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Just Try Saying My Name Right! | MTV Decoded

There’s nothing more personal than your own name. And when someone mispronounces yours it doesn’t feel right. But when your name is mispronounced almost every day, it gets really frustrating that many people don’t seem to have the common decency to make sure they’re saying your own name correctly. So on this episode of Decoded we talked to some people who have first hand experience with the everyday battle of getting people to just say your actual name!


Stanley: “Good riddance! Hope I never meet that person!”

“Not even in my dreams! -Bastard demon comes to me and calls them-self a ‘Dreamweaver’I’m the best Dreamweaver known in the Astral Plane!!

“Well, I’m actually a Dreamwalker… Since I can manipulate other people’s dreams and even conjure them.. Pretty much the same thing..”

“Ahem.. Anyway, onto the game now! No interruptions this time!”


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Translation (excuse me for any mistakes, I did my best! :)) Enjoy

Gala, June 2015

In Paris for the promotion of the new fragrance Gentlemen Only Casual Chic by Givenchy, Simon Baker confesses his beauty secrets. Here, no bodyguards, no agents. It is not like any other big celebrities. The actor invites us in with a malicious gaze that make us want to marry him right away. However, we’re not in a fairytale, so we asked him to decode his name’s initials… but also to see what Patrick Jane would have to say about it.  

S like Surk

Simon Baker : Since I was little, doing sport has always been a way to boost my self-confidence. It is a real mean of expression. Even if my body is not what he used to be (Laugh.). I still surf a lot, especially when I am in Australia. Patrick Jane : I hate that. Sport manipulates people, watch out!

I like Image

S.B : I don’t particularly like to look at myself in the mirror. Especially because I don’t think I see myself  as I am – which, I think, is the case of everybody, right ? P.J : For once, I agree! Anyhow, I don’t have time to look at myself in the mirror.

M like Mode (fashion)

S.B: I might disappoint some people but I always wear the same things. Casual chic is probably how I would describe my outfits. I only have basic outfits that I buy multiple times, a bit like a uniform. I am 45 and I don’t want to have to think about what I am going to wear in the morning. I just want to be comfortable. P.J: What a question! A three piece suit, no matter what!

O like Odor (Smell)

S.B : I am really sensitive to that. I like fresh, spicy but not too flowery smells. My favorite smell is ginger and that’s why I really like the new fragrance of Gentlemen Only. I like the odor of the ground after the rain, fresh cut grass and even the smell of the ocean – without fish, of course. I also like fruity scents like fig or coconut. But not too much because it could be easily be sickening. To me, a good fragrance is a fragrance that you could smell over and over again just like you could listen a song over and over again. P.J: I like the odor of old books and antic typewriters such as Rank Xerox!

N like Nutrition

S.B: I have to be careful about what I eat. I have to do that for my body but also for my health. We can’t go crazy all the time. Food is probably one of the best things in life but if I have too much of it with fat meals, the scale is going to make me pay. Fortunately, my wife really likes organic food and we eat heathy. Patrick Jane: I like good food, real and very classic food. For example, this onion soup that I am crazy about.

B like Beard

S.B: Usually, I don’t like to shave too much. However, when I do, I like it because it makes me look younger. In Australia, during summer, I let my beard grow because it protects my face from the sun. Patrick Jane : I like to be perfect, but I confess I really like this little 3-day beard.

A like Actor

Simon Baker : Since I have finished shooting The Mentalist, I went back to Australia where I’ll direct my movie, Breath. It’s the story of two teenagers who, in order to escape from the routine of their small city, start surfing with this iconic surfer. Patrick Jane : I don’t have any new projects for now. But after all these episodes, I’m sure you won’t forget about me.

K like K.O

Simon Baker : I travel a lot and in order to not suffer from the jet lag, I exercise. It keeps the fatigue away. Yesterday when I arrived at the hotel, I went straight to the gym. Or I go running or walking. Patrick Jane : I don’t sleep. Ever. Or not a lot. And pardon me but what does the word “fatigue” mean?

E like Egery (Icon)

Simon Baker : That’s a really great role. Few people from Givenchy are now my friends. And I think it is great! In this kind of job, it is not easy to create real relationships, to trust people and to be at ease. It is really intense. Especially when I have to improve my character and make evolve this fragrance. Casual Chic is, maybe, since the beginning, the fragrance that defines me most. It is the proof that the Givenchy team has perfectly understood who I am. We complete each other. Helping creating this fragrance is something that I would like but I don’t know anything about it. I can understand all the marketing but making a juice, it’s not what I do. One has to stay where he is competent and good at. Patrick Jane : I’d love to create my own fragrance. I would call it Missconception!

R like Routine

Simon Baker : I try to do whatever I can to stay as good-looking as I can. When I was young I didn’t really took care of my skin and maybe I should have. So now, I never skip putting sun cream or my moisturizer. Otherwise, I sometimes put some styling wax (?) in my hair and I especially drink a lot of water, sleep a lot and don’t smoke. Patrick Jane : I don’t spend my time in the bathroom, I have other business to do!
Mexican researchers decode name on Mayan King Pakal's tomb

Researchers in Mexico say they have decoded the hieroglyphic name on the tomb of ancient Mayan King Pakal, revealing it to read “The House of the Nine Sharpened Spears”, more than 60 years after the crypt was discovered.

Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier discovered the burial crypt at the Paelenque archaeological site in 1948. But new research into the jaguar, a sacred animal for the Maya civilization, has led Guillermo Bernal, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), to make a link with other hieroglyphics of the same form.

“This is a name linked with war and an aspect which was not previously known as the hieroglyphic (could not be) deciphered until now,” Bernal, from UNAM’s Mayan Studies Centre, told a news conference in Mexico City on Monday.

“‘The House of the Nine Sharpened Spears’ is a denomination represented by the nine warriors in the walls of the tomb.”

Born in the seventh century, King K’inich Janaab’ Pakal is said to have ascended to the throne aged 12. He led a prosperous government in the ancient city of Palenque and is believed to have been behind the building of its finest architecture.

“This expression is more commonly seen in the classical period, specifically in the eighth century between the years 700 CE to 800 CE, which is the last century of the Mayan culture and very close to its collapse,” Bernal said.

“In the years following 800 CE, the Mayan cities started to collapse. That (event) has a strong relationship with the frequency of the number of wars which began in this century.”

The Maya civilization, which developed hieroglyphic writing, a calendar and astronomical system, reached its peak of influence between AD 250 and 900, extending its reach over what is now Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.