name her talia

the fuckboy scheme

◇ You’ve just waged war on renowned fuckboy Jeon Jungkook.

◇ Jungkook x reader

◇ fuckboi!au + college!au

tfs 2

◇ based off unforgettable by french montana even tho he’s trash just because i could lol

◇ ahsjksks I’m not dead my dudes don’t worry im just studying which is the same thing but!!! Anyway i made this because of procrastination so don’t expect another one right away lol ❤️❤️❤️💟💖💖


You were proud to say that college wasn’t kicking your ass as much as it probably could. You finished three of your four essays due, completed a project that was 35% of your final grade, and managed to study for at least 10 minutes in the passed week.

And now, here you lay, your laptop perched on the bed in front of you with Netflix pulled up in the screen and a large bag of Doritos beside you. Your well-earned reward — and you’re enjoying it, too. Well, until—

“Hey!” The bubbly brunette you fondly called your roommate plummets onto your bed before you register her presence, and the presence of her red headed girlfriend who trails in after. “Guess what?”

“You and Rose decided to take a spontaneous trip to Hawaii and leave me to watch Luke Cage?” You try with a wishful smile, knowing damn well what she was about to propose as soon as she pulled up her Twitter. “A party? Really?”

“Yes!” Jennie grins brightly, shoving the screen in your face. A tweet from the man himself, Jackson Wang, is on the screen, and you barely catch the words party and insane before she yanks it back. “Jackson is throwing another party this Friday and since there’s nothing too important coming up, I demand that you attend—”

“I don’t think so,” you laugh in disbelief, turning back to your relaxing setup. “No more parties for me—”

“Oh, come on,” Jennie’s face drops as she groans, slumping her body over your back dramatically — it was times like this that her fine arts major really came out. “The last party you went to was weeks ago! The last guy that you slept with was ages ago and it was terrible and it’s making you cranky—”

“I am not cranky!” You interrupt in indignation, eyes wide. At the pointed look that’s shot at you from both girls, you deflate. “That guy wasn’t that bad. What’s your point?”

“Our point,” Rose speaks with a furrow of her eyebrows, “is that since you slept with You-Know-Who—” Her eyes narrow warningly when your mouth opens to make a Voldemort joke— “You’ve been in a slump. And it’s making you angry at everything.”

“So you think I should go to a party to get wasted and fuck someone?” You retort, rolling your eyes, “I don’t think so.”

“You don’t have to get wasted,” Jennie whines, tugging at your arm. “Look, me and Rose are going too. We’ll stay with you until you get some nice piece of meat to play with—”


“And then you can be happy and we’ll be happy because you’re happy!” She concludes with a cheeky grin.

You ponder her offer, swimming between whether or not you should listen to your ultracrepidarian best friend. Your hesitance shows obviously on your face, and Jennie pouts. “Please? I haven’t been to a party with my best friend in weeks—”

You sigh, pulling your arms from your grip and wriggling your body to roll Jennie off of your back. “Whatever, whatever. Can I watch this in peace now?”

Squeals and whatnot ensue, but you can only roll your eyes and push your earphones in further, grabbing another handful of Doritos.


Nothing had ever irritated Jeon Jungkook as much as this particular thing was.

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Killing a fly (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Hi love :3 Can I request Damian Wayne x Reader where the reader confronts Talia about how shitty she treats Damian and they just get heated and have an all out brawl? (Bonus if Damian is in the middle of it)
Summary: Stepping out in Damian’s defence in front of mother Talia, things get heated between the women.
Word count: 378
Warning(s): non

“You’ve become weak,” Talia snarls at Damian from across the dinner table. “What do you mean , Mother?” He questions. “I raised an assassin, a killer, not some wimp that can’t kill a fly.” 

“Excuse me, WHAT?” You question abruptly, interrupting their conversation, anger rushing through you. You stand up hovering over the table, looking down on her,Damian unsure of what’s going on, you’ve never had an outburst like this before. “I’ll kill a damn fly for you, her name is Talia” you spit venomously.

“What is that supposed to mean, ignorant brat,” She questions, standing up to match your height. “Damian is everything you could never be, It takes more strength to repel from doing what you were taught since birth, then to blindly let anger take hold of you.” You step out in Damis defence. He can’t help but look at you in absolute awe, no one would have ever dared to step up to Talia in his defence, and now here you were, the goddess he’s dating, telling her mother off.

You wouldn’t know anything about strength, weakling.” He huffs in fake laughter before a loud slap echoes through the room and the older woman is clutching her now reddening cheek in pain. “Why you little….” She attempts to slap me back, but I manage to barely dodge it.

So when Talia starts angrily making her way around the table, Damian is terrified for your safety, since Talia is obviously much better trained then you.

Run beloved, I’ll attempt to reason with her,” He says getting up to come in between you two. While you make a run for it, you can distinctly hear Talia raising her voice, telling Damian how he has betrayed her. 

You were making a B-line to the front door when you heard heavy footsteps running after you, looking back you see it to be Damian, Talia hot on his trail. “I think it’s best we stop this dinner here,” He says as you two run out of the door after each other, he lifts you in bridal style, knowing that you’re running a bit slow for his liking. 

Getting in the car and driving away, you knew you weren’t going to be invited to a family dinner any time soon. 


With love,

Gajevy Week: Prompt: Trouble Twins Colorful Revenge


Rated: T

Prompt: Trouble Twins


Colorful Revenge

Gajeel gets revenge on Metalicana in the best of ways.

Gajeel was in the kitchen with Levy, sighing as he buried his face in her neck. Their four-year-old twins were a rambunctious set that left both adults exhausted at times.

“How long did they keep you up last night?” Levy asked lightly, leaning back into her husband after filling two coffee mugs.

“A lil’ while. Shutora was having nightmares.” He grumbled.

Levy had never seen Gajeel jump out of bed so fast. Their daughter’s cry and sob of “Daddy!” Had him tripping over himself to rush out of the bed. Levy wasn’t far behind. When the man cradled the girl, he quietly waved his wife off to go back to bed as he was soon taking care of the twins, calming them both down, since Yajeh woke up to his sister’s cries.

Turns out while they had Natsu and Lucy watching the twins so they could make some repairs around the house before the kids came back, Natsu decided to tell the story of a monster.

He was gonna kill Natsu if Lucy hadn’t already. Likely Nashi, Natsu and Lucy’s daughter, would have nightmares from it as well.

“Think Metalicana will be able to handle them?” Levy asked, looking at her daughter who was chasing her brother. The little girl was so much like her father it was frightening sometimes.

“Nah. Probably not. But, eh.” He shrugged before smirking slightly. Maybe he could use that against his old man.

The male eventually sighed, grabbing his cup to take a long drink before catching his wife’s lips. “Then we get some time away from the kids…”

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Prompt: Damian finding out about a twin sister he never knew about

Words: 617

          You’re more than a little nervous as you stand there in front of his school. But you can help it, you need to know. Sure enough, right on schedule, he walks out of the gates. He’s trying to escape a hoard of girls. When he finally does you pounce. Before you can say anything he launches into a speech, “I am not looking for a girlfriend, or boyfriend at the moment, no I will not sign a part of your body, or take a picture with you, nor am I interested in what you have to show me.”

          You grin a bit, “Get a lot of those offers do ya?” He turns to look at you with a scowl on his face, and you meet it dead on, “I’m not here so much for you but as for my mother. I’m looking for her, and she alluded to the fact that your father might be able to help.”

          He raises an eyebrow at that and says, “My father has taken in enough orphans thank you very much.”

          “I actually have a family, well my grandparents actually, my parents are dead …”

          “You’re rambling, and how can you be looking for your mother if she’s dead?”

          “My birth mother,” you clarify, “She gave me up for adoption when I was a newborn, but she left me with this letter, that I found when my parents died. It’s pretty cryptic, but she talks a lot about a moon, with Gotham’s Dark Knight, if you can believe such a thing. But I figured it was my only lead, and he always seems to help your dad’s company, so I figured it was worth a shot to see if your dad could set up a meeting.

          He goes rigid and slowly asks, “Did she sign a name?”

          You nod, “Talia, she said her name was Talia.”

          “What day and time were you born?”

          Your brow furrows, “November 30th, 8 pm.”

          “Can I see the letter?”

          You nod before handing it over, “Please be careful with it. It’s all I have.”

          His eyes skim the letter, before his eyes go back to you. He pales a bit by the second and you as,k “Do you need to sit down?” He just nods, and you escort him over to a nearby bench. You quickly realize he’s having some sort of anxiety attack. You help him place his head in-between his knees, and you rub a soothing pattern on his back.

          When he calms down you say, “So I’m assuming you know something.”

          He just stares at you and says, “You look nothing like her.”


          He gives this little chuckle before running a hand through his hair, “You take after grandmother. Nearly identical from the pictures I’ve seen, you’re going to give him a heart attack.”

          “I don’t understand.”

          He just looks you in the eye and says, “Talia, Talia Al Ghul, is my mother as well. And I was born on November 30th at 7:55 pm. You’re my sister. My twin sister.”

          Your eyes go wide, “Are you sure?”

          He nods, “I’d know her handwriting anywhere, and to make sure that no one can forge anything she puts in one of fifty different codes into her writing all with its own unique cypher. She left me a message, she knew you’d find me. How? I don’t know, because this was never the plan. This life was never supposed to happen.”  

          He looks at you a moment before he says, “I was wrong actually, you have her bone structure, and her eyes, my eyes.”

“Come on, we need to go.”

“What? Where?”

He just holds out his hand and says, “Home.”

Forever My Mate *Derek Hale Series Part 13*

Macy’s POV

Today was an exciting day! Derek and I are having a gender reveal party for our little baby Hale. We were having it at the loft of course and I was currently putting snacks out for everyone. I set down the final bowl of chips when a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and came to rest on my popped out belly.

“You really should be resting until our guests get here. It’s an exciting day and I don’t want you to over do it.” I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“I’m fine, I promise. Stop worrying about us so much.” I told him and he shook his head.

“I will never stop worrying about you or you.” He said while giving me a peck and then my stomach. I chuckled at him.

“Okay mister alpha. You’re the boss.” I teased.

“Darn right I am.” I leaned forward to kiss him but pulled away when the door to the loft slid open and in walked Stiles along with my mom, Scott, Lydia, Erica, Isaac, Boyd, and Allison. My mom was the first to come up to me. She pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek.

“How’s my daughter and grandchild?” She asked.

“Very happy.“ She smiled.

“Good. Now let’s start because I am dying to know the gender of my beautiful grandchild!” I chuckled.

“Alright, alright.” I walked over to Derek who wrapped an arm around my waist.

“Everyone listen up.” Derek semi shouted and the pack turned their attention to us.

“I know you guys have been waiting for this and the time has finally come. Derek and I are proud to announce that we will be having a beautiful baby…GIRL!” Derek and I said ‘girl’ at the same time. The whole pack cheered and clapped. Stiles pointed at Scott and yelled ‘I told you so!’. I laughed at the two and hugged Derek.

“While we’ve got your guys attention there is also something else I would like to announce. I haven’t talked this over with Derek yet, but I think I have a name for baby Hale. I want to name her Talia Laura Hale after Derek’s mother and sister.” I looked up at Derek who looked like he was about to cry.

“What do you think?” I asked him. He pecked my lips and hugged me tight.

“It’s perfect. Thank you.” Everyone congratulated us. The rest of the party continue with eating, talking, and feeling my baby bump. I am so thankful I have loving supportive friends and family. Knowing the pack will always be there for us really brings me a sense of comfort, and I cherish every second of it. Eventually everyone had to go home and it was just my mom left. I walked her to the lofts door but not before asking a question.

“Hey, mom?”

“Yeah sweetheart?”

“Are you okay with the baby’s name? I kno-” I was interrupted by her pulling me into a hug. I smiled and hugged her back just as tight. She pulled away and rested her hands on my shoulders.

“Sweetie, naming this baby after Derek’s relatives is more than okay with me. I know how important it is to you both. As long as you are happy, I am too.” I brought her into another hug.

“I love you, mom.” She kissed me on the cheek.

“And I love you.” With that she walked out the door but turned around.

“Besides, maybe you can name the next one after me.” She said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and giggled, shutting the big loft door. I started walking into the kitchen when I was suddenly picked up bridal style.

“Derek, what are you doing?” He leaned down and kissed my forehead.

“You’re pregnant and you’ve been on your feet all day. It’s time for you to rest.” He told me.

“Seriously? Maybe I was going to go rest on the couch.”

“Oh? So you weren’t headed to the kitchen to wash dishes from today’s party?”

“Psst. No.” I lied.

“Mhmmmm. I think you forget that I can hear your heartbeat.” I grumbled under my breath, knowing I had lost the argument and he chuckled at me.

“Don’t forget, I’m the alpha. What I say goes, and I say it’s time for my beautiful mate to rest.” He walked into our bedroom and set me down on the bed. He got in next to me and wrapped his arms around me, resting his hands on my belly. Then I felt something.

“Oh my goodness! Derek did you feel that?! Talia just kicked!” I look at Derek who had a proud smile on his face.

“She’s strong, just like her mom.” He said.

“And her dad.” I added. Derek places his lips on mine and kisses me softly.

“I love you, Macy.”

“I love you too, Derek.”

“Now get some sleep. You both need your rest.” He said sternly.

“Okay, okay.” I snuggled into Derek’s warmth and closed my eyes.

we were both born today

It’s a little before 10:00, and she is just about to get ready for bed when her water breaks.  

Fuck,” she whispers. She leans onto the arm of the couch, looking down to assess the damage. It looks like she peed herself. And while she’d be lying if she said that hadn’t happened before during her pregnancy, at 39 weeks Laurel knows better. A groan escapes her lips.

She doesn’t want to deal with this.

Shouldn’t have to deal with this.

Dr. Patel says she has time, so she takes a shower. With her belly it takes her a little longer, but she manages. She always manages.  She’d learned how to do that a long time ago.

Nothing has changed.

She steps out onto the cool tile and looks up to see her naked body in the mirror. Michaela said she glows, but all Laurel could see was an ugly scar that ran down her thigh and a swollen, stretched out version of herself that had been taken over by someone else, a parasite that drained her of all of her energy.  

It kicks, as if it knows she’s thinking about it.  Instantly Laurel feels guilty. Ashamed.

Mothers aren’t supposed to feel this way about their babies.

She moves away from the mirror, sighing.  She looks for something to wear that is comfortable in the mid-June heat but is also socially acceptable. Not that it really matters. Finally she decides on a pair of running shorts and one of his old Middleton t-shirts; she’s convinced it still smells like him.

As she makes her way from the bathroom to her bedroom, her gaze immediately falls onto the only framed picture in her apartment. It’s a selfie of the two of them, one of the only pictures they took while they were officially dating.  Her arms are wrapped around his neck and she’s planting a kiss on his cheek, her eyes closed.  He’s smiling at the camera, his dimples in full force.

“It’s real for me.”

“It is for me, too.”

Tears threaten to fall down her face, but she doesn’t even try to stop them.  Not this time.

If it was real then why were you gone when I woke up?

It’s not long before the contractions start.  Her muscles tighten and harden and it’s uncomfortable, but not too painful. Not yet. She tries to sleep, but every time she starts to drift off a contraction wakes her back up.  After about a half hour she gives up on sleep and just lays there, her thoughts keeping her company.

“When did you know with Wes?”

“When it was too late.”

She sighs into the darkness.

Did you know that I loved you?

Around 1:00 am her contractions are almost six minutes apart. The pain is much more, well, painful now and she knows she needs to go to the hospital but she can’t seem to move. She thought she would be able to drive herself, however that was before her body started ripping itself apart every 6.25 minutes.

So she caves and does the very thing she swore she wouldn’t do; she calls Michaela, who answers on the second ring.


“Hey,” Laurel starts. But then she pauses, unable to ask for help. She’s been on her own for so long, the concept is almost foreign to her.

“Is everything ok?” Michaela asks. Laurel gulps, squeezing her eyes shut before asking,

“Can you take me to the hospital?” Her voice is small.

“Oh! Okay, yes, I’m on my way. Is your bag packed?” Michaela, always the mother.

“Yeah it is. Okay. Thanks,” she responds, letting out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding.

“No problem. I’ll see you in fifteen.”

She was there in ten.

Everything moves faster once they are at the hospital.  Michaela checks her in and gets her situated, and when Laurel tells her she can leave, Michaela just glares at her as she takes her perch in a chair next to Laurel’s bed.

“You know I’m not going anywhere,” she responds.

Laurel leans back into her pillows, defeated. But then she smiles the tiniest of smiles. She’d forgotten what it was like to have a friend.

Then another contraction hits and her smile turns into a grimace. They were coming much faster now, and ten times more intense. She holds her breath, willing the contraction to pass.

“Laurel breathe,” Michaela says softly.

She exhales, a low groan coming out from deep within her.  

“I hate this,” Laurel murmurs as the contraction begins to subside.

“I know, but you’re doing great,” Michaela says, trying to be positive. Now it’s Laurel who glares at Michaela. “What? You are!”

Laurel just shakes her head.

After two hours, when her doctor comes in she practically begs for an epidural.  And even though she almost passes out at the sight of the giant ass needle, the relief is one hundred percent worth it.  The contractions are still there, of course, but the pain is minimal compared to before, and she can actually feel the baby wiggling, getting ready to make an appearance.  

To Laurel, this is even more terrifying.

At 6:30 Dr. Patel tells her she’s at ten centimeters, and ready to begin pushing. A nurse goes to guide her feet into the stirrups and she freezes.

She’s not ready for this.

How do I do this without you?

“Laurel the next contraction will be here in thirty seconds and then I want you to push, ok?” her doctor says as she sits at the end of the bed, preparing for the extra life that was about to enter the room.

She shakes her head. Tears form in her eyes.

“I can’t. I can’t do it.” She begins to cry.

Michaela takes her hand. “Yes you can, Laurel. You can,” she repeats.

Laurel shakes her head again.

“I need him,” she whispers, crying harder. “He’s supposed to be here.” Michaela squeezes her hand. She’s crying too.

“I know,” she says gently.  “But right now your baby, Wes’ baby, needs you too.”

Laurel looks up at her, sniffling. “I’m so scared.”

Michaela nods. “That’s okay. You have a right to be scared. But you can do this, Laurel. You’ve got this.”

“I’ve got you.”

“I’ve got myself, thank you very much.”

“I know, but I’m gonna be there, too.”

Suddenly Laurel feels the urge to push. And even though there’s a huge part of her that would like nothing more than to ignore it, to resist, she looks up.

He’s got her.

“Okay,” she says, quietly but determined. When the doctor gives her the okay, she pushes as hard as she can with a roar of pain.  Michaela never lets go of her hand except to sweep her hair out of her face.  For about an hour she continues, crying the entire time. It’s the hardest thing she’s ever done.

And then just like that there is another person in the room, filling the air with soft little cries.  

They place her on Laurel’s chest and instantly everything changes.  

Neither of them are crying anymore.  They simply look at each other, as if neither can believe the other is real.  

She has Wes’ mouth and nose and Laurel’s eyes. She is hands down the most beautiful thing in the entire world. She is theirs.

Laurel takes her finger and delicately strokes her daughter’s hair, drinking in all of her features as if she’d never get to see her again.  In the last eight months Laurel had convinced herself that she would feel nothing but pain when she saw their baby, but in reality it’s the opposite.  Because while yes, there is pain and grief, it is overshadowed by the enormous swell of love and pride she feels towards this little girl.  

She plants the softest kiss on her daughter’s head. “You are so loved, sweet girl,” she whispers.

Her name is Talia Rose Gibbins-Castillo.

She is the love of Laurel’s life.

Michaela leaves to grab a few things for Laurel and comes back with Asher, Connor, and Oliver in tow.  

They all take turns holding her.  Connor, having nieces and nephews, is a natural.  Asher on the other hand has no idea what to do. When it’s his turn to hold the baby he sits in the rocker and Michaela brings her to him like you would for a small child. He rocks her back and forth, an awed expression on his face.

“I can’t believe she came out of you,” he says.  Michaela rolls her eyes, but secretly thinks about how great of a dad he’d be one day.  

“She looks just like Wes,” Oliver comments before he can stop himself. Everyone looks around, not sure how to react.

Laurel just smiles, never taking her eyes off of her.

“I know,” she says softly.

Her favorite thing to do is watch Talia sleep.  

The two of them sit there for what feels like hours, Laurel watching her little chest rise and fall.  She knows she should be sleeping, but she can’t help it; she studies her like she would a civpro exam, mentally taking note of every little detail that makes up her daughter.  She takes in her squeaky grunts, her delicate fingers, how her lips curl whenever Laurel touches her, everything.

You would absolutely love her.

She’s getting Talia ready to leave the hospital when he shows up.

“She’s beautiful.”

Laurel looks up to see Frank in the doorway.  Instinctively she pulls her daughter close, grounding her.

“What are you doing here?” she asks, her voice soft but deadly.

“Just wanted to see how you were,” he says, gingerly taking a step towards her.

“I’m fine.”

“Laurel…” he pauses.

“What is it?” she sighs, exasperation in her voice.

“It’s just, uh, if you need anything, I’m here. I’ll be here. If you want me to,” he adds, his eyes intense. “I still lo–”

“Frank, don’t,” she says. She meet his gaze and looks him straight in the eye. “I don’t love you.  I haven’t for a long time. So please, just let me go and leave me and my daughter alone.”

He’s quiet, and for a second they’re at a standstill, just looking at each other. Finally he breaks the silence.

“Okay,” he says, a tone of finality in his voice. “Bye then.”

He walks out the door and he never tries anything again.

Michaela and Asher drive them home later that day.  They help her unpack and watch Talia while Laurel showers and takes a nap.  It’s nice having them here, knowing that she has people she can rely on again.

But after awhile she’s ready for it to be just the two of them.  

“Guys seriously, go home,” she says, Talia asleep in her arms on the couch. “I’ll call you if I need anything.”

Michaela narrows her eyes. “You promise?”

Laurel goes to kick her, albeit halfheartedly. “Yes,” she answers honestly. “Now go! Let me bond with my baby.”

Asher nods and says, “Tally-ho Talia!” giving Talia’s hand a little shake before heading towards the door.  Michaela plants a kiss on the baby’s head before saying to Laurel, “He’d be so proud of both of you,” and giving her a quick hug.

Laurel looks up at her and smiles before returning her gaze to her daughter.

“I know.”

She missed him like the sun missed the moon.  He should be here, getting to know their daughter who had his mouth and her eyes.  She knew that grief would be apart of her forever.  But as she sat there watching Talia open her eyes and reach her tiny hand out to her, Laurel also knew they’d be okay.  

You hear that? We’ll be okay.

“I didn’t know, but now I see

Sometimes what is, is meant to be

You saved me

My blurry lines, my messy life

Come into focus and in time, maybe

I can heal and I can breathe

‘Cause I can feel myself believe

That everything changes

And I swear I’ll remember to say we were both born today”

- Everything Changes, Sara Bareilles

Courting Disaster

Imagine Fili asking you to pretend to be his girlfriend, but he ends up falling for you.

It was wonderful seeing the Mountain alive again, brimming with dwarves and dwarrows as they reclaimed the home they had lost so long ago. You had worked hard to help in the restorations, not to mention the near fatal trek which had brought you there. You would have been proud if you had the right but it had not been solely your toil which had resurrected Erebor.

You looked across the forge as it glowed yellow with the burning fires and the clanging of metal on metal. You were soaked with sweat as you shaped the silver dragon brooch delicately and giggled at your own jokes. The king was soon to be crowned and you needed a suitable gift for the humourless dwarf. You were nearly done the last pointed wing and your eagerness to show the royal nephews grew as you continued your work.

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Pack Mom - Part 9

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Request 1// maybe have the birth in part 9 and Melissa McCall says immediate family only and Liam gets up but Derek looks at him genuinely confused as to why he isn’t getting up bc his mom and new baby (sister?) would want to see them first please so they get into the room and Liam stands in the corner to give them a moment but the reader tells him to come join the family and Derek gets tears seeing his baby girl and let’s Liam hold her and the couple look at how perfect their family is

Request 2// Omg that was amazing! Part 9 where the reader has a baby girl (naming her Laura?) and the whole pack go see her at the hospital mama McCall only lets Derek and Liam go see her bc they’re family but Liam doesn’t know that so when Derek gets up to go see the reader he’s genuinely confused to why Liam isn’t going with him and they go in to see the new addition & have a cute family moment but Liam steps but the Derek tells him to join them on the family hug and tells him he’s a part of their family.

Request 3// Yes part 9!!!! Where Liam still hesitates to think he’s part of the family even though the reader tells him all the time but when they go to the hospital to see the reader and have a cute moment, Derek assures him and Liam sheds happy tears and the reader gives Derek the baby so she can hold her first baby in her arms and comfort him like she holds him in her lap and kisses his forehead and wipes his tears and Derek tells her she has 2 babies to take care of omg I’m so excited! I love your acc x

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11  Part 12  Part 13 Part 14

All the pack helped me to the car, Derek had hold of my hospital bag and Liam was right beside me, holding my hand not letting go. All the pack was around me making sure I was okay. Stiles was still freaking out. The rest we trying to stay calm. 

“Deep breaths Y/N, Deep breaths,” Lydia told me. I did as she said. Scott went ahead opening the car door.  Liam and Derek helped me in the Liam came and sat next to me. Derek got in the drivers seat and started the car up. “The baby was finally coming,” I thought. Just before we left I looked out the window to see everyone waving. All the girls had tears in their eyes from happiness. Then Derek started to drive to the hospital. 

“Babe remember what Lydia said, just take deep breaths, we will be at the hospital soon,” Derek told me not taking his eyes off the road. I closed my eyes in pain as I got another contraction. Liam, being the sweetheart he is, grabbed my hand and took away all my pain. I let out a deep breath and turned to him not letting go of his hand.

“Thank you, baby,” I said between breaths. I kissed his forehead before I leaned my head onto his shoulder. I closed my eyes trying to concentrate on my breathing. Just thinking that in maybe a few hours that my baby will be out of my arms. Then I will have 2 babies to look after. 

The car journey to the hospital didn’t take to long. I had Liam take my pain away whenever I had contractions. Derek parked up into the closest space  to the entrance of the hospital. He jumped out the car grabbing my hospital bag and then came and helped me out of the car. He handed Liam the bag and he wrapped one hand around my back to support me. We all took our time walking to the entrance. Melissa was there waiting for us.

“Scott rang me to tell me that your waters broke and you were on your way in” Melissa informed us helping Derek help me. Liam stayed right by my side until we got to the room I would be giving birth in.  He stopped outside of the room.

“Liam you can come in,” Derek said.

“N…no thanks, this stuff just creeps me out I will wait here,” Liam told us.

“Are you sure baby?” I asked.

“I will be fine” I was about to reply but I got another contraction, They were getting closer to each other, meaning that the baby was coming now.

Melissa closed the door and helped me onto the bed. Derek took over Liam’s job of taking my pain away. 

Liam’s P.O.V

I was waiting outside. I found some seats a few doors down so I sat there waiting to meet my little brother or sister. I could hear Y/N, I could sense that she was in pain, but then it would suddenly disappear.

I have been waiting outside for around 3 hours now.  I was starting to get impatient. That’s only until Derek came out the door, with tears down his face.

“Is everything okay?” I asked worriedly

“Everything is fine, it’s a girl,” Derek told me. The he pulled me into a big hug.

“You have a little sister now, so you better like to play dress up and play with princesses” Derek laughed, causing me to laugh. 

“Melissa just has to talk to Y/N, then we can go and see them both” I was so excited to see them.

“Have you held her yet?” I asked. Derek shook his head. We both took a seat and sat in quite.

“Do you think she will be a werewolf?” I asked

“Maybe, Guess we will have to wait and find out,” Derek told me.

“If she is Could I…” I was beginning to say but stopped thinking it was a bad idea.

“Could you what?” Derek asked looking at me now.

“Could I help to train her with you?” I questioned looking down.

“Of course, you can, and that will also help you too,” Derek told me. Just before we were could say anything else Melissa came out of the door.

“Right immediate family only please,” Melissa says. Derek got up and I stayed sat down.

“Liam what are you doing? Get up!” Derek told me.

“But she said immediate family only” I told him

“Yes which is you so come on,” Derek said putting an arm around my shoulder and we both walked in together. I saw Y/N hold her new baby girl. I stayed back, as Derek hugged Y/N and went to see his little girl just to let them have a family moment.


Finally, my baby girl was in my hands. She was beautiful. When she opened her eyes and looked up at me. She definitely had her Dads eyes. When both of the boys walked in Derek came right over to me and hugged me tight. But there was something missing. Someone missing. Liam. He was still stood near the door.

“Sweetie, what are you doing over there?” I asked.

“I thought I would give you some like family time.” He said slowly going quite. I was about to say something but Derek spoke.

“Liam, you are family, so come over here and join our family hug and meet your little sister” Derek might not always show it, but he did love Liam.

Liam came over and joined the family hug. 

“Derek would you like to have your little girl, because I need to hold my first baby” I laughed handing Derek the baby and pulling Liam into my lap. He had a few tears rolling down his face.  I wiped his tears away and kissed his forehead. 

“You’re going to be the best big brother in the world sweetheart,” I told him hugging him tighter.

“Now we have 2 babies,” Derek said kissing me on the forehead

“Do you wanna hold?” Derek asked Liam.

“How do I hold her? I don’t want to hurt her” Liam asked unsurely.

“I will show you,” Derek told him. He gave Liam the baby showing him where he should position his hands. 

My family was perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything any better than this. It was just perfect.

“Mom what’s her name?” Liam asked.


Part 10?

Tale as Old as Time

Went to an elementary school play last night, and was inspired to write about Hot Single Dad Derek Hale and Drama Club Teacher Stiles:

Derek has been sitting in his car for 30 minutes.  He glances at the clock again. Make that 31 minutes.

He peers out the window at the Elementary School’s front doors and still sees no movement.  Aggravated, he opens his car door and gets out, slamming the door shut behind him.

He can feel the judgmental stares coming from the other parents who are sitting in the line of cars behind him. Unlike him, they, apparently, are content to sit in their car for endless amounts of time.

He swings the doors to the school open and walks swiftly down the hall until he gets to the auditorium.  He can hear the high-pitched noises of children singing even before he enters.

One he’s inside, he scans the auditorium, eyes flitting across the kids gathered on the stage, until he finds what he’s looking for.  'Mr. Stiles!’ as his daughter Tara calls him.

Mr. Stiles is sitting at a piano in front of the stage, playing an obnoxiously loud version of “Be Our Guest.”  From behind all Derek can see is dark hair, pale skin, and rolled up sleeves on a button down shirt. 

Derek walks quickly down the aisle between the rows of seats. Strong, veined arms come into view the closer he gets to to the piano.

When he reaches it, he waits until Mr. Stiles stops playing before speaking up.

“Mr. Stiles?” he calls out angrily.

Mr. Stiles jumps up from his seat and whirls around.  “Holy sh…amrocks!” he exclaims, clutching a hand to his chest.  “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

Mr. Stiles pushes a pair of black framed glasses back up from where they’ve slid down his nose and takes a real look at Derek. “Okay, there’s a second heart attack.”

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Honeymoon ||-/Nyssara

Sara put the last few items of clothing into her suitcase. There wasn’t much, a few pairs of shorts, tanks, and of course her bikini. She was very ready for her tropical getaway with her wife. Nyssa already had her things packed of course. The woman was prepared for everything. Sara didn’t know how she did that, but she wasn’t going to complain about it. Nope, she was just going to enjoy the time she had with Nyssa away from everyone else. She just hoped that they could enjoy their free time without something going wrong. The league was being left under the temporary watch of Nyssa’s sister. Sara wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not. She knew that Talia always wanted to be the heir, but had been passed over because of Nyssa. Maybe she was just being paranoid. “I am sure you and your…. little bird will be fine as will the league,” Tali said from the hallway. Sara grumbled; she hated it when Talia used Nyssa’s pet name for her. When Talia said it, it sounded so demeaning. 

“She’s so beautiful,just like you.”-Derek hale

Request: “can you please do 13 with Theo or Derek? I really love your writing!” (thank you so much love!)

prompt: (it’s kinda part 2 to “A baby?”) So Derek drives you to the hospital because your water broke and Melissa takes care of you. As the baby is being born,Derek is constantly by your side and you’re squeezing his hand as tight as you can

pairing: derek x reader

A/N: @ the anon: you let me choose between Theo and Derek and I felt like it would be a good part 2 to “A baby?” so I hope it’s okay and you like it :)

//to everyone that requested something: I’ll do your imagines as soon as possible,don’t worry :-)

Request teen wolf prompts here!

Originally posted by nodream

It was actually a normal day. It was seven months and a few days after you found out that you were pregnant. As you found out that it was going to be a girl,Derek began buying pink clothes,a pink baby bed,almost everything he bought was pink.

He enjoyed buying things for your baby so much and you enjoyed watching him being all happy and excited about your little baby girl. He put her bed into the room the two of you slept for the first weeks,or months to be in the same room as her when she slept. But he also set up a whole room for her,coloring the walls pink and buying her all the stuff he thought she would need.

Now,you weren’t scared of becoming a mother anymore,because you knew she already had the best dad ever. Of course you were excited to finally greet your little girl and to hold her in your arms,but you were scared of her birth. Not about the pain you would feel,but if everything would be alright with your baby.

And as you two were sitting on the couch in the loft,you suddenly felt something strange. When you looked down on your lap you realized your sweat pants were wet. It took you a few moments to realize what that meant.

“Derek…”,you said quietly,making him look up from his book. “What is it,babe?”,he asked quite concerned. You looked down on your lap once again. “I think my water broke.”you said and you watched Derek’s eyes going wide. “Oh my god.”he said,hurrying to your side. 

You tried to stand up,immediately feeling a strong pain where your baby was. “Shit!”,you cursed. “Okay,everything’s alright,we got this,we get you to the hospital and then-”he started,but you cut him off. “Derek! Could you just please drive me to the hospital already?” He just nodded,helping you to get into the car.

As you were driving to the hospital,the real pain made an appearance. You closed your eyes in pain,your hands lying on top of your big belly. Derek looked at you,not really knowing what to do but he knew he could no longer see you in pain.

So he put one of his hands onto yours and tried to take away your pain. After a few moments,you felt a relieve;the pain got more bearable. “I love you so much.”,you breathed out.

Arriving at the hospital,Melissa immediately took care of you. She also told someone to call Scott,since he was going to be the goodfather of your baby,along with Lydia being the goodmother. You knew your friends would soon all be gathered at the hospital,but you didn’t think about it right then.

You got told to sit down in a wheelchair and you soon found yourself in another room,on a chair in which you were half lying. Derek was constantly by your side,holding your hand to relieve your pain. 

At some point,the pain got so strong,that although Derek took away some pain of yours,you started crying. “Oh god.”you breathed out. 

But after Melissa told you to push serveral times,you shed a few more tears and you squeezed Derek’s hand so tightly that you thought if he was human,he would cry out in pain too,your baby was finally born. 

You were so tired,but you wanted her to finally be in your arms. As you held the tiniest and most beautiful human you ever laid your eyes on,you shed tears of happiness.

“We did that.”you said,wiping away a few tears before squeezing Derek’s hand tightly. He pushed away a few of your hair strands before kissing your forehead. “I know,babe.”,he said,looking down on your daughter. “She’s so beautiful,just like you.”,he said,now kissing your knuckles,never looking at someone other than his little girl.

“Do you want to hold her?”you asked him. He looked at you excitingly. “May I?”,he asked. “Of course.”,you told him,handing him your baby slowly. Once he held her in his arms ever so caring,looking at her like he was his whole world,that was when you realized it was the best moment of your life.

He took one of her tiny fingers,whispering things that made you tear up because you two were so in love with her.

After a few minutes,Scott and Lydia entered the room. Stiles,Malia,Liam and Kira waited outside,not wanting to stress you or the baby with too many people,but later they got in too.

Lydia and Scott held her too,taking their first picture with her as her goodparents before giving her back to you,also taking a picture with Derek sitting next to you.

And as you looked around,your friends being here,the best man you could ever wish for and your newborn baby,you got even happier. 

“Welcome to your family,Talia Hale.”,Derek whispered to his daughter. In fact,it was your idea to name her Talia,because Derek lost his mother way to early. “We love you.”,you added,placing a soft kiss on her forehead.


First Girl *Neymar imagine *


“Can you stop worrying” I said

“How can I stop worrying? You’re going to have a baby any minute now and you’re telling me not to worry?! How are you not worrying?” He asked pacing around the hospital room

I chuckled, “Neymar, I don’t know about you but I’ve been prepared for this. I’m all good” I said

Neymar stopped pacing and looked at me, “There’s no way you could’ve prepared for this”

I nodded, “I am you see whose the one freaking out here? It’s you I’m ready, trust me”

Neymar dropped himself down on the couch, Davi was sitting on the other side of the room watching TV. “Davi are you freaking out like Pai?” I asked him

“No, Pai’s being silly” He said

That made me burst out into laughter. Looking at Neymar he just looked stunned that Davi even said that, “What’s all the laughing for?” Rafaella asked as she made her way inside.

When I finished laughing, I explained to her what was happening and she just like I had died of laughter. After a while the doctor  came inside, a smile on his face. “So Mrs. Da Silva let’s check and see if you are ready to give birth” He said

I nodded, and he went and checked. “Okay well you are actually ready to give birth, so if we could have only one person in here and then afterwards you guys can come back in” He said turning to Rafaella, Neymar and Davi

“I’ll take Davi and look around the hospital” Rafaella said

We nodded and the two of them left. “How did you not have any pain?” Neymar asked

I chuckled, “You do realize you’re talking to the girl who got cleated in the face and still wanted to play the game, I can take pain” I said

He laughed, “Yeah right, you’re the one who freaks out when there’s a needle involved”

I stuck my tongue at him, “Shut up”

He laughed, and after a great deal of pushing and yelling at Neymar we welcomed our little girl. “And you say you take pain well” He said

I gave him a look, and threw my head back. “Mr. & Mrs. Da Silva here is your baby girl” The doctor said handing the baby to Neymar first

A smile made its way onto my face, “So what’s the name?”I asked him

He just smiled down at the baby, “Natalia” He said looking up at him

“I like it”

He smiled, “Our little Natalia”

He handed me Natalia, and then brought a chair closer to the hospital bed. Rafaella walked in with Davi who was excited, to see Natalia. Rafaella came around standing on the other side a smile on her face, as a some tears came out. “She’s so beautiful guys” She said

“I wanna see” Davi said sitting on Neymar’s lap

We chuckled, and Rafaella handed Natalia to me. Davi sat up more and looked at her, “She’s tiny” He commented

I nodded, “Davi this is your little sister now” Neymar said

Davi turned to look at him, “What’s her name?”


“Talia” Davi repeated

We all kept our eyes on Natalia, she had her eyes opened looking up. After a while, Rafaella took Davi back to the house while Neymar stayed with me.

You know I think he thought I was sleeping because, when Natalia woke up he went to her. Picking her up and cradling her in his arms, making sure she wouldn’t cry. “You know Natalia, Pai’s going to be gone a lot when you get older. I’m not leaving, I’m just going to work. Pai play’s futebol it’s one of the best things in my life, besides Mae and Davi”

I smiled, listening to him. “You’re going to love your Mae and Davi, and your Tia Rafa. I know they already love you more than anything, I know I do. So much that I don’t ever want to let you go”

“When you get older, Pai’s going to take you and Davi all over the place. I promise, and we’ll have lot’s and lot’s of fun together”

And this continued for another hour. Neymar explaining everything to our daughter, and showing her that we really do love her.

Ryder Ask Meme

I was tagged by  @angrykittybarbarian *squeals* Thank you so much :3

Rules: Just answer the questions, and tag others! Plus share a photo of your Ryder if you have one. 

(Yes I know it’s default but I love her looks, if I did have my way she’d have a scar going across and below her bottom lip, the lip color is her natural, her skin would be flushed a lot, and messier hair :P )

1. So, the basics! Name? Preferred nickname, if any?

Sara Talia Ryder! She went by Talia in middle school but no one really followed that preference, then she gave in and continued being called Sara. She loves her name but preferred Talia for a while. 

Little Bug is a nickname that was given to her by her brother’s boyfriend, Derrick (OC). It is tradition that after he calls her Little Bug that she is met by a bone crushing hug from Derrick.

2. What was their first impression of Nexus leadership?

She wanted nothing to do with them. She heavily dislikes Addison for many reasons, mostly personal, but her involvement with the Three Sabers, the way she treated her after her dad died, just her attitude in general. Though she loves Kesh. Neutral to Kandros, and doesn’t really care for Tann.

3. Who are they closest to on the Tempest?

Everyone really! It took a while but she considers everyone family. Though she mostly goes on missions with Drack, Jaal, and Liam. Liam, Jaal and her are called the Triad of Trouble. Drack, Jaal and her are called the Bitter Bean Squad, or Coffee Bean Squad. AKA lots of road rage.

All in all, Grandpa Drack, Brother Liam, and Lover Jaal :3

4. How did they react to becoming Pathfinder?

She didn’t really react, she was still in shock with her dad being dead. So, she just kind of went with it. Though the two hours she was given to rest before the Nexus was spent in SAM node crying and holding her father’s helmet. Doubting her abilities as Pathfinder and asking her father “why?”

5. How is their relationship with their family? Did they get along with them, or were they more of a lone-wolf?

Scott was the closest, Mom had a weird work schedule and wasn’t around much, but Dad was always gone. Scott had more of a social life than Sara and she is very shy and timid so she stayed home alone often. She would always email her dad everyday and was more of a father’s girl, while Scott was more of a mother’s boy. 

She didn’t interact much with her family, but when Scott was home (usually with Derrick) they’d all have a good time laughing and making inside jokes, usually inappropriate, playing games, etc. They were all kind of best friends.

6. Did they have any other personal reason for coming to Andromeda?

Sara has an adventurer’s heart. She loves to explore, solve mysteries, see new things, etc. 

On a darker note, she left the Milky Way because she didn’t feel like she was wanted or belonged there. She was emotionally abused by her teachers in elementary and in middle school she was betrayed by a close friend. She switched to online school for high school. She was trying to run away from her past, thinking a change of scenery would help change her.

7. Do they have any scars? What’s the story of how they got them?

Mostly emotional scars from her teachers. But for physical? She has a scar across her lower lip and a bit under from a bad sky-car accident that made her “eat the windowsill” when she was six years old. She had to have dental work done all her life, and basically everything done. Even had braces twice. The accident also caused her to have a broken bone in her right arm. Which was her dominant, so she learned to also use her left one.

8. What do they usually do to relax?

Well, drawing, listening to music, meditation, playing her alto sax is her top one, taking in the view, slowly eating her favorite food, a hot shower/bath, the smell of roses or vanilla. Playing with something squishy in her hand, a lot of things calm her down.

9. Do they have a favourite planet?

Aya, she loves how one end is filled with fire tornadoes and death and this one spot is filled with life, beauty, hope, and like a million waterfalls. She loves the look of how a civilization lives with lots of plants still around. You look up and it’s like you’re in a jungle but look down and it’s a town. She just loves it.

10. Do they have an LI? What is their ideal date with them?

Jaal Ama Darav. First love and she believes her last love, her only love. God she is so deeply in love with him. Any date with him is ideal, but her favorite so far was behind the waterfall on Aya. After that day, good luck seeing those two apart.

11. What is their preferred fighting style?

Biotics all the way. Well, kinda. Explorer profile with the Isharay sniper as her main gun. A kett vakarsh as her melee: First she will go invisible with a tactile cloak, then charge using her biotics into an enemy, then knock them back with a concussive. Shoot them with the Isharay if they were knocked back, or finish them off with a blade, which would make her go invisible again. 

Sometimes she and Jaal finish off an enemy together, both stabbing them, Jaal stabs in the back, she stabs in the front. Sometimes they will have a competition and “steal” each other’s kills.

12. Finally, did they bring anything important with them from the Milky Way?

Her alto sax, which she named Snowbell. A data disk full of memories, pictures, and vids. And a necklace, which has a pendant- Heart shaped blue and green stone, it’s the color her cat’s ashes made when turned to stone. Kitty’s name was Echo and she was Sara’s emotional support animal, her best friend, her baby girl, everything. On the front of the pendant is Echo’s actual paw print embedded in the heart (Scaled down a bit), on the back is hand engraved calligraphy of “Echo Ryder”. It is also a locket, when she opens it one side holds a picture of Echo as a kitten and the other side holds a picture of her as an adult. Silver chain, and Sara never takes it off, except to bathe. The pictures can also never be removed, and the locket is well made and virtually indestructible.

I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Loves Me - fic

Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Koriand’r
Summary: Part 2 - Father & Son. In which a promise is kept.
A/N: The biological universe. To spite Bruce/in a moment of weakness, Talia and Dick come together. While he missed the birth, he was told of Damian’s existence as soon as he was born. Due to other life struggles - namely, her father - Talia relinquished custody to Dick, though the two aren’t on good terms. Whether Batman does or did exist in the universe is up to the reader.

Nobody | Loves Me | Like You | Love Me


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