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New Years resolution should probably be to love as passionately as Viktor, be as brave as Yuuri and fight as fiercely as Yurio


kageyama tobio (the king of the court) ch. 234/235

it feels like the jello i ate earlier is giving me energy. the current condition of my stomach…is perfect.

Mikasa as an (unofficial) member of No Name!


Two quick screencap redraws because oddly enough I’ve never done one before and I’ve latched onto this show as my break from school work. 

Also this scene was lovely especially the lighting and the score like damn.

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Hey Craig, question if you ever have free time what do you usually do? Also have you met anyone new? If so did you befriend them?

PETER: Alright, settle down, knuckleheads.
PETER: I’m gonna cover for Mr. Cough Syrup while he retakes his finals.
PETER: I’ve heard him do this a bunch from the bathroom, so I think I got it down.
PETER: Also, this question is really funny, cause this guy does so much. He’s really quiet, so you wouldn’t think so?
PETER: He’s always either out with someone or being way busy in here. Spends hours on his computer, spends hours at someone else’s dorm, you name it. Nuts.
PETER: Like, so busy to the point where we don’t even talk that much. That’s crazy busy!
PETER: That’s cool, though. I get it. Dude’s got stuff, I got stuff. We kinda got to know each other the first week, so it all worked out.

an imaginary person named deez nuts polled 9% on an actual presidential poll and it was reported nationwide and people have to be told not to write him in and throw away their vote because it might mean donald fucking trump, a man who everyone hates with a toupee that looks like it was photoshopped on, actually does get elected because he is actually running. oh and despite a general lack of recent campaigning, let us not forget: wocka flocka flame also very much did declare his candidacy. wocka flocka fucking flame

and then, amongst this political farce, banksy is building a theme park. a real, actual theme park. a man who became famous originally due to his street art. is building a theme park. can you think of a single thing less street art than a fucking theme park??? how many people have signed off on this?????? how much money??? fucking 

also there is a website where people can vote on the names for planets outside our solar system and some are legit sounding and some are like?? “descending fish” or whatever??? actual planets in actual space what the fuck

oh, right, and then in the only political news that seems like a genuinely good idea i’ve heard in months, there was that whole thing where, due to how dismally bad their economy has been for so long, they have started a kickstarter for the country of greece. that sounds so fake! that doesn’t sound like a real thing none of these do they sound like onion articles but when i heard about it i was like that’s a great idea i hope it works bc i’ve got a friend in greece and i know how bad it is there and it’s not getting the attention it needs

at this point i feel like no news item could surprise me, you could be like “florida has literally broken off of the continent due to popular vote and is now chillin with the bahamas and it is messing up the american economy which secretly is heavily reliant on citrus export and the daytona 500″ and i’d be like sure that sounds reasonable! absolutely! 

i’d believe if if scientists were like “new study proves that birds control the weather” at this point and it would probably not be the weirdest shit i heard that week

when the fuck did our universe start being a performance art piece co-written by monty python and the firesign theatre

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So I was wondering if maybe you could help me find a particular fanfic? From what I can remember it was about Draco continually going back in time to keep Harry from dying. I know one of the instances was Harry got hit on the head by a brick that fell from the roof of some house or shop... I've been trying to find it again for awhile now but I'm just not having any luck...

Sorry this took me awhile I knew this fic immediately but couldn’t remember the name it was driving me nuts!

I’m 99% sure you’re talking about At The Crossroads There We’ll Meet by @firethesound which is soooo good

Sorry for ugly links stupid non formatting app.

You’re a veerrrryyyy cute one 💕 💕 💕

An Autumn Ritual, Called Mabon in the Celtic Calendar

You will need:

  • A deep dish filled with fallen leaves
  • A small bowl of berries or nuts
  • A deep empty bowl


Between September 21 and 23 in the northern hemisphere, and between March 21 and 23 in the southern hemisphere.

The Spell:

Take a leaf (you can do this with others if you wish, who do the same actions and say the same words, in turn), naming what is being left behind that did not work out, gently dropping the leaf into the empty bowl and saying: “Go in peace, what did not flourish in the harvest of my life.”

Next, take a berry or nut, naming what can be taken forward from the previous months, saying: “This is the good harvest to sustain me in the months ahead until spring breaks through.”

Continue until you have named all that is lost and gained, then scatter any remaining leaves and berries or nuts outdoors, saying: “What is lost and what is gained are now set free in equal measure. Blessings be on all.”

-  “1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose” by Cassandra Eason

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I love all your characters: Nyota Saimiri, Lumen, Namina, Sonny, Eldie Mertin, Arjurn and *squints at smeared writing on hand* Agamemnon Hadley

Ah, this meme I recognize. Poking fun at how she’s never referred to by her first name?

She might actually appreciate being compared to an ancient Greek king and commander. Except Agamemnon was kind of… not a great guy to be. All that lovely stuff about the cursed House of Atreus…