name candy

The next day…

Henry: Thanks for inviting us yesterday, Kayla! I met this amazing girl, her name is Candy, and I owe it all to you!

Kayla: Yeah… I didn’t really invite you, but whatever.

She turned away and sat down, disregarding Henry and her anger at his words.

Kayla: Did you have fun, Noah?

Noah: Yeah! I love dance parties.

Henry glanced between the two and, sensing Kayla’s obvious irritation, left the room.

anonymous asked:

No offense but Harry is probably like the best kisser. He probably gets all quiet and cute when he asks for a kiss. Sigh what do you think his kisses are like??

Well let’s break it down. What hurts is that his lips are made for kissing… They can’t NOT feel good. Not be great. He’s got big lips for starters, especially his bottom lip, it’s so thiccc and good for lightly biting on.

And his lips are always jutting out a bit, which makes them look constantly inviting.

Open pout when he sleeps, please…

And how adorable is newly-woken-up-Harry with soft, puffy lips?

And when he talks, they’re so mesmerizing to look at.. I mean??

And then we have the natural pink color.. Which is just… ridiculous. There’s a reason my tag is named ‘candy lips’. You immediately get drawn to them, and it just adds to the whole them looking irresistible and kissable and suckable and lickable and whatnot (these pics are all unedited.)

the whole mouth situation is just obscene

And they look veryyy good when wet too..

Doesn’t help that he’s always hyper aware of his mouth and doesn’t shy away from remind us…

Very orally fixated.. So to answer your question, his kisses are probably amazing. I think he enjoys kissing a lot, like a lot, a lot. And he looks like he tastes amazing. Face holder, for sure… I think he likes to take his time. Nice amount of tongue.. Never a suck-face. He’d use his teeth on your bottom lip a little. When you’re reallyyy getting it on, he’ll care so much and kiss for so long that he’ll need breath breaks.. And he’d kiss your neck a lot too, and just under your jaw line (and love it when you kiss his.) In between, he’d make soft, sometimes almost quiet little moans.. If you’re with him I can see him always appreciating and wanting little kisses and pecks too, he’d find any excuse, and love it if you did the same. Love the attention you’re giving. Like, he’ll smile and just blow you a kiss when you’re on the phone, peck you when he’s just walking by you to get something, kiss your hand after you’ve handed him something, little soft neck kisses when he’s behind you, kisses on your forehead when you lean in to get in his little nook.. Always kisses when you greet and say goodbye. Always goodnight kisses. Always kissing you like it’s the most natural thing for him to do, like it’s a comfort. And he’s such a child sometimes, so he could be pouting if he didn’t get his way about something, and playfully ask for a kiss to make it better, and then just laugh about it all. And sometimes he could be really quiet about it, and just stare at you and grab your face and start kissing you, hands roaming everywhere. Especially if he hasn’t seen you in a while.. And sometimes he’ll just be like ‘lips please’ whilst looking annoyingly cute and puppy-like. I think he can be really childish and sweet with kissing, but also really passionate and indulgent. Quick and innocent. Heavy and erotic. Generous. Greedy. A teaser. But he’s a romantic… A people-pleaser by nature. He knows how those lips look and has probably been told a few times how they feel too, so he’s aware of what he’s working with and is probably very confident about it all :)

alrighty so this is my first digital art that ive done (aside from my pixels), and im fairly proud of it! its not perfect but idk i really like it


I’m long overdue for some showoffs of newbies that I’ve gotten in recently. that being said this is my new male Abronia lythrochila! He has some amazing reds and oranges on his body, and very neat spiky head scales. I’m very excited to add this boy to the family and hopefully in the near future him and the A. graminea will get mates as well. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Abronia this genus is filled with wonderfully small arboreal lizards, although many species are threatened or endangered due to habitat loss/fragmentation. 


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