’ve been stalking lately (lol hope you guys don’t mind)

The songs that don’t go out of fashion for me are:

Like This-Wonder Girls


What’s your name-4Minute



4minute - “What’s your name?” Heo Gayoon teaser (2013)

froot loops because i miss summer & i want to dance [ listen here.]

up & down - exid | happiness - red velvet | what’s your name? - 4minute | stay - snsd-tts | wiggle wiggle - hello venus | touch my body - sistar | my copycat - orange caramel | crush - 2ne1 | shut u - wa$$up | whatchu doin tonight? - 4minute | electric shock - f(x) | red - hyuna | hot baby - bestie | miss you - tiny-g | why did you come to my house - minx |

BTS Reaction: Having a crush on their roommate and accidentally seeing them naked


Yoongi had his headphones in which prevented him from hearing the shower running.  He walked into the bathroom and saw you stepping out of the shower.  Once he realized that he was staring at you naked form he gave you a simple “sorry” and then exited the bathroom.  He wouldn’t bring it up again but the image of you in nothing but water and skin would repeatedly flash in his mind.

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You had texted Jimin that you were getting ready to go out with friends. Expecting an empty apartment, he walked inside, returning from dance practice and saw you dancing and lip syncing to “What’s You Name” by 4minute naked while using a whisk as a microphone.  Before you even noticed that he had walked in on you, he started apologizing over and over and eventually ran out the door feeling like an awkward ball of fluff.

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Hoseok was your new roommate and he sometimes forgot which bedroom was his.  He walked into your bedroom without even realizing, looking down at his phone, while you were dressing yourself.  As soon as he looked up he dropped his phone and *gif*

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After a hard day of work you decided that you were going to relieve some stress by relaxing in a warm bath.  During this bath, Namjoon had to relieve himself and decided he couldn’t wait.  He just waltzed right in, earning a shriek from you.  Namjoon turned to face you, winked, then did his business and left.

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Jungkook had just woken up from a nap and heard music coming from your room.  He knocked on your bedroom door but you didn’t hear because of the loud music.  When you didn’t give a response, he chose to let himself in.  His eyes widened when he saw you laying naked on your bed texting away.  Not knowing what to do, Jungkook stood motionless in your doorway.  Once you noticed he was there, you attempted to cover yourself up with a blanket.  You threw a pillow at him and he slowly walked out with a smirk on his face.


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No one was home so you took this as an advantage to wash all of your clothes. While standing naked by the washing machine, ready to put in the next load, you heard the front door open.  You immediately ran upstairs, hoping to make it to your bedroom before Jin entered.  All Jin saw was you sprinting across the living room like a mad man without clothes.  *gif*

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The temperature had been gradually rising all day.  Even in your shorts and tank top you were sweating.  You asked Taehyung to bring a fan from the basement up into your room.  He told you he would after he returned from ice cream shopping.  Half an hour had passed and you were becoming restless.  Forgetting what you asked Taehyung to do for you, you stripped down naked, laid yourself comfortably on your bed, and put in a pair of headphones.  You were startled when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

“You told me to come into your room and I find you waiting for me naked.  So…does this mean we’re gonna do it?”

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What’s Your Name? (Official MV) –4Minute