OKAY SO here are some really shoddy low effort doodles of all these barely developed, shittily designed characters that make up the initial party in the comic. Need to tag in unrealstarisananagramfor​ for the other 3 nerds, and the others (Ady/Raleigh/Lori/Dizta) aren’t in the first part of the story so I won’t delve into them right now.

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for a … very, VERY long time now, i’ve been really wanting to do a youtube channel of SOME KIND. i know how to video edit, and i have a micophone and know how to do all that technical stuff and whatnot, but i’ve just never really gotten around to it BUT I’D REALLY LIKE TO.

i think it’d be cool to have a channel that’s like! half art related stuff, like livestreams and cartoon facts and webcomic-themed videos and animations, and then one half games and internet stuff, like facts and LP highlights and shit like that. i think it’d be a lot of fun!

would anyone else be interested in seeing content like that?

Rohne as a half-orc!

So this is a huge milestone in quality for myself.

I’m stupidly proud of this piece. I used a reference for the pose and body and it turned out great, but what I’m REALLY happy with is his face. Mainly because I didn’t use a reference for that and it STILL matches the quality of the body. So pumped.

I made this bugger for an RP that Aero and I just started. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Especially since he’s going to be thrown into a warband filled with full blooded orcs. Compared to them, he’ll be seen as scrawny.

PJO Kingdom Hearts AU - Mitchell

Another KH AU Keybearer. This time it’s Mitchell because I love this kid and if you know me at all, you knew the moment I did Will, I’d do Mitchell. Outfit designed with help from allarica, inspired by Aqua’s outfit. Mitchell wields the Crown of Guilt keyblade, which I didn’t draw because reasons.


So I, uh, I got Black Desert working. 8D


First teeth….now hands!

-Other than being extra spindly, pearl has pretty average hands
-Garnet’s nails are much thicker and harder than human fingernails
-Amethyst n Jasper both have like, retractable kitty claws goin on
-Lapis has no fingernails 

These are probably pretty close To Scale with, yeah, huge cheeto paws over there (could be bigger)


Yoichi Saotome backgrounds requested by shirazuuginshi & anon ღ

↳ size (750 x 1334)

feel free to use, don’t take credit for them

Overly long reaction post time!

My feelings right now:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

.・*。・☆ ✿ ❀ R O S E  Q U A R T Z ❀ ✿ ☆・。*・.

I cannot believe the extent to which my headcanons are now outright stated or at the very least heavily implied canon? I honestly cannot believe. This Steven Bomb is starting to feel like Let’s Make Oath Feel Validated: The Show. I am just… amazed. This show loves me so much. I love you too, show. Let us never part.

“I barely know you.”
“That’s a good thing.“

Look at her haunted face, oh no. Oh nooooo. Combine this with the pink diamonds strewn all over Sworn to the Sword and the Kindergarten nightmare fuel we’ve seen, and I’d ask for more Rebellion backstory, but I know it’s coming and I know I’ll never survive.

I really appreciate that Rose’s attitude towards humans that was hinted at in Story for Steven is brought back in full force here, and how Greg/Rose isn’t some sort of magically perfect insta-relationship, but in fact now more along the lines of Garnet’s love takes time and love takes work. “We really rushed into this.“ Oh, man. I’m sure the fence agrees.

“You’re just a phase. You know that, right? … a novelty, at best.”

And Rose’s “I love humans! Cute, funny little things. So charming. I love playing around with them!” thing woven through the entire episode.

“Have you… loved other humans?”

With bonus commentary by Amethyst:

“I think this one’s my favourite.”

And Pearl. Shit, Pearl. This is just dripping with I have something with her you can never, ever have.

Rose Quartz having numerous casual human lovers over the years! Pearl being jealous but also very insistently outwardly presenting as superior and secure in her own relationship with Rose, since the humans are meaningless, short-lived little flings, and she is the constant! And Garnet’s reaction at the end? I want a scene of her and Pearl talking so so badly, I want the two of them interacting (which is probably very unlikely due to the POV limitations the show works within, but I can dream). I love these rocks, damn.

But then, just as Rose realises Greg has the potential to be something more to her, and the way she’s treating him is really messing with him, so does Pearl:

“I think he’s her favourite, too.”

Oh, Pearl, are you doing the “I am talking about something oh but actually I’m mostly talking about myself“ thing again? Who is it that he’s supplanted as her favourite, really? Somehow I doubt you’re thinking of le Comte de Anjou’s chambermaid from back in the 1750s, or whoever her “favourite human” prior to this was.

I like how this seems like it could go both ways - it’s either the start of Pearl and Rose (and Greg) sorting some stuff out - and Greg and Pearl are in a much better place nowadays (bonding over fixing the van and not understanding cartoons, for example, I really like how their relationship seems to be improving as the show goes on), so it has to have happened at some point - or it will continue building up until some sort of breaking point and a big falling out - I’d say possibly when they find out about Rose’s pregnancy, but that’s still a decade or two away, so who knows. In any case insert why can’t I hold all these character arcs meme.

I’m also reminded of that one Newsarama in-character interview from way back when (I really recommend reading the whole thing):

Nrama: And Pearl, I’m sure it must have been very unusual for you when you found out Rose Quartz had fallen in love with a human. What was what like for you?

Greg: Wow, you’re really zero to sixty with these questions, buddy.

Pearl: That is absolutely none of your business!

Nrama: Well, what about when you found out Rose Quartz was going to have a half-human child?        

Pearl: Brilliant leaders do brilliant things, that’s why you look to them for answers, answers no one else could have, that’s why you trust them, even when you can’t understand why they chose …Greg.

Greg: Well, ahh, we were so excited to see who Steven would be! When we… well, when we figured out that it might be possible!

There’s still so much we’ve yet to see, on this front and many others. But ah, the incomparable Rose Quartz.


i changed my mind i’ve got too many headcanons for ladybug to be released and spoil them all. also this is nearly all okiekay‘s fault because she does NOT curb me in skype chats and only adds fuel to the headcanon fire

i don’t even know the name of adrien’s best friend but i already know exactly what i need from this relationship. going from keeping track of all the weird akuma happenings in paris to catching adrien in costume to being the supportive friend who valiantly protects his best bro’s secret and probably whips up a lot of tech and gadgets to help him out (because with bad luck on your back all the time you can’t have too many foolproof failsafes).

alya probably handles marinette’s secret far better than smacking her over the head with books in the middle of class, but what’s better than bros being bros?

I made this a deal. I said it to Calvin Harris too. I was like, “Look. You guys have two names, it really is frustrating. I need to know which name I should call you because I don’t know what is what.” So, I stick with the real names. Adam and Anton.
—  Selena Gomez on calling Zedd and Calvin by their real names