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Lucille Sharpe’s Costumes, Designed by Kate Hawley for Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, 2015

The leaves on Lucille’s dresses were hand crafted and each costume was made using ”antiquated pleating techniques” Lucille wears classic Victorian silhouettes, always in dark colours (mourning colours, as she is mourning for her mother and her family’s name and status) Hawley said that the decorations on Lucille’s clothing were restricted to leaves and foliage, to suggest that she was becoming a part of the house and dark colours were used to reflect the darkness of her personality.

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What's In A Name? - Padfoots_Pawprint - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Relationships: Keith/Lance (Voltron)

Summary: One morning at 7:30, after Keith’s daily work-out, he meets the same guy in the caf. At first he thought it was just a fluke. What guy looks ready to go to class so early? But then they seem to meet over and over again, and this stranger seems to really know Keith.

Who is he? Why does he knows about Keith? And why won’t Shiro leave him alone? He does NOT have a crush.

Notes: I thought this was so lovely?? I loved how Lance was flirty and mysterious without being reduced to tropes, and I loved even more how frustrated Keith was with the situation.. The dialogue was compelling and made me laugh, the writing flowed, and it was totally an example of why I love modern au klance. :)

Steven Universe Spoiler Theory:

So at the end of the new Steven Universe epiode “That will be all” we see this:

Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond’s ship shape like arms. And then it hit me: There’s a un-named statue in this show that’s missing a few arms:


Okay, I didn’t notice the missing arms buried in the sand, my bad. 

But still there’s gotta be a reason why there ships are shaped like arms.

Mars and Neptune ~ Scala dei Giganti

Artist Jacopo d'Antonio Sansovino (2 July 1486 – 27 November 1570)

Doges’ Palace - Venice, Italy Mars & Neptune Sculptures by Jacopo Sansovino - The Giants Staircase got its name from the two statues that were carved by Jacopo Sansovino and installed in 1557. The colossal size of the statues was perhaps intended as an antidote to Agostino’s grandeur. They were meant to dwarf the doge and remind him that he was not really a king, but only a servant to the greatness of the Republic.


The two boxes are smaller than my hand. 

Box 1:  A set of coloured candles (miniature), a tea light, matches (since the container is a match box), a vial of coffee, a vial of benzoin and a vial of black salt, two incense sticks and a feather.

Box 2: A vial of supermoon rain water, a vial of holy blessing oil, a vial of sandalwood essential oil (spiritual protection and healing), (Stones are:) Kyanite, Garnet, tigers eye, obsidian, sapphire and moon stone, a cinnamon stick, star anise, my runes and their pouch, rose buds, a spare pouch, two black ribbons for knot magic, a mini solomon star pendulum, a shark tooth and a sea shell, (Drawings/Writings are:)  Yggdrasil sigil to connect to its energy if needed, a sigil for Loki and his name in runes (replace statue),  On one side, a pentagram and a rune for each element and on the other,  a pendulum dowsing chart mixed with a rune casting thing and astronomy symbol runes. 

I whipped it all up in under 2 hours, made each symbol and dowsing chart/etc. on papyrus and engraved them with a pyrograph, so it’s messy AF.

Pretty happy TBH! 

Character Layout Template

Created a Character template that may help with character development and overall make the writing process a bit easier. Feel free to use!

Name:                                                 Age:                     Gender:

Species:                                                   Relationship Status:

Mother:                                                                 Father:

Partner (if applicable):                                         Sexuality:

Birthday:                                                               Sign:

Name’s Meaning(s):

Sibling(s) Name(s):

Personality Type:

Mental/Physical Illnesses:



Where they were born:                                   Time:

Where they live:

Type of House:






→ Why it is important to them:



How they will change:

Will they die?

→ How will that affect other characters?

→ How do you want the reader to react?

General Notes:

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First sentence: Charlotte Jenkins knew her own mind.

Charlotte Jenkins knew her own mind. Not a quality many considered admirable in a woman. For any man, woman, or child of her color, it was entirely unsafe - when so many saw them as inferior, naturally subservient, even subhuman. All too maddening how the white gentleman and ladies never managed to notice that the blood welling from whip-broken skin was just as ruddy as their own.

She’d been six years old - by her own retrospective count - when she’d announced into the semi-darkness of the tiny cabin that one day she’d read the bible and write books the same as any of the fine gentlemen up north. In the moment before her grandmother’s scarred hand slapped across her face, Charlotte could have sworn that her father’s quiet half-smile was illuminated by the last few flickers of the candle.

She’d been too young to understand then, but through the recollecting eyes of a young woman she knew that simple expression hadn’t held indulgence, but hope.

In April of 1853,  Lucinda Jenkins - “Miz Lucy,” as she was known to so much of the farm for so long - married Mr. Vernon Sterling in a shower of orange blossoms, champagne, and valuable human wedding gifts, thus transforming Charlotte from the fields to Charlotte Jenkins. Many would have simply called the new title a mere distinction, a way to separate Mrs. Sterling’s belongings from those of her new husband. But Charlotte, twenty-three and a sharp-minded, quick-witted belle in every right but name, wore it proudly as an identity made anew - the “coming-out” presentation that the world denied her.

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it’s funny how literal years have passed and yet I still remember being told I’m too babyfaced to be transmasculine by someone who took my confessions and made them out to be internalized misogyny

and while I do acknowledge that I did have some of that to work thru, I still feel like the babyfaced remark was completely unnecessary and kind of affected me more than I knew it would at the time haha


             The pre-debut career of Una has had it’s ups and downs. Still, she didn’t give up hope on becoming an idol. There was always a little doubt, hence her auditioning for small roles in dramas or commercials when she could, because acting was always her main passion. At times, she worried that the company would let her go. Despite this, she kept on training her heart out, and soon enough, her work will pay off: her debut is coming quicker than you think. 

             Please show your support for the fledgling artist when her debut single, “Nami no Naka de,” is released on April 10!

The 8th house thru inner planets ♏️✨
  • Sun: constant metamorphosis of self, death and rebirth of conscious identity is a perpetual theme throughout life, likely to cultivate dramatic changes in their inner world that they force upon the outer world.. Ex: name change, hair change, status change, location change.. Velocity of self, experiences things intensely on the Scorpio level, grasps Scorpio themes easily in their identity.
  • Moon: 8th house in the waters of the waxing waning mother moon, very metaphysical feminine energy to be placed here, overwhelmingly so. Experiences INTENSE bouts of emotion, destructive or transcendent.. Emotions run deep here to the molten core... Being that the moon is a water sign planet there is a probability this individual will be in touch with metaphysical energy, the moon cycles are likely intensely felt for this person.
  • Mercury: mmmm a lovely placement that holds a mystic calling.. Here your logical mind, your intellectual self.. Is called to the deeper side of life, the hidden, the unknown.. This is where you find people who are very educated about 8th house Scorpio themes. These people are likely to study occult, esoteric, secret societies, spirituality, astrology, tarot, ect.. Their mind lives within the 8th house.. Within Scorpio.. You may keep your mind hidden because there is so much you look into, darker shadow things, that the people around you aren't accustomed to.. Your mind is an intense place and when you do find a connection with someone on that same Scorpio wavelength you can really unlock some spiritual depth through sharing and communicating experience..
  • Venus: oh dear.. You want those intense fucking relationships. It's not even that you consciously "want" it.. They just are. Your relationships are destined to be intense with this placement. When you see someone you want.. You get curious about them, obsessively curious, you want to know them, their ins and outs, ups and downs.. But at the same time, mystery attracts you, in a twisted way you like the idea of being with a very hidden secretive person. Venus 8th housers like to have an upper hand on the level of understanding the undercurrents in a relationship.. Almost always.. They do.. And if you think they don't they could just be playing a game with your mind. These people will SEE you in a relationship for better or worse. They will see parts of you that you may not see. There's some level of a perpetual battle for control in relationships with these people. I have Venus square Pluto in the 8th house.. I could litterally go on and on about this placement haha.. I've experienced a lot with it and there's much more to it than what I'm writing here..
  • Mars: I see this energy as a fireball driving forward, a comet hurdling towards earth at full speed and velocity.. Will this comet hit earth leaving a gaping crater and mass destruction of the community it touched? or will this comet have some kind of magical mysterious essence that uplifts its community by planting seeds and growing new life and nature with what it has touched? that's a very Neptune way to explain this with lol.. Basically your directed Mars energy is very transformative in yourself and in the people you touch.. Like Mars in Scorpio you have a very INTENSE power energy to your physical reality.. While here there's less conscious Scorpio and more metaphysical 8th house.. There's a power in yourself to use your Mars energy for upliftment, transcendence, spiritual fulfillment.. Or destruction, control, and greed in your personal sense of power. You use your physical energy in waves of exerting force, diving into sexuality, bringing movement and change.. I keep placing emphasis on your power.. You have power among your collective in this sphere.. However the 8th house can be destructive in its lower vibration context.. You may be one to get into physical fights, cut yourself, dramatic rage temper, or you also might be one to excel at sports, yoga, dancing.. Whatever you are doing with your physical energy.. You are having an experience with it on a very intense spiritual level..
  • (I have my sun, Mercury, Venus, north node, and a few more love asteroids in the 8th house- I write this from a perspective of my experience)

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hey! I was wondering, what's the difference between 당신은 and 너는?

Unless you’re close with the person you’re talking to, avoid using these terms as much as possible. They both mean “you” but I’d say “너” is used when the speaker feels no need to respect the listener, this second-person pronoun is used by the speaker when they hold a great deal of power in the relationship, or when both speakers share an equal amount of power in the relationship (i.e. they are really close friends, or the speaker is much older).

당신 is often used to create a form of neutrality and distance, since it’s the ‘politer’ version of “you”, and can also be a term of endearment between a couple (typically married). But 당신 is usually used in an impolite manner towards the listener, and has the nuance of confrontation. It is more common to address people directly by their name, their designated position, or status in society. 당신 is most common in K-pop lyrics and Korean Dramas, but is hardly used in daily life. In K-pop, 당신 can sound quite endearing, but in dramas, 당신 is usually used when two people are having an argument. I would recommend to try and stay away from saying 당신 altogether, and instead use the listener’s name or title. (사장님, 선생님 etc).

But this isn’t to say that they can’t be used at all, but it’s uncommon to hear these words unless you are comfortably close with the person.