name that christmas special

Us: yo rooster teeth could you please give us a trailer or preview for the Christmas episode?  We’re all really excited

RT: Ah, so what you’re saying is….you want a gif

Us: we want a what now

RT: say no more!


Aaron Carpenter

Cameron Dallas

Derek Luh

Ethan Dolan

Grayson Dolan

Hayes Grier

Jack Johnson

Jack Gilinsky

Kian Lawley

Matt Espinosa

Class 1-A Christmas Headcanons

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! ~Admin Sparkles

  • Aoyama always takes care of Decorating around the dorms and common room, and actually is very careful of how his decorations look (He can have self control when he wants. He has a good eye for decorating)
  • Satou obviously takes care of holiday baking; cookies, cakes, any kind of sweets you can think of, he makes. He makes sure to take into consideration anyone’s religious rules about food, any allergies, or specific diet someone follows so that there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy!
  • Jirou makes sure she plays festive music through out the halls. No lyrics to get stuck in her classmates’ heads, just generic holiday music that really brings the holiday spirit and cheer to the dorms.
  • Deku always gathers a group of his friends (usually Todoroki, Uraraka, and Iida, sometimes Kirishima) and goes door to door around the dorms and goes caroling. Sometimes the whole class (except bakugo, you couldn’t pay him enough) goes out on the town and sing carols.
  • Yao-momo sets the table up just perfectly for Christmas dinner, placing handmade cards with small gifts for her friends on their seats. As everyone has their dinner, she gives a speech about how much they all mean to her, and gets emotional about it as well. Afterwards, she hands out cups of hot-cocoa to her friends, made from expensive foreign chocolate she asked her parents to send for this occasion.
  • Denki buys everyone custom made matching ugly Christmas sweaters,each with their own gimmick. His has christmas lights that actually light up, Kirishima’s is one with Red Riot that can say an actual Red Riot quote, Kouda’s is a cat that can meow. He even buys Dark Shadow one (dark shadow loves it)
  • Bakugo is the one who actually cook’s Christmas dinner, and like Satou, he makes things that everyone can enjoy. Bakugo is also everyone’s secret santa, buying gifts he knows his classmates would adore, but never ever signing the gift from himself. He even buys Izuku a gift he know’s he’d enjoy (A super rare holographic golden era All Might trading card, autographed, and other All Might memorabilia.)
  • Shouji helps decorate the tree, using his arms to put on multiple ornaments at once. The rest of the class hand-makes ornaments, and Shouji always makes sure they’re front and center. He also puts on a santa hat, and puts little santa or elf hats on his multiple hands.
  • Mina always picks out the BEST holiday movies for everyone to watch. Whether its an actual good, classic holiday movie, or just god-awful but hilariously bad holiday movie, she always has a knack of picking out the best ones for everyone to enjoy, and always makes popcorn and drinks to go with it.
  • Tooru gets into her stealth mode to hide everyone’s gifts underneath the tree on Christmas eve,knowing some of her friends are still up and about during the night, and even during Christmas day, she uses her stealthiness to place more gifts for her friends around the dorms, always there to watch their faces light up at the gift.
  • Tsuyu is a bit more blunt, usually just giving her presents right to her friends, along with a special card she always signs with a frog. Every gift she makes is thought through, to all of her friend’s likes and tastes, and is always ALWAYS hand made with love and care.
  • Uraraka loves the holiday season, and makes the dorms feel festive. Yeah, Aoyama takes care of the decorations, but using the left over decorations, such as snow flakes and cotton balls, she makes the dorms a true winter wonderland by using her quirk and making these items float, giving the illusion of a snowy day indoors.
  • Todoroki uses his quirk to start a fire, and makes everyone smores! He makes the best smores. He also helps Yao-momo give out hot chocolate, frosting over the cups so his friends won’t burn their hands. He likes to make his friends little good luck charms for Christmas.
  • Kouda brings his class outside and calls for deer to come out, so that they can all take photos with them and make Christmas cards and take a class photo. Sometimes Todoroki makes it snow if it isn’t already to give the photos extra flare.
  • Sero helps wrap gifts for his friends if they have trouble wrapping it or need some tape. His quirk is very useful for this, and honestly? He loves it. He is incredibly gifted (no pun intended) for wrapping presents. He also loves using his tape to put up the gifts his friends got him, if they happen to get something like a poster or a picture.
  • As goofy as it is, Kirishima loves to dress up as Santa, just to give the dorms and his classmates some holly jolly happiness. It’s become a tradition for everyone to take pictures with ‘Santa-shima’ and tell him what they’d like for Christmas
  • Tokoyami drops his serious composure for the holiday season and let’s Kirishima use Dark Shadow as an elf or Reindeer for his Santa getup, and sometimes dresses festively himself. He can be seen walking around the dorms wearing reindeer antlers and humming some christmas songs.
  • Ojirou helps Aoyama with decorating, managing to climb up to difficult places and hang up banners and streamers. He even secretly puts up mistletoe to help his friends get together with their crushes. The holidays make those tender moments even more magical, in his opinion.
  • Iida, true to himself, always observes his classmates to make sure they’re all safe whenever their doing something like decorating or cooking and baking. All the while, he takes mental notes of their interests, analyzing what the perfect gift would be for them. With his closest friends, namely Izuku and Ochako, he always asks to take a special Christmas photo to send to his older brother Tensei, and often the three friends spend christmas night in his room, laughing and just being friends. He lets them sleepover his dorm that night.
  • Shinsou doesn’t really do anything per se, but he does partake in all the antics of his class. He loves giving gifts and receiving gifts from his friends. He loves having dinner with them, watching movies with them, decorating, taking pictures with Santa-shima, making a class 1-A christmas card with the deer Kouda brings. After a life of being called a villain, or being told he would be suited for villainy and not having many friends, he’s just happy he’s found a group of people who love and care for him. In his mind and heart, this holiday season he didn’t just get new friends. He got a family.

me after watching season 1: what?! Wolfie never said Kala’s name out loud!

me when watching Christmas special: please say her name. please say her name. please say her name, Wolfie.

wolfgang: enjoy yourself Mrs. Rasal


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me when watching season 2 finale: yes! this is the moment! you said you love her. now say her name Wolfie! say it!

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* out of nowhere * Whispers:

Kala. Ms. Kala Rasal. Thank you, Wolfgang. You see how easy that was?

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Nolan and this other guy named Sam gave 2017 an amesome christmas present

The Nolan and Sam Christmas Special

Twelve said that Thirteen can’t tell anyone her name… except children. Because children would understand it, if their heart was in the right place. Does that mean Eleven told River his name when she was a child and that’s why she’s the only one besides the Doctor who knows his name?

Cheesy PickUp Line Challenge

4,001 of you wonderful souls follow me now 

and I swore to myself I wouldn’t do a challenge with every milestone, but… I’m gonna do one for this.

Below the cut is a list of the cheesiest and somewhat dirty pick-up lines that will serve as prompts for this little celebration.

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Playing Pretend ; Jeno

Prompts: 14. “You don’t know what you’re doing, huh?“, 15. “Look, all I’m asking is for a favour.“, 22. “You… want me to act like your lover?“. 23. “[Name]? Is that you?“
Characters: Lee Jeno / Reader
Genre: Fluff, Non-Idol!AU, Bestfriends to Lovers!AU
Word Count: 2.6k
Admin: Jade

Masterlists || Ten Days to Christmas Prompt List || TDC/CNY Masterlist

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  • [Y/N]? is that you?”
  • you spun around, the small shopping bag that hung from your fingertips bumping against your legs as you moved
  • to your surprise, you saw someone you haven’t seen since grade school
  • jeno?” you gasped in shock, almost dropping your groceries
  • jeno grinned widely at you, bounding toward you in long strides
  • “i haven’t seen you in forever!” he laughed, wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug
  • you hugged him back, still processing the fact that lee jeno, your once best friend, was standing in front of you
  • you used to go to grade school with jeno, up until your seventh year when you moved
  • ‘promise to keep in contact,’ twelve year old jeno had frowned, eyes glossed over as he watched numerous people bring box after box out of your house and into a moving truck
  • ‘i will, je-no-jam,’ you smiled wistfully, the sound of his dorky nickname making you emotional
  • as the last box was shoved into the back of the moving truck, it really hit you
  • you were moving
  • and you probably weren’t going to see your best friend for a while
  • ‘[Y/N], come on,’ your mom called, pulling herself into your family vehicle
  • jeno frowned, hugging you one last time. ‘don’t forget me’
  • ‘you act like i’m moving to the other side of the world,’ you mumbled, hugging him back, ‘i’ll just be a few towns over.’
  • ‘too far.’
  • unfortunately, you had to let go, move away from his warm hug, and crawl into the backseat of your van
  • as your van drove away, following the moving truck, you rolled down your window, sticking your head out the car (much to your parent’s protests)
  • ‘bye!’ you yelled, waving your arms wildly
  • jeno blinked in surprise before cupping his mouth, ‘bye, [Y/N]!’
  • soon, he was out of your sight.

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Finished a gemsona commission! She was super fun to draw, I love the character design so much ;A; Speaking of commissions, all my coms are name your price till christmas c:

A speedpaint for her will be uploaded on youtube tomorrow at 12pm AKST! 

Things I Appreciated in the CS, Chelsie Edition

1. FIRST NAMES HALLELUJAH (and in the house no less!!!!!!)

2. “I’m your wife. I love you. Your secrets are safe with me.”

3. Carson’s straight up honesty to Mrs. Hughes about his health (after his painful-yet-adorable attempt to hide his hands under his desk when she asked the first time)

4. Cottage = love nest

5. more kisses and hand holding

6. Mrs. Hughes demanding a kiss from Thomas while Carson’s eyebrows ride a teeter-totter in the background

 7. Absolutely perfect optimism about their future: “But we can make a go of it, Charlie, and I definitely mean to try.”

8. plus Charlie rather than Charles, which i didn’t know i needed but now cant live without

9. also like mrs hughes is sprinting up the endless stairs with towels to help anna who is birthing a human being while carson is like “lady mary’s bedroom tho???????”

10. mrs hughes constantly “accidentally” walking in on carson’s meetings with the Holy Family hehehehe

11. Carson and Hughes being a Team again <3