name that thing


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3

also everyone calling auli'i cravalho ‘moana girl’ instead of by her name can choke 

same for those referring to alex hibbert as ‘the kid from moonlight’ 

and same for those only referring sunny pawar by the movie he was in and not his name 

y’all did quvenzhané dirty for years and it needs to be a trend that stops 


disloyal order of water buffaloes // fall out boy

pc: @qdeanna

So on twitter the creators said that Damien was trans.

So at some point in his life, this motherfucker walked into a government office, filled out paperwork, sat them on a desk, and some bureaucrat looked up at him and was like, “So you’re changing your name to…”

“Damien Bloodmarch.”


“Bitch, it worked on my myspace page and it’ll work here.”


I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly


Yes hello I’d like to join in on the theory of Wolf Link being in Breath of the Wild for the sake of Twilight Princess Link looking after the new guy and babysitting showing him the ropes.