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You know, running in the same vein as Yuuri’s friends not knowing he’s famous, Yura probably has to deal with the same thing.

Except for him, it’s less of “I’m too shy to talk about my achievements” and more of “how could they not already know.”

‘Cause he’s kind of a really big deal. 

So imagine this boy, going to college (not the same one as Yuuri though because fuck him), and he’s loaded all his classes onto two weekdays, so he can spend as much time as possible training.

(He needs as much training as he can get. His body recently started changing, and because he wasn’t able to get a good handle on his jumps in time, JJ was able to snatch gold from him at the last Worlds and he’s furious.)

And straight up, everyone in his classes are fucking terrified of him.

He’s intimidatingly gorgeous, with his slender limbs and pouty lips, his waist-length silky blonde hair always braided in some kind of elven prince hairstyle (courtesy of Viktor, who’s had years of experience with his own hair).

And also, the first time some jackass tried to poke fun at his masculinity and call him homophobic slurs, Yura kicked him in the fucking jaw. 

There’s nothing wrong with being gay,” he growls, fingers clenched into fists.

The next day, they find out the guy has been expelled. No one has any doubt whatsoever Yura had a hand in it.

So yeah, when they get a group assignment in one of his classes and Yura says he can’t meet up with them to work on their presentation because he has training, none of his groupmates can find the courage to complain. They don’t ask what kind of training it is.

It does kinda help that he does his part of the project without complaining, and emails it to them well before the deadline they had decided on.

When Yura says again that he can’t attend their second group meeting, one of the guys in his group finally says something.

“What do you have to do that’s so important you can’t work with us on a project that’s worth 20% of your overall grade!?”

Yura shrugs, not even looking up from whoever he’s texting on his phone. “I’m going to be in Japan then.”

Everyone is too stunned to ask why on Earth he’d be flying to Japan in the middle of a semester.

His phone rings, and he walks off before they can stop him.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m on my way to the parking lot right now. Would it kill you to be a bit more patient, dad?”

The last word is said sarcastically, but there’s unmistakable affection there.

At the third meeting, Yura again opts out. His groupmates expect it by now, and they don’t bother about asking why. He still does his portion of the work, so they can deal with him being an antisocial shit.

They’re taking a break from studying and schoolwork to go out and get some lunch, and lo and behold, guess who’s at the restaurant they go to?

He’s sitting at a table with two others, his usually immaculate braided knot exchanged for a messy bun that looks no less stunning. He’s still got the brand name clothes, but they’re comfier, not as bright or showy.

The two men he’s with are sitting with their backs to the door, but they seem to be listening intently as Yura talks excitedly about something, his eyes bright and hands gesturing wildly.

His classmates have never seen that kind of expression on his face before.

He notices them as they approach the register, and his face softens into a smile as he waves them over. They’re kind of scared. They’ve never seen him in such a good mood.

As they walk over, the two men he’s with turn around curiously.

Predictably, they’re every bit as gorgeous as Yura is.

Yura introduces them all to his….dads?

The silver-haired man grins proudly, talking about how excited he is that his little Yura is making friends.

Yeah, definitely dads. It suddenly makes sense why Yura had been so furious about that jackass’s homophobic slurs back in the first week of classes.

Yura’s face turns a bright red at the man’s gushing, and he yells at him to, “SHUT THE HELL UP OLD MAN!”

The man laughs, but doesn’t say anything more.

Yura introduces the man as his figure skating coach, Viktor Katsuki-Nikiforov, and his husband Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov.

“You figure skate?” he classmates ask, surprised.

The three at the table stare at them all, dumb-founded.

Viktor and Yuuri start laughing uncontrollably then.

Yura turns red and shouts at them to “FUCK OFF!! KATSUDON YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO LAUGH!!”

Yuuri gets his laughter under control, and he turns to look at Yura’s classmates.

“He medalled at the olympics last year,” he informs them. 

Viktor nods enthusiastically at them.

“Both my Yuris were on the podium!!” he informs them happily. “But Yura’s still mad he only got bronze.”

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For the character and expressions, could you do Marinette in A2? If they are already filled up, it's okay too. (Woo, that rhymes!) Have a good day and good luck on your exams!

I saw this pick up line once on a birthday store

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8 Common Misconceptions about Sugaring

1. It’s Easy

If I had a penny for every dumb and naive little girl I saw on Tumblr trying to break into the sugar bowl, I’d be a millionaire. From what you read on Tumblr, it may sound like this glamorous, exciting, luxurious lifestyle, but in reality it’s from it. As referenced from a different post, you are the one making the sacrifice in this equation, even if the social construct of our society places money over sex. The amount that your SD is likely paying you is disposable income to him. It is chump change in his pocket that he is looking to blow on something worthwhile. That something is y-o-u, darling. 

It’s not easy to sift through the sugar and salt daddies on SA. Truth be told it is dangerous if you don’t do your screening well. Sometimes you can spend hours and hours and hours sending messages and come up with nothing but salts. Sometimes you’ll go on a date and it will be great, but he’ll ghost on you. There may be SD’s who try to undercut your worth by implying you’re a whore… best advice: don’t let them. Know your worth and that you’re the whole, delicious goddamn pie in this equation. 

You are the one getting his rocks off. You are the one sacrificing your dignity by going to dinner with a man old enough to be either your grandfather or father. You are the one clearing your busy schedule for him and spending time with him when you could be pursuing other relationships with people your own age. You are the one having sex with someone you would honestly never be attracted to if it weren’t for his money. You are the one with everything to lose.

Sugaring is not easy. In some ways, escorting is easier because after the hour is up, they’re gone. With sugaring, sometimes there is no time limit or sometimes the time limit stretches on and on and on. You just don’t know. So no, to anyone who says it’s easy– it’s not easy. Sometimes you may go months at a time without an SD. That’s just how the sugar bowl is.

2. Girls who sugar are whores / dumb bimbos / gold diggers / or crackheads with no other option…

Girls who sugar are hustlas, bosses, and head bitches who know their worth. That is quite a difference from whores, dumb bimbos, and gold diggers. Want to know a secret? The most successful SB’s are the ones who are the best businesswomen– who don’t do drugs, who have a good head on their shoulders, and who know how to suck a man dry using their charm and wit. None of these things can be accomplished without a good sense of business, a mind geared towards money, and generally just having high self esteem. Girls who sugar are generally sex positive and non-judgmental. Your local sugarbaby is likely a student, and probably knows her way around a textbook just as well as dick. She is probably that girl who always had that something special in her eye, who the boys lusted after, the girls hated, and who your little brother’s friends probably jacked off to in the shower. To be a sugar baby, you have to be enthralling. She ain’t your average hoe– and the best SB’s are always the most exceptional. 

3. It’s glamorous

FOR THE TENTH TIME. BEING A SUGAR BABY IS NICE FOR FINANCIAL SECURITY, BUT CAN WE STOP GLAMORIZING IT. It makes me want to knock myself unconscious every single time I read a tweet or a meme about stupid girls making jokes about becoming a sugar baby and how easy it would be, or how they want to sugar but don’t want to have sex with old dudes. Hate to break it to ya honey, you’re going to be having sex with old dudes. That’s a part of the game. Love it or hate it, don’t romanticize it if you can’t take it.

4. You’ll be making a 6k+ a month allowance upon entering the bowl

Whichever stupid Tumblr blogs deluded new babies into believing they’re going to land a 6k+ allowance first go around the sugar bowl are clearly factually incorrect. Any SB knows that it takes some serious pulling to even get 2.5k+, and luck/a whole lot of patience dealing with frogs to land a whale daddy. Chances are, you’ll be making scraps until you learn how to play the game and hit the right targets.

5. All sugar babies wear designer clothing

Honestly only the materialistic sugar babies wear head to toe Givenchy. Most SB’s would rather save their money and invest responsibly rather than blow it all on brand name clothes. There are numerous guides out there on how to look the part without spending the part, if you catch my drift. Anyone can sugar regardless of current financial status… you just have to know how to carry yourself.

6. There’s only one right way to sugar

This is something that’s a common misconception amongst SB’s. But I’ll tell you right now– whatever works, works. Freestyling is fine if you know how to do it. Looking through SA, Tinder, Ashley Madison, whatever it is, if it works for you and you’re being safe about it, it’s fine. There’s no right way to sugar– just do your research before you jump into anything is all I’m going to say.

7. Platonic SB’s fall from the sky raining cash like Santa Claus

I think this is the most unrealistic expectation set forth by the Tumblr community and the sugar blogs out there that are fake. I will tell you from a sugar baby, firsthand, PLATONIC ARRANGEMENTS ARE NEARLY NONEXISTENT. They are, essentially, the unicorns of the sugaring world and you will have serious issuing finding a daddy who will give you the time of day if you cannot even entertain the thought of eventual intimacy. That’s just how it is. If someone is offering you an outrageous sum of money for a merely platonic relationship, it’s probably a scam.

Hi my name is Tyrannus Basilton Grimm Pitch and I have long ebony black hair(that’s how I got my name) and icy grey eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee(AN: if you don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Draco Malfoy but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a wizard, and I go to a magic school called Watford in England where I’m in the eighth year (I’m eighteen). I’m rich (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly name-brand clothes. I don’t have a crush on Simon Snow and he’s definitely not the love of my life. I was walking outside Watford. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of third years stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them.

The Signs as Phases They Went Through in Middle School
  • Aries: Misanthropic goth kid. "Life is meaningless, we all die some day anyway". Collected miscellaneous animal bones. Probably once tried to buy a human skull off the deep web.
  • Taurus: Was really into Pokemon. Tried to "troll" other students they didn't like on social media but was never taken seriously. Had a lot of self image issues. Probably writes their own slam poetry.
  • Gemini: Viewed themself as the most intelligent person in the world, smarter than any adult. Viewed everyone else as stupid and inferior to them. Probably spent a majority of their childhood on the computer.
  • Cancer: Was one of those middle schoolers that was far too loud in movie theatres or the library. Always said that they "had no friends" even though they were popular. Went through significant others faster than most go through underwear.
  • Leo: That one kid that drew nothing but animals. Warriors fan. Owned "how to draw anime" books. Talked a lot about how in love they were even though they were 13. Used cutesy :3 smilies and *roleplay actions* in casual texts for some reason.
  • Virgo: Constantly full of sarcasm and snark towards authority and peers alike. Wore brand name clothes and shunned people who didn't. Came out in the 6th grade and forever cemented themself as the Gay Friend.
  • Libra: Incredibly obnoxious. Really into "XD LOLZ RANDOM!" humor. Owned more stuffed animals than friends.
  • Scorpio: Caused drama for the sake of causing drama. Had scene hair. Was typically pegged as most likely to have vandalized or broken something even though more often than not it wasn't them. Not as edgy as they liked to think they were.
  • Sagittarius: Young Republican. Repeated borderline racist rhetoric they read on the internet as an excuse to be a jerk. "Do you even lift?". Wondered why they don't have a girlfriend even though they were a jackass to everyone they met. Introvert with one close extrovert friend that made friends for them.
  • Capricorn: Self identified Juggalo, facepaint and all. Really passionate about music and willing to cuss someone out for insulting their favorite bands. Occasionally volatile and didn't understand that consequences applied to them.
  • Aquarius: Glorified violence. Told offensive jokes for the sake of offending people, then gets upset when they don't "get the joke". Had a permanent "why me" complex about everything.
  • Pisces: Operated under the belief that millennials always know better than adults. Brought home every animal they found. Had a lot of big ideas but could never quite accomplish them.

My freestyling guide (feel free to add on)

~~What is freestyling?~~
Freestyling is sugaring in the real world without the use of any websites. It’s a great way to build confidence, keep you on your toes, and to perfect your online persona as well.

~~Pros of freestyling~~
Freestyling is great because you at least know that the person you’re communicating with is a real person. You’re a cute girl and men are going to treat you better when they see you’re cute Vs online when they don’t know if you’re who you say you are. You have the ability to meet a better variety of men then you would online. Why would a rich busy (especially single) professional spend his time sifting through an SD site? Not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying it’s rare.

~~Cons of Freestyling~~
You may be dealing with someone who either doesn’t know what a sugaring relationship is or is a skeptic. You could still find salt daddies and sleazy or dangerous guys.

~~Where to Freestyle~~
This is very important. Many of the freestyling tips I have read say to look at Country clubs and horse races and charity events. Which are all good places, don’t get me wrong. But those are a little unrealistic for a modest (poor) college student such as myself. The best places I have used that work for me are expensive stores for men. I will say I’m looking for a watch for my dad or a tailored suit for my cousin. I don’t know. Get creative. Also, upscale coffee shops, breakfast places (like Whole Foods), happy hour at nice hotels, and even breakfast at expensive hotels. 

~~Who do you want to attract?~~
Remember, you’re looking for rich and generous men (duh). They often come in the forms of retired widowed or married old guys, middle-aged divorced business men (my favorite), and young married (30s) guys looking for mistresses.

~~What kind of relationship do you want?~~
Do you want to be a spoiled girlfriend or a part-time SB. Do you want a secret affair or shopping dates and fine dining around town? It’s important to know what you want, stick with it, and be direct about it because closed mouths don’t get fed. You want a man to take care of your rent? Ask. You want him to buy you a new wardrobe? Ask. And if he says no, then try to convince him or move on to someone who will take care of your needs.

~~The first encounter~~
Be cute and confident. Dress classy!! Show interest in your POT and even extend him an olive branch. But don’t look too desperate and only ask him for his number as a last resort and only if you can tell he is interested in you ( I would usually recommend not, but sometimes men are shy around cute girls or they feel too guilty to make the first move).

~Have confidence and Stick to what you want~
Some guys may initially not want a sugaring relationship. It is important to explain why he needs one and needs you. This is the most important, make it or break it step. And if anything, it makes you seem honest and unique. And because you’re asking for an allowance upfront, he will worry less about your authenticity.

~~Finding the right sugar daddy~~
Something I’ve learned from freestyling is that there are middle class guys who look rich, dress nicely, and still don’t make enough to support a sugaring relationship. And there are guys who don’t dress too nice but are rich. My SD for example looks like freaking bob the builder. I would never guess he was rich, but he is. And that’s how it is. Nice things such as an expensive watch, name brand clothes, and a nice car can be signs of wealth, but a lack of them isn’t a sign that they should be brushed off. However, if he looks dirty, and drives a beat up hoopty, he is likely not the SD you want. Your job is to look classy and upscale and sexy so rich guys will come to you. And if you do this all the time, you can turn even grocery shopping to a sugaring opportunity.

I hope this helped and happy sugaring

conrad is six when his nanny is telling him how someday, he’ll meet a girl who wears pastel and dresses, who’ll like flowers and jewelry and makeup and pink.

that night, he tells his mom he wants to be a girl. she hits him, and forbids him from ever saying that again. 

it happens again a year later, when conrad says he wants to be she, and andre bourgeois is too horrified by the bruises his wife leaves, kicks her out and renames his daughter.

chloe wears designer shoes and name brand clothes, because anything less makes her feel like a fraud. her hand shakes every time she does her makeup, because her mother should be here to teach her, not a father who’s afraid of being near her room 

and then she goes to school and meets marinette dupain-cheng, who wears pretty pink dresses and gives everyone delicious pastries and flower crowns. the feeling of being a fraud rears up again, making her hate marinette dupain-cheng for being the personification of everything chloe wants to be. 

she throws out all her clothes and orders new ones, repaints her walls yellow. it expels the memory of her nanny telling her how important it is for her to be strong and masculine, and makes her feel safe enough to sleep throughout the nights. 

when her pregnant teacher announces that it’s a boy, chloe sobs and gets escorted out of her class 

she also cries when the papers announce that andre bourgeois, owner of the grand paris hotel, is elected as mayor; the caption reads “mayor bourgeois photographed having dinner with his daughter”


-더라니 is yet another cause-effect grammar point.  It is used when in retrospect the result of a situation now seems obvious or predictable.

Imagine: after a huge dinner at a buffet, you wake up the next morning to a terrible stomachache.  You complain to your friend, but they are less than sympathetic.  They point out to you that, looking back on the previous night, you had stuffed your face, so your stomachache is the obvious result of that feast.  Your conversation in Korean might go something like this:

가: 오늘 아침에 배탈이 났어요.  I had a stomachache this morning.

나: 어제 뷔페에서 과식하더라니. (Looking back on it) You did overeat at the buffet yesterday.


내가 너 시험 성적이 나쁠 줄 알았어. 공부 안 하고 계속 놀더라니. I knew your test score would be bad.  (Looking back on it) You didn’t study and just fooled around.

컴퓨터가 안 돼요. 고장 났나 봐요. 지난 주부터 이상하더라니. The computer isn’t working. It must be broken.  (Looking back on it) It’s been acting up since last week.

네가 감기에 걸리는 게 놀랄만한 일이 아니야. 이 추운 날씨에 얇은 옷을 입고 다니더라니.  You getting sick isn’t a surprise.  (Looking back on it) You kept going out in light clothes.

Coupled with 어쩐지, -더라니 carries with it a sense of belated realization.  It is used when you have received information that explains an already known fact. The closest English translation for this usage would be “No wonder”.


길에서 산 티셔츠가 한번 빨고 나서 줄어들더라고요. 어쩐지 값이 싸더라니.  The t-shirt I bought off the street shrank after just one wash.  No wonder it was cheap.  

마이틀 씨가 이번에 승진해서 보너스를 많이 받았대요.  어쩐지 그동안 기분이 좋아 보이더라니.  They say that Michael received a huge bonus with his promotion.  No wonder he’s been in a good mood lately.

그 학생의 부모님이 부자래요. 어쩐지 명품옷만 입었더라니.  They say that student’s parents are rich.  No wonder he wore only brand name clothes.

cheap ho tips

Unless a SD is buying me clothes I never buy anything expensive. Ever. It takes a little more work going the cheap way, but I think it’s worth it 

Cheap Clothes Options:

-Forever 21 and H&M are givens cause they’re pretty cheap

-Ross (not sure if they have these in every area) and Burlington

-Kohls and JC Pennys are hit or miss 

Super Cheap:

-get your ass to a thrift store and search for brand name clothes. they are there. it will take a while but you’ll find some nice ass cheap clothes (once found dozens of pairs of American Eagle jeans in amazing condition for $2 a pair) 

-”nicer” thrift stores aka Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet are goldmines 

I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than 20 dollars for a dress and I still have nice clothes that flatter me and are in style. As a SB it’s your job to be a combo of slutty and classy. I try not to wear typical teenage girl clothes cuz I’m trying to look a little more sophisticated but that’s just me

As much as I love stores like Nordstrom and Bergdorf and what not I try to have some self-control

Keep ho’ing ladies. 

I really don’t understand the outrage over Nike releasing a plus sized selection of workout clothing. Fat people wearing Nike isn’t effecting you. 

Some people do not understand this, but confidence really matters when you’re trying to work out and lose weight. A lot of plus-sized workout clothes, if you can even find them, are frumpy and ugly and extremely uncomfortable and most people don’t want to go for a run or to the gym looking like shit. It’s discouraging from the start if you can’t even find clothes that fit you, and if a popular fitness brand wants to remedy that, good for them. 

Yes, some people will be wearing nike as a fashion choice & have no intention of losing weight, but for those who fully intend to lose weight and want high-quality name-brand clothes to wear while doing it, Nike is giving them that option. 

in twenty years time | kth

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summary: sometimes, celebrities fall for non-celebrities, and maybe that should be an issue for taehyung. but when it comes to you, he’s willing to make bad decisions. (idol au)

• word count: 2.3k

• warnings: swearing

→ note: inspired by a lyric from this beautiful song. i also may make a part two to this later because i can’t ever seem to just write drabbles & be satisfied. hope you like it!!

Taehyung is doomed the second he sets eyes on you, really.

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exo as college students

Baekhyun: goes to the computer lab to play league, shows up to class late with starbucks, finds out about work the day before it’s due, gossips

Chanyeol: in the school band, never has a pencil for class, always humming or making beats on the table, also in animal lovers club

Jongdae: complains about everything, always asks for extra credit, always tired because he was doing charity work, secretly loves gossiping with Baekhyun

Jongin: wonders why he has bad grades even though he shows up to class once a week, whines to his professors to let him make up an exam, is friends with Sehun

Kyungsoo: shows up every day with a black hoodie and jeans with some adidas slides and socks, doesn’t try in class but is still the smartest student, probably ends up teaching the class instead, has a crush on Jongin

Minseok: fed up with everyone on campus, probably skipped like 3 grade levels, people always ask to copy his homework, tutors people in his free time even though he complains about it

Sehun: only shows up to class during syllabus week and exam days, has the audacity to ask professor to bump his 67.8 to a 90.0 and is offended when professor says no, probably talks to 5 girls at once

Suho: only wears brand name clothes, switches between his Maserati and Lamborghini every day, definitely someone’s sugar daddy (or mommy)

Yixing: always looks tired/confused, falls asleep in class and always asks someone later what happened, earphones are always tangled, but manages to pass all his classes with As

signs as basic things

capricorn: using ‘extra’, 'lowkey’ and 'highkey’ as adjectives in every sentence

sagittarius: starbucks, especially pumpkin spice ! social media posts about their drink also

aquarius: avocado, especially smashed, talking about how great they are too

pisces: hanging up polaroids on your bedroom wall as a mural

aries: cute paper lanterns and fairy lights !!!

taurus: complaining about being hungry and tired all the time, especially when no one cares

gemini: pretending to enjoy going to art galleries so they can take good pictures for instagram

cancer: writing long posts about how much they love their friend and posting them on facebook and instagram

leo: “like” “literally” “oh my god” “kill me” “slay me” “GOALS”

virgo: only buying name brand clothes even though thrift shops would have similar clothes for $2

libra: snapchat filters and lip syncing to songs to prove to themselves they listen to cool music

scorpio: “its me” “tfw…” “this is me when…” “SAME” “true” “this is the best thing I’ve seen all day”

Headcanons #1 Part 2/2

-has been cutting Bruce’s hair for him since he was a child
-his favorite brand of cologne has been discontinued for years and he dreads the day he runs out of his last bottle
-his pet peeve is when someone leaves the scrub brush in the sink after they’re done using it
-has made a game of hiding secret cameras for Dick to find
-only likes his pasta al denté style
-knows of hidden passages in the mansion that even Bruce isn’t aware of

-has a belly button piercing
-her favorite shoes are her second generation Jeremy Scott Adidas wings
-is allergic to strawberries but only mildly
-her favorite candy is red hots
-refuses to use short hand text while messaging people
-will speak in front of large crowds all day but absolutely will not sing for them out of fear

-snuggles with her skates at night like they’re stuffed animals
-only wears high end, name brand clothes and jewelry that she modifies herself
-has a collection of her best ‘wanted’ posters that she shows off to fellow villains
-is one inch taller than Joker and holds it over him constantly
-prefers most hot foods to cool to room temperature before she eats them
-once wore her jacket into a pool because she bet Joker she would wear it for an entire week

Emergency Family (Part 8)

Finding out you were pregnant was not so much a surprise when you compare it to your surprise proposal. You weren’t expecting it and thought you were stepping into another wonderful anniversary but instead you got a better experience. 

The following months you were busy. Thanks to all of DPR you were able to move into your new home before the holidays. Everything seemed to be going great but once the new year started and it was time for Daamin to go back to school you were hit with an even bigger surprise.

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Cleopatra attends the same law school as her father did. The critics and bullies who said she only got in because of nepotism were silenced by her skyrocket to the head of all her classes. Now, they say instead that she must be sleeping with the professors to get her grades. She lets the rumour spread. The curve works even more in her favour if they keep thinking she needs to.

Maria Antonia (well, Marie Antoinette to Instagram and tumblr) sees her follower count jump by leaps and bounds after her engagement to popular YouTuber Louis is announced on his channel. It isn’t long before a callout post starts to circulate, falsely claiming she’s using donations to her Kickstarter to spend thousands on brand-name clothes and high-end makeup instead of to produce her own line of mori kei-inspired accessories. No matter what she says, the accusations follow her like a vengeful ghost, one catchy refrain undoing all her own words.

Amelia has a playlist full of songs about leaving, about running, about getting in cars and driving until you cross the border. Somehow she can tell the boys in these songs never really left, grew old and fat and bitter in the same small, dying towns they’re singing about escaping. On hot June afternoons she sits in the long grass on the hill and watches the hawks soar overhead. She won’t be stuck in this decaying town where the name Earhart is a root system and a shackle. Someday she’ll fly away and never come back.