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Woke up in a good mood, so I thought, “Why not make some mood boards for my amazing friends that are based off my city of San Diego! So just reblog with the name of your bias!

I know BTS, EXO, B.A.P, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, and I honestly can google other idols I’m not familiar so any group is free game!

Fun fact: I was actually born in this city ^^

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Q: Jungkookie: What is Jimin’s existence to you? Why?

Honey ♡

Translation notes: JK’s answer looks like 굳 (good), so the original fan asked for clarification the next day. Jungkook confirmed that he actually meant “honey.”

  • Me, entering a party: it is i, an nctzen

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anonymous asked:

This may sound like a weird question .. but I am always fascinated by fans who say that a certain actor/actress is a good kisser .. I mean unless one is actually being kissed how can you tell? I've read fans say that about Hook(i.e Colin) .. & as someone who doesn't have much experience in that department I was wondering if you could explain how one comes to that conclusion .. if you need to add gifs/videos to your answering as a learning tool please do ;)

Hi nonny!!!

Well, I can’t speak for other fans, I can only give my personal interpretation and hopefully my wonderful shipmates will be able to chime in more.

Firstly, I just want to start by saying that i think its a common hope/assumption (in the name of fan bias) that your fave will be/is a good kisser. And there’s nothing wrong with that, we all hope for it (and it’s why we probably watch kissing scenes intensely to boot)

But in the case of one killian jones (and colin cos fuck it, it’s the same body) i’ll provide whatever evidence I can to back up my claims.

For me, it’s all about the mouth and lip movement. 

1. Those lips

Homie has a nice set of plump, soft looking lips. Perfect for cushioning and caressing said lucky female’s lips.

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And that bottom lip looks perfect for nibbling/sucking on, let’s be real.

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(bless those soft, red, sticky lips- good lord)

2. Re-entry and mouth movement.

No one wants to kiss someone that’s imitating a fish gasping for oxygen. So movement is key for me.

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Head tilts, jaw stretches, not being afraid to open that mouth and get stuck in, lip tugging- all have been visible in the CS kisses at some point. 

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3. Passion

The drive to want that kiss. “Imma claim your mouth with my mouth” kind of thing.

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If you want a good passionate kiss, you’re gonna want someone who’s dedicated and an enthusiastic participant. 

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4. Additional bonuses

It’s not just about the mouth. Those hands and how he uses them, spark fire in the veins (and loins) too. And of course the forehead touches and talking against the lips. 

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Face caressing, Hair grabbing, waist placement. 

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All additional bonuses to a great kiss.

So yeah. For me, just by watching captain swan kisses, it looks to me that he makes a hell of a good kisser. 

But reality and fantasy are usually worlds apart so I could be very very wrong. Who knows??