name calling

Under no circumstances is it okay to call your kid stupid

Under no circumstances is it okay to call your kid lazy

Under no circumstances is it okay to call your kid ugly

Under no circumstances is it okay to call your kid worthless

Under no circumstances is it okay to call your kid idiot

Under no circumstances is it okay to call your kid fat

Under no circumstances is it okay to make fun of your kids gender

Under no circumstances is it okay to make fun of your kids sexuality

Under no circumstances is it okay to make fun of your kids grades

Under no circumstances is it okay to make fun of your kids hobbies

Under no circumstances is it okay to make fun of your kids mental illness

Under no circumstances is it okay to make fun of your kid or call them names

Living With Paganism- Things That Need to Change

So in the past few years I’ve begun to notice a few trends in the pagan community. I am not sure if these trends are new or if I was previously living in a state of happy oblivion. I’m not sure which is worse. I’m not sure that it matters.

I do appologize for the harsh language and any feelings that get plucked because of the following post. But the fact is…some things need to change. And for change to happen, certain things need to get called out. So here I am…calling. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Wicca =/=Witchcraft

    • No seriously. This needs to stop. Wicca is not an all encompassing term for every pagan belief system. It is not a catch all for every non Christian. More importantly it DOES NOT equal witchcraft.

    • Wicca is a religion. It is a nature based religious system that believes in a Goddess and a God. It has it’s own creed, its own set of rules, it’s own myths, and it’s own afterlife. It is a religious idea. It is not witchcraft.

    • Witchraft is using magic. Yup. That’s it. The how you do it, the way you do it. It’s all personal. Stir the thing. Say the stuff. Poof. Magic. That’s what witchcraft is. It is not limited to one religion.

    • Wicca is not an ancient religion. It is a modern understanding of ancient festivals and was originally written down by Gerald Gardner after the British lifted its laws against Witchcraft 1954. During it’s short term as a faith it has seen several revisions and has been broken down into multiple paths such as Dianic, Blue Star, Celtic, Inclusive, and Universal…so on and so forth.

    • Witchcraft often, but not always, goes hand in hand with Wicca. There are Wiccans who don’t practice witchcraft. More importantly…

    • NOT ALL WITCHES ARE WICCAN. Go back and read that again. Commit that to memory. It’s fucking important. Being Wiccan is fine and dandy. For me, being Wiccan is awesome. But that is MY CHOICE. It is not the choice that every pagan, nor every witch, has made. Do not assume the religious ideals of a person just because they practice witchcraft. There are Christian witches (This is frowned upon by their own religion), there are Celtic Witches (who are not Wiccan) there are so many flavors of witch we could put fucking Baskin Robbins to shame.

  • Fluff-Bunny Name Calling

    • Alright. There is a term that gets tossed around and I am over it. Fluff-Bunny or Fluffy-Bunny. There are a few different places that this term gets used. I will go over each and why each sucks and needs to stop.

      • When a person has watched too many magical based shows (Charmed, Buffy, Supernatural,…) or read magical based books, usually from the YA section (Harry Potter, Circle of Magic, Percy Jackson…) you pick the entertainment medium of your choice. Whatever. This person has thrown themselves into this series and has now decided they have an interest in magic. They get called a Fluff Bunny for it. This is not okay. Why? Because we all got interested in our prospective paths for different reasons. Just because fiction got someone here doesn’t meant that they are a bad person. It just means they have a lot to learn. Guess what name-calling gets you? Someone not listening. Guess what you can do instead? Tell them, “Yeah that show is cool, but not really what being a pagan or a witch is about. Would you like to learn?”

      • Wiccans. Yup. Just being Wiccan gets you called a Fluff-Bunny because we have rules. Some people who claim to be ‘real pagans’ say that having rules makes us too standard of a religion. This needs to stop. Being Wiccan is not a bad thing. Yes, it’s a religion that a lot of newbies flock to because they’ve heard the term. Best part about it? You don’t have to stay Wiccan if you decide it’s not for you. You don’t have to assume that everyone who is Wiccan is a poser. You don’t have to assume they don’t know what they are talking about. It’s actually best that you don’t.

      • Claiming to be the most knowledgeable on a subject…or all subjects. Okay, I get why this person makes people mad. I do. Here you are struggling to learn, understand, or find your path and here comes some asshole claiming they’ve been there done that, and got the broomstick. But calling them a name isn’t going to help. It perpetuates hate between pagans rather than showing a solidarity that is needed for the mass media to take us seriously. So when you come across this know-it-all just calmly tell them that everyone learns at their own pace and that you feel learning is a lifelong process, or something somewhat more diplomatic.

  • Flaming Anyone Who Doesn’t Believe What You Do

    • Alright, I’ve seen this a few times. This seems to, most often, be another Wiccan/Non-Wiccan problem.

    • Some Wiccans have the attitude that the only way to practice safe magic is to following the Rede and the Three Fold Laws. They seem to operate under the idea that anyone who doesn’t do this is an evil horrible terrible person. Stop that. Wicca has its rules and its regulations when if comes to casting magic. That’s okay. It how we see the universe. It’s our choice to believe it and believe that it affects people who don’t believe it. It is NOT our job to cram it down the throats of others.

    • Some Non-Wiccans do this too. As soon as they hear/read/find out that a person they have been communicating with believes in the God and the Goddess they want to roll their eyes and say “Oh…you’re one of those.” Okay…ya’ll need to stop that too. Being Wiccan is not a bad thing. Yeah, thanks to some asshole loudmouths who decided that Wicca was the cult of assholes we’ve gotten a bad name (I’m looking at you Silver Ravenwolf). Yeah, we believe in love and light and all that happy stuff…but that doesn’t mean we aren’t knowledgeable or well learned. If you want to talk about your beliefs…cool. Do that. 99% of us want to hear all about it. But don’t get some pagan holier-than-thou bullshit going. It’s not cool.

People, what I’m really trying to get across here is that we need to stick together. We have a hard enough time getting everyone else to take us seriously so why are we stabbing each other in the back (or in the gut) and waving our proverbial sage sticks in one anothers faces. Stop it. Just…stop. Yeah, I’m a fluffy Wiccan. So what? We are all in this learning circle together trying to figure out our spiritual place in the universe. Let’s put on our big-person panties and grow the hell up.



Seeing a lot of name calling, slander, and backbiting going.

I hate to be a hypocrite because to an extent we all partake in this illness of the soul. However, I want to share something here for everyone to consider.

“When you expose the flaws of others, soon those flaws will manifest themselves in you.” — Imam Sajjad (as).

Don’t point out people’s flaws. If they don’t show up in you, they will show up in your family members, or your offspring. Then what will you say when people point out those flaws too?

“Protect the flaws of the ones on Earth, and the King of the Heavens shall protect yours.” — Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

— Brother Hussain Al Nashed.

anonymous asked:

It's Belle again, I'm really struggling. I don't understand, my father makes me cry so hard I'm sick of him calling me names and making me feel bad about myself. Sometimes I try to talk to my mother about things that are bothering me or if I atleast need a hug but she's taken to ignoring me. I'm so sick of them not caring. My sisters don't care either and I'm sick of feeling so alone and unwanted. I can't do anything I can't talk to the school councilor as on holidays. I don't know what to do

You’d see Mizuki sprinting from the other side of the cafe, he would step up between the sofas and comes to an abrupt halt, right in front of you. He would give you a breathy smile, and lean over slightly, his palms over his knees as he attempts to catch his breath. After a while, he finally catches his breath and stands up straight again, looking at you, he smiles at you bashfully and holds his hand out for you, which you take and introduce herself to you. “Hello Belle, you look beautiful today.”

“I’d also like to add that your name is as beautiful as you are.” he smiles, and starts to guide the pair of you through the maze of sofas, and sits down on a sofa closest to a radiator, gesturing for you to sit down on the seat closest to the warmth. He would sit down beside you and lean forward with his elbows on his knees and asks “how can I help you today, Belle?”. He leans forward and starts preparing a cup of chamomile tea for the pair of you, handing you a cup whilst you vent to him on how you’re feeling.

After you finish venting to him, he would slowly lean forward again, and consider what to say to you, whilst taking a sip of his tea. He would start off by saying “I’m sorry that your family make you feel this way, and I’d like to say this; It’s not your fault. He’s wrong to say what he does to you, and they are far from true. You are brave, clever, intelligent and a beautiful person, inside and out.” he would then lean forward and consider on what to say next, “Remember this, believe it, because it’s true.”

“Even if he never stops saying it to you, don’t direct the hate inside you. Because you don’t deserve to feel unhappy - no one does, you deserve to feel loved and to smile everyday, without having to fake it, even though it’s what we have to do in order to make it through the day - but one day, I believe that you won’t have to fake it anymore. So stay strong, because that’s what you are.” he would say, his expression full of sincerity. “We can’t control other people, but we can control our reactions to them,”

“and whether or not we take in or internally reject the negative things people say to us.” he says, and slowly holds his arm out to pass over your shoulders, and pulls you in for a hug, wrapping his other arm around you. “Perhaps it’ll help if you do this - look at his face and think to yourself (and believe it), ‘this person is wrong, I won’t believe it, or accept what he says about me’, also maybe ‘mindfulness meditation’ might be of help to you… let me explain that to you right now, and I’ll include some resources too.”

“because it’s believed to reduce stress levels and separate what people say about you, from who you know you are - which isn’t any of the things that he says. Here’s a link on ‘mindful meditation’, which includes some voice videos for you as well.” he says, and considers what to say next to you. “you can also try this, keeping an object in your pocket, a pebble, a pencil, a stress ball so that you can hold onto those objects - I don’t mean hurt yourself with it, just hold it… and think of things like…”

“this… ‘I will have a great future. What he is saying to me is wrong and does not matter. He is a wave on the ocean and I will just let him wear himself out and not pay him any mind.’ things like these just to get you through everything…” he says and smiles softly to you, “If you can, limit your time around him, find a safe place - your room, the garden, wherever that may be and find ways to occupy yourself with - remember we have a long range of resources, and even if you aren’t suicidal…

“some may still offer good advise to you (x). Also maybe you could try something like this (x), or find resources on youtube and online tutoring programmes - it may not be for you, some find learning makes them feel better, and it helps improve their skills base as well.” Mizuki would smile a little sadly and say “I’d finally like to say that I’m sorry that it’s taken so long to see you… I’ve been a little poorly,”

“and the others have been swamped with work and Christmas and unfortunately I was the only one available to see you… I hope you can forgive me though.” he takes your hand again and squeezes it, “I hope that you aren’t inclined to avoid the OHC because of it, and that you know that you can always come to us if you need to vent - I really am sorry that it took so long…” he pulls you in for another hug again, and says

“here’s some more links for you, if you want to go somewhere else that isn’t with the OHC though…” (x), (x), (x), (x)  - US & Canada, (x), (x), (x) - UK.” he gives you a couple of sheets of paper, related to child abuse for both U.S, Canada & U.K because he was a little nervous on leaving you with just one country. He then lifts your chin up with his finger, “keep your chin up, and remember that you are an amazing young woman, no matter what your dad says.”