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lbr tho james sirius potter is probably such a little shit

he knows how much mcgonagall is dreading him coming to hogwarts

he knows

so he acts angelic for the first couple of months, and everyone is so confused and mcgonagall is tearing her hair out (in the most dignified way ofc) 

and she’s writing letters to harry and ginny like why HASNT YOUR SON ATTEMPTED TO BURN DOWN THE CASTLE YET

((and ginny is horrified when she reads these letters bc shes honestly v disappointed she had expected so much more from her child like what))

but then mcgonagall gives herself a good talking to and calms herself down like goddamn minerva you are a teacher you fought in the war you aint afraid of no freakin 11 year old

and she spends the rest of the week v satisfied with herself and is beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe he’s not that much of a troublemaker

until one day she runs into him in a hallway

and he winks at her 

and then STRUTS away

and that was the day minerva mcgonagall turned in her resignation 


if you’re ever sad just remember that there is a video where dan signs up for a dating site under the name sexybreadtin and know that there is still a legitimate profile by that exact name who lists an interest as philology

I love how everyone thinks that McGonagall is gonna retire today after seeing James Sirius’ name on the list of first years. Do you honestly think that all of the Potter and Weasley kids don’t call her Grandma Minnie?? Like honestly Harry has so much respect for that woman and there’s no way she wasn’t around to watch those kids grow up. Hell she probably sent James a pack of chocolate frogs to enjoy on the ride to Hogwarts!

i played lots of Quinn in league of legends and i still hadn’t picked a name yet so i kind of As A Joke put Quinn in the name list i had at the time (other names i was considering were Emily and Esmée) and then i just kind of. went with it

then i really liked Gwyndolyn from dark souls for a long time so i used her as my icon on a lot of things and people called me Quinndolyn when they saw that icon so i was just like “hey i actually like that” and did it

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Hey, I've been searching for a fic where after Cap2 Bucky starts taking down Hydra bases alone. He sends postcards with lists of names on them and videos of his kills back to Steve, and sort of finds himself along the way. Any chance you could help me find it? You guys do an amazing job, this blog is FANTASTIC. Thank you!

 I’m pretty sure you’re looking for Wish You Were Here but let me know if I’m wrong


nope nevermind its The Night Has Seen You Mind

1. It is important to change into Turkish all names of provinces, regions, villages, mountains, and rivers belong to Armenian, Greek, Bulgarian, and other non-Muslim peoples. Making use swiftly of this favorable moment, we beseech your help in carrying out this order.

2. Cooperating with military commanders and administrative personnel within the boundaries of your jurisdictions, respective lists of name changes should be formed of provinces, regions, villages, etc. and be forward to military headquarters as soon as possible. After being studies and approved, these lists of proposed changes should be sent to the Ministry of the Interior and the Communications Ministry for generalization and implementation.

2. It is imperative that the new names reflect the history of our hard-working, exemplary and praise-worthy military. The glorified events of our present and past war experiences should, by all means, be mentioned. In case this is not possible, names of those who had highly moral principles and who have fallen rendering invaluable services to their country should be remembered; or names should be found that are appropriate to the given area’s specific crop, product, trade or geographical situation.

Last but not least, teachers at schools in different parts of our Fatherland should find appropriate topics to teach about the given territory’s glorious history, climate, crop, trade and culture. It should be borne in mind that any sudden change of a conventional name into an inconvenient or improper one may bring about the continuation of using the old name by the population. Therefore, new names should be chosen taking all this into consideration. In case such principles cannot be observed, then Ereghli, for example, should be translated into Erikli or Erakli, Gallipoli into Veliboli, [etc.] in order to maintain the roots of old names.

tumblr URL song list

I was tagged by m2rl3n3 💀 to do the tumblr URL song list

D- De Música Ligera | Soda Stereo

A- Arrullo de Estrellas | Zoé

N- No Dejes Que | Caifanes

I- Itotiani | Chicano Batman

E- Entre Dos Tierras- Héroes del Silencio

L- La Ingrata | Café Tacvba

What to do: Find songs that spell out your tumblr name and list them.

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for when you wake up because it occurs to me I never pushed send w h o o p s ^^"

¯\_(ツ)_/¯:do you have any tumblr friends? if so, who are they?

Oh gosh I have a few! littledetective kaitouphantom1412 bluewitchaoko the-hopeful-actor ask-ran-mouri-chan blackorgpaikaru flirtybritishdetective 2ofakindmk at least i consider them all friends ._____. do all of you conciser me a friend? because i get anxious about that, like i don’t wanna seem like im pushing anything onto you guys. ALSO if you don’t see your name on the list and want to be friends trust me im always open to new frands!


Give Peace a Chance/Remember Love

Give Peace a Chance was the first solo single released by a Beatle, put out while John was still in the band and erroneously credited to Lennon-McCartney on the original release. It stands as one of Lennon’s most important protest songs and one that came out of Lennon and Yoko’s famous bed-in for peace. Reporters would ask Lennon what he thought he was trying to accomplish and he would answer repeatedly to “give peace a chance.”

The recording session for the song was spontaneous and featured a who’s who of the ‘60s counterculture of the time including LSD guru Timothy Leary, beat poet Allen Ginsberg and comedian Tommy Smothers of the Smothers Brothers who played guitar alongside Lennon on the track. The verses in the song are often humorous and feature Lennon listing off names and events but what really matters in the song is the anthemic chorus of “all we are saying, is give peace a chance” which is designed to be sung along with whether at small gatherings or large rallies.

It’s easy to see Yoko’s influence on a song like this, particularly the decision to credit the single to the “Plastic Ono Band,” a conceptual group with an ever-changing cast of rotating members. Even the audience were considered members of the band with the famous slogan “YOU! are the Plastic Ono Band.” In keeping with the nature of the song, crediting to the Plastic Ono Band feels much more natural than just Lennon considering the collaborative setup.

The song would go on to become an anti-war anthem of the Vietnam war, with the famous example being when it was sung by the protestors during the half-million march on Washington D.C. This song would only be the beginning of Lennon’s shift towards more political music which would eventually get him in trouble with the U.S. government who he would fight deportation against from the mid-70s until the end of his life.

With such a hard-hitting anthem on the A-side, it seems only fitting that Yoko’s contribution on the B-side would be a delicate acoustic ballad. For those who say that Yoko can’t sing or has no musical talent really needs to listen to this song. “Remember Love” sounds like it could be a compliment to the song “Love” off of Lennon’s album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band as both share a similar structure to the lyrics. If people are looking for a more accessible side to Yoko I would highly recommend listening to this song because it is a far cry from the yelling and noise that people normally associate with Yoko.

Hyung Jin Continues Ancestor Liberation Tradition

Taken from the Sanctuary Church facebook page, as posted by Tim Elder:

Hyung Jin Nim, acting as the second king of Cheon Il Guk, announced on August 31 that he would provide a way for Blessed Central Families around the world to quickly complete the liberation of eight lines of ancestors to the 210th generation as instructed by True Father.

Hyung Jin Nim told a group of visiting families from Japan, Korea and Europe that any Blessed Central Family that has not completed True Father’s instruction could send to Sanctuary Church name lists of their ancestors to the extent that the information is available. He said he would use these lists to liberate the submitting family’s ancestors to the 210th generation, including those ancestors whose names are unknown.

Hyung Jin Nim said he would leave it up to each family to decide the level of any donation to be made to Sanctuary Church in connection with this liberation of ancestors. There would be no suggested minimum for such donations, he said.

Warden Week - Round 1 Voting

So we have 8 nominees again this week (unfortunately one nominee never messaged me back) so it’ll be similar to last week, but we’ll do an additional round of voting since I was able to get this week started on time.

So here are the rules for voting if you’re unfamiliar with them:

  • You have five (5) votes to use in Round One
    • You can only use one vote per Warden
  • Send your votes via ask box on my blog
    • Use the creator’s name, the Warden’s full name, and list all the Wardens you’re voting for in the same ask!
  • I will confirm your votes as quickly as possible
    • Since I work tomorrow, you might not get an immediate confirmation, but I will confirm as soon as possible and the event will still be going on for a good amount of time after I get off of work.
  • Voting for Round One ends tomorrow (9/1) at 10:00 PM United States Central Time, at which point the votes will be tallied and five will move on to the semifinals.
  • Remember that all Wardens that don’t make the Final Three are eligible for the Warden Week Raffle Prize.
  • Let me know if you have any questions!

Without further comment, here are the candidates for Warden Week:

Cahaya Surana - Creator: felicidusaria

This is Cahaya Surana, as she would appear during the events of Inquisition. She grew up with the Dalish, but she was unpopular with her clan, so she was exiled and the templars caught her. She found love with Leliana during the Fifth Blight, and hopes to return to her one day once her quest to cure the Calling is complete.

Cousland “the Cousland” Cousland - Creator: awkwardalpha

Cousland always tries to be a funny, happy person. But with the whole “my family is dead and I’m saving the world” thing, she usually just ends up being sarcastic. She also still tries to be nice and help whoever she can, but is merciless to people who done her wrong. She can be a bit spoiled, but after all - she is the damn queen!

Elissa Cousland - Creator: commander-shakarian

Born in Highever, Elissa is a sword and shield warrior with the reaver specialization. She fights to win and will go to extremes to make sure what she believes is good for Ferelden happens. She has a fiery temperament and at times, can be unrelenting, but when it comes to her friends, she’d die for them. Her heart has only belonged to one man: Nathaniel Howe, and for Elissa, that will never change.

Lanaya Amell - Creator: chronos-ghost

“A mage who knows nothing about politics running an arling and teyrnir alongside the Wardens? Oh boy.” Shapeshifter, battlemage, arcane warrior. Lanaya is well known for her great belief in second chances as well as being very easy to befriend. She’s more than ready to pick a fight if it means she’ll be helping or protecting someone, especially her mage brethren. Well, anyone except the Orlesians.

Ophelia Cousland - Creator: ermacintosh

Ophelia Cousland, while mostly being level headed, can sometimes think with her heart instead of her head, which has gotten her into trouble more than once. Despite the tragedy that unfolded to get her into the Grey Wardens, she remains ever positive and friendly to a fault, helping everyone along the way with their tiniest problem. Raised Andrastian, she remains ever devout and loyal to the Maker and her beliefs. She is currently roaming the world to search for a cure to the Calling.

Sheridan Amell - Creator: wardencommander-amell

Both scholar and spellcaster, Sheridan Amell’s passions include reading, research and consuming chewy caramel candies. She knows the limits of learning she can receive within the Circle, but her life goal is to understand lyrium and its connections to the Fade; upon becoming a warden she ties that together with unraveling the Taint.  Bright, talkative, and well aware of her naivety, she dives into each day and experience with wonder and endless enthusiasm.

Sirin Tabris - Creator: crimsontentacles

“Everyone should be able to make their own choices” are words that Sirin Tabris firmly believe and live by and they can summarize every decision he made on his way as a Warden. That being said, he tried very much to resolve every conflict peacefully, but sometimes arrows are the fastest and easiest way. He’s not a hero - at least never thought of himself like that - but he’s fiercely loyal to his friends and family (and his companions are pretty much his family, thankyouverymuch). Very tall for an elf, tends to be cold and distrustful at first, but under that is a great sense of humour and warm, friendly heart.

Talegara Mahariel - Creator: teamjnprs

Firm, headstrong, and resilient, Talegara Mahariel is an elf of few words. Rather, she lets her actions speak for her, which is no surprise due to her warrior’s background. Armed with a sword and shield, she fights to preserve the people of Ferelden and all that she holds dear. While not very tall, she makes up for her lack in height with her strength and muscle, which is nothing to sneeze at- She has beaten Sten at arm-wrestling contests multiple times. (Alistair swears he saw Sten shed a tear once about it, but honestly, that’s probably not true.) Talegara romanced Zevran, finding peace within the chaos in the arms of an assassin. As unlikely as he was to allay her fears and guilt of losing loved ones, in the end, he did just that. She agreed to Morrigan’s dark ritual in order to keep a promise, and thus is still alive, wandering Thedas alongside her love searching for a cure for the Taint.

Thank you for all of your nominations and support! <3

Gender Neutral Names

After looking for a gender neutral name that suited me (which I haven’t found YET) I began compiling a list of the best gender neutral name websites. Feel free to add to the list :)  

This one has LOTS of names

Same here, and it has an easier way to search

Here is a shortish list

This is quite short, and in the form of a slide show, but the names are nice

Here is a forum post with many names, if you scroll down

This is a wiki and if you scroll down it has gender neutral names for many countries 

The best one here (in my opinion) you can choose the year and it comes up with the top 20 :) 

Masterlist of links and generators on names.

A personal list that I made, because I’m horrendous with choosing my own character names. I’ve decided to share it, because I know others struggle with the same thing. Sorry if someone has made someone similar, which they probably have, as I said, I made it mainly for myself. If viewing a tumblr post linked below, make sure you like it so that the maker of that masterlist smiles.


Personally, I always find naming characters an utter pain, and it’s come to view that I’m not the only one. Therefore, under the cut are 100 of the most popular male names, alongside a link to their definition/info about them.

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