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@ everyone sending messages asking to repost my art

allow me to i refer you to…

my FAQ:

my ask page, which you had to click thru to message me:

and if somehow that isn’t clear enough…

please look at my sidebar, which on mobile is the first thing you see; please look at my artwork, which you are so eager to repost.

no really, look:

i don’t know how to be any more clear. 

please stop asking, and don’t repost my stuff.

[and as always, if you see my stuff reposted anywhere (save for a few on philsterman10’s yt), it was without permission. please tell me so i can report it.]

Meet the #CSABoxKittens and @veggiedayz

Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is even better than a pot of gold. [rainbow emoji] Meet Rutabaga, Butternut, Heirloom and Sprout, formerly known as the #CSABoxKittens. Serena Boleto (@veggiedayz) has been fostering cats in Philadelphia since 2011 and she always chooses a theme when naming her litter. You’ll be glad to know these four playful cats have all been adopted (hurray!), but Serena currently has another litter — all named for nuts — in need of good homes. Follow @veggiedayz to keep up with Serena and her new crew, #NutsAboutKittens, which includes Mama Macadamia and her seven sweet babies.


Once upon a time I got seriously into the idea of creating a RWBY OC…Then I lost the momentum and didn’t really do much with her…The only thing for certain was I wanted her to be called Tawny and i wanted her to be owl faunus…but NOT a tawny owl and she’d get really annoyed if you assumed she was a tawny owl from her name.

But anywho, long story short i did a crap ton of looking up names and creating team names I thought sounded cool when coming up with this character and I thought I’d share my little ‘database’ of names and team names for anyone making RWBY OC’s so my time gathering all this wasn’t a complete waste.

****NOTE - If anyone wanted to suggest more names I’d be happy to add em to the list.

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for @hihohaha15

this turned out way more shippy than I was expecting it to be… well :^)

Madama Tyche, Gambler of Fates

“A trickster demoness so cunning, she persuaded the Ruler of Inferno into handing her a piece of the Queen’s powerful gown. Madama Tyche now gives and takes life wherever she pleases, throwing random luck into Iustitia’s balance and disturbing it for her own amusement.
Pledging one’s soul to her grants the chance of gaining anything and the promise of losing everything.”

–The Book of Infernal Demons

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

Pairings: Julian/Asra, implied Asra/MC, implied Julian/MC

Content Warnings: Mild BDSM, mild violence

Word Count: 3021

Author’s Note: Hi, this is the first thing I’ve written in ten years that I’m letting other people see, so I’m nervous af. Hope you enjoy this steaming pile of steam of consciousness!!

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I love you only because it’s you the one I love;

I hate you deeply, and hating you

Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you

Is that I do not see you but love you blindly.

— I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You, Pablo Neruda

God damn him—both of them. Asra, for existing in the same impossible space of time as he does while the universe is an age beyond counting and a size beyond measuring. And Julian, for throwing himself into another collar he enjoys calling love, like a horse at the end of a whip.

The difference between he and this imaginary horse is, of course, that Julian loves it: the sting, the whip, the hand holding it. Put a bit in his mouth, spank him on the ass, and he’ll whinny if you want.

Neeeiiigh! Now, harder.

“Ilya,” Asra hums, cracking a single eye from where he dozes against the bark of the willow tree in the garden.

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