name all the lipsticks

The Devil’s Subordinates.
  1. Gordon RAMsey 
  • This be Envi, AKA the newest addition to the horrible people club.
  • Good with any child that isn’t Satanick’s.
  • Only capable of laughing when he’s drunk.(Same tbh….)
  • Has the personality that of a twelve year old boy ranting on YouTube.
  • Has a keris but murdering people with umbrellas is a lot more fun, amirite?

2. Shingen Kishitani

  • This strange man is Yagi.
  • His name means “goat.” In other words he’s a moose.
  • Likes smoking cigars, drinking alcohol, and doing everything else he can to forget the responsibilities that come with being a father and husband.
  • Has the doki-doki for Sullivan.
  • He wears a gas mask constantly and taking a look at the man in charge, I can’t blame him.

3. Back alley Doctor

  • This not suspicious figure is Lec Hijohshiki.
  • He’s really good at curing illnesses and injuries!
  • But that’s for noobs, so it’s back to spreading the plague and pushing old ladies down stairs.
  • Has a brother (We’ll get to him later…) He’s the better of the two, actually.
  • Like any normal pair of siblings, he’s either calming his brother down or eating his internal organs.


  • I don’t want to say his name…but I kind of have to so this everyone, is Roc Hijohshiki.
  • Trash.
  • His hobbies include: lynching angels, starting shit with random people, and the most notorious…abusing innocent, adorable lobsters.
  • He actually has these really weird mouths on his hands. Fuckin Deidara wannabe.

5. He’s Beauty, He’s Grace, If you Ain’t Wearing Gucci GTFO His Face.

  • This is Benihotaru!
  • A derivation of his name is “lipstick” Wonderful.
  • Amongst all his fellow comrades he appears fairly stable, probably why he gets no screen time.
  • A hysterical clean freak who looks oddly serene.

6. Invader Zim

  • This is Edabane (feat. Zigzag’s hand)
  • Move over Licorice, this guy is a literal man baby. 
  • Deeply committed to his wife, Zigzag. (See hand for more info)
  • Not much of a talker, apparently.
  • I like his hat.

7. ‘Film’ Producer

  • This is Hidou….yeeeah.
  • He enjoys watching movies. I’m not talking Lion King though, 
  • He has great footage of Karma biting Roc in the ass.
  • Despite this please do not approach this man.
  • Look what happened to the angel nurse, she didn’t even make it long enough to get a name.

8. Aconita’s Husbando

  • Tis be Kyou.
  • Don’t be afraid of him, guys. He just wants your heart~
  • Nah but he likes collecting angel hearts.
  • A pervert with headsweat issues.
  • Faithful to his wife. (Presumably Aconita.)

9. Sinnamon Roll

  • Is his name Kan or Hitoki? Whatever he’s a tiny sinner.
  • Enjoys feigning innocence (because we know how innocent the Pitch Black World is.)
  • Will attack you in your sleep and then make you wonder how he got into your home.
  • Has some crazy fucking morals. 
  • Depraved and weird.


  • This creepy dude is Dokugai.
  • He (as you can see) has lots of piercings but if you thought his no-no bits were clean then boy have I got news for you.
  • He loves little boys.
  • Probably isn’t allowed within 500 feet of a school.
  • Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband.
Alternative fashion problems: Black lipstick

•Forgetting it’s on your lips and then smudging it if you touch your mouth.

•It’s even harder to fix, especially in a place where you can’t get out makeup remover and clean it up.

•Even worse, not having makeup remover to help fix it up.

•It smudges easily and might make you look like you have a beard (unless you’re a guy, in which case good for you for breaking gender roles).

•It stains easier than other lipsticks

•Comments from family members (usually older ones).

•Comments from family friends (usually older ones)

•Comments from your doctor (yes, this happened)

•People who stare in horror (okay, this is actually kinda funny because it’s an easy way to spot the judgmental people. It’s even funnier if you’re doing something nice like volunteering because it says “hey, this weirdo is being less of a jerk than you.”

•People (usually boys between the ages of 12-20) who just scream “GOTH” or “EMO”

•Those creepy catcalls about where they’d like the lipstick to stain.

•Kids who say to their parents, “I want that lipstick!” And their parents who give you the, “You corrupted my child,” look. (Okay, half of this one is adorable.)

•Being afraid to use any sort of cup, spoon, or mug because you don’t want it to stain; especially at a restaurant or cafe.

•Those people who try to flirt with you (and fail) by giving shitty pet names based off your lipstick.

But hey, it’s all totally worth it, cause if you can pull it off, it looks f*ckinf awesome.

Have an alternative fashion problem? Submit them to me and maybe I’ll mention it (and give credit)

breaking down house stereotypes

the hp writers net created quite a racket! discourse, as you may call it.

[ 5:43 PM ] paula: #ravenclaw confessions: I don’t always have paint on my hands

[ 5:43 PM ] amber: Reminder to ravenclaws who don’t have blue eyes: you’re still as valid as slytherins with blue eyes uwu

[ 5:43 PM ] eve: slytherin confessions: i have never murdered anyone

[ 5:44 PM ] amber: Not all slytherins poison :/

[ 5:44 PM ] eve: some people?? have blue eyes?? to cope??

[ 5:45 PM ] sophia: Ravenclaw confession: I hate studying

[ 5:45 PM ] paula: You 👏 don’t 👏 have 👏 to 👏 own 👏 a 👏 lion 👏 to 👏 be 👏 in 👏 gryffindor

[ 5:45 PM ] amber: ALL 👏 HOUSES👏CAN 👏 KILL 👏 PEOPLE

[ 5:46 PM ] eve: friendly reminder that not all gryffindors own lions uwu


[ 5:46 PM ] paula: Winged eyeliner is not just for slytherins 😩

[ 5:46 PM ] paula: Guys I’m a ravenclaw and I wear eyeliner ??? Break stereotypes 🙏

[ 5:47 PM ] paula: Sometimes I’m not aesthetic and it’s really hard #that ravenclaw life

[ 5:48 PM ] eve: #notallslytherins murder people


[ 5:50 PM ] eve: Daily reminder you can’t own books if you’re not from ravenclaw

[ 5:50 PM ] sophia: Ravenclaws aren’t always the best or smartest at everything #remember hermione brightest witch of our age

[ 5:50 PM ] amber: I have a lot of friends who follow me on here that do this so I won’t name any names but if 👏 you 👏 aren’t 👏 a 👏 ravenclaw 👏 you 👏 can't👏 own 👏 books


[ 5:52 PM ] eve: youre not a true slytherin if you cant name all their albums, acrylic nails, black lipstick, literal murder and water

[ 5:52 PM ] ray: i only wear black clothes, did the sorting hat got it wrong? should i donate all my clothes to any friendly slytherin?

[ 5:52 PM ] amber: If you actually read the post you would know that slytherins aren’t friendly :/

[ 5:53 PM ] amber: Going on an adventure?? Omg these hufflepuffs are breaking!!! Down!! House stereotypes!!!

[ 5:53 PM ] amber: Friendly house is yellow house

[ 5:54 PM ] amber: What the hell is a hufflepuff

[ 5:54 PM ] amber: Anyway I love jigglypuff house :))

[ 5:54 PM ] eve: oh yes the four houses, gryffindor ravenclaw slytherin and reads smudged writing jigglypuff

[ 5:54 PM ] eve: slytherin confessions: i have never murdered anyone

[ 5:55 PM ] amber: Picking sunflowers to give to your friends #littlehufflepuffthings

[ 5:55 PM ] amber: Going on adventures #allgryffindorsrelate


[ 5:56 PM ] eve: drowning #justslytherinthings

[ 5:56 PM ] paula: Cram 😂 😂 😂? the only thing I’m cramming is my dreams! The grind😩👊👏👏never stops❌❌❌. Only ravenclaws will understand

[ 5:57 PM ] amber: You killed that test?? 😂😂Ravenclaws🙄🙄.The only thing I kill🔪🔪🔪 is my enemies💯💯💯💯 SLYTHERINS 🐍🐍UNITE🖤🖤🖤

[ 6:00 PM ] amber: #yellowhouse

[ 6:00 PM ] amber: #poisondrownings

[ 6:00 PM ] amber: #bookcathedral

[ 6:01 PM ] tayla: #plaidshirtsnredhair

[ 6:01 PM ] eve: #sunflowerhouse

[ 6:01 PM ] tayla: #iceandpretentious

[ 6:02 PM ] tayla: #blueeyesandallthebooks

[ 6:03 PM ] amber: dystopian au

[ 6:04 PM ] amber: “Sunflower house and demon house are never supposed to mingle… But I couldn’t help but fall in love with her and her black acrylic nails from afar. She wasn’t like book house girls, with pretentious quotes and ice cold blue eyes. She was special. If she was a poison, I wanted to drink it all.”


[ 6:05 PM ] sophia: Non-ravenclaws can’t understand this post: the feeling of going into a bookstore

[ 6:09 PM ] paula: Only slytherins will understand

[ 6:09 PM ] paula: Tfw you apply makeup. Only slytherins will get this

[ 6:10 PM ] amber: Me, looking at the blue sky; yes okay we get it you’re a ravenclaw just take your books and go

[ 6:10 PM ] amber: Everyone else wears natural makeup

[ 6:10 PM ] amber: slytherins teaching the dumb other houses how to apply eyeshadow

[ 6:13 PM ] amber: [banging books down on the table] let ravenclaws wear heavy makeup!!!

[ 6:15 PM ] amber: Gryffindor muggleborns showing their friends new places to go on adventures in the muggle world. Ravenclaw muggleborns showing their friends their favourite muggle books. Hufflepuff muggleborns picking flowers with their pureblood friends. Slytherin muggleborns teaching their slytherin friends about new types of poisons

[ 6:15 PM ] amber: Just kidding. Everyone knows there isn’t any muggleborns in death eater house

[ 6:19 PM ] amber: Murdered anyone and used their blood for a face mask lately?

[ 6:20 PM ] eve: ugh no thats servants work, i had one of my house elfs do it for me

[ 6:20 PM ] amber: Just saw a girl with red hair and a black outfit like smh make up your mind  are you in gryffindor or slytherin?

[ 6:25 PM ] yuki: just pick a random house for the next seven years; it’s not like they’re sorting you based on your personality and where you fit best.

While I’m rather pleased with how this selfie came out (especially for being taken in a school bathroom), that’s not the point of this post.  The point is that lipstick I’m wearing above, my beloved Red Velvet and matching Red lipliner by @besamecosmetics.

I applied that lipstick above at about 6:45 this morning (and I am certain of the time because I know I was out the door at 7am to catch the subway).  According to my phone, I took that picture there at 5:06 pm, with no reapplication of lipstick throughout the day whatsoever.

*all the sparkly heart eyes*

There’s a little feathering around the edges (easily fixed by a fingertip), and the center of the lips has worn off a little, but regardless - this level of wear over that period of time is amazingly impressive.  Add into that the big-ass iced coffee, multiple glasses of water, and numerous snacks (including some very oily Marcona almonds) I had throughout the day, and my love of this lipstick just grows.  The company recommends an ‘apply, blot, re-apply, blot’ method for putting this lipstick on, which is what I did here, and obviously it’s worked.

Okay, to be fair, I already knew that this Red Velvet lipstick is my holiest of holy grails when it comes to lipsticks (thank you Peggy Carter, for that one), but I had to share just how damn good this looked by the end of the day.  So if anyone out there is looking for a recommendation for a classic red lipstick…well, you know exactly what my answer will be.

Good story idea I came up with the other day:

Suburbian witch and demon couple, living in a cute little cottage house and raising/breeding mythical creatures together. They have to magick their creatures so their neighbors think they’re dogs

Somehow they wind up with a dragon egg (and dragons have become very, very rare, facing extinction), and dragons are smarter and craftier than your run-of-the-mill mythical beast, so now these magical girlfriends have their hands full with a baby dragon

They magick the baby dragon to look like a cat, and the witch’s own cat familiar ends up babysitting this overgrown lizard a lot, to his utter dismay. The dragon is just SO determined to sneak out and explore the world

Along with dealing with how to integrate themselves into the close-knit neighborhood, the witch and demon gfs must fend off other witches and demons who come by hoping to steal their invaluable new baby

The witch would be a lipstick lesbian named Beatrice (nicknamed Bunny) who is all about fashion and girl pop bands and who is an idealistic daydreamer

And the demon would be a silent punk type girl who is secretly a huge control freak and a bit of a snob and who has perfected the phrase “aggressively nice”

Roman Holiday by Halsey (Requested by: I lost your URL but message us)

We’ll be looking for sunlight
Or the headlights
Till our wide eyes burn blind
We’ll be lacing the same shoes
That we’ve worn through
To the bottom of the line
And we know that we’re headstrong
And our heart’s gone
And the timing’s never right
But for now let’s get away
On a Roman holiday

Get to know me

I was tagged by @frizzyhairedbitch85 thank you, thank you. Hope you all enjoy scrolling past this 😂

💌 Relationship Status: per Facebook, “It’s complicated”

💌 Favorite Color: so funny I just had this conversation with my cast mate last night. I answered blue, she came back with “what kind of blue”. Didn’t hesitate naming cerulean.

💌 Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick all the way. And I always quote Napoleon Dynamite while either looking for it or while applying it.

💌 Last Song I listened to: “But We Lost It” by P!nk off her new Beautiful Trauma album….which in my opinion there is no bad song on there.

💌 Last Movie I watched: Silence of the Lambs

💌 Top 3 TV Shows: The X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy, and Shameless

💌 Top 3 Characters: Stella Gibson, Grace Hanadarko, Lois Lane

💌 Top 3 Bands: 30 Seconds to Mars, Hozier, The Killers

💌 Books I’m currently reading: Man, I wish I even had time to read…I’m still working on American Gods.

I have no idea who has been tagged already, so my apologies if you’re being bombarded with this line of questioning. So I’ll tag @gentlemenonduty @guitargirl48 @sandymansworld and @alwaysforyouscully

anonymous asked:

So how about millennial wars Phasma?

by far the most outwardly well adjusted of the squad (besides finn), but catch her drinking straight whiskey out of a mug at 10am, has a bleach blonde pixie cut and is the tallest out of everyone, is fully responsible for keeping her out of wack friend group caffeinated, likes to walk around wearing millie as a scarf, has Multiple ear piercings and wears high heeled combat boots, also lives in sweatpants when not at work and sometimes at work, knows the names of all her regulars, lots of beanies, dark lipstick, Loud Punk Music, rides a motorcycle (it’s all chrome)

Spring Break!

Fic Request: Lydia and Stiles are best friends: he’s been in love with her for years and she has secretly loved him too. She talks in her sleep, but she doesn’t know it. At movie night, she of course falls asleep and keeps saying something about Stiles. He’s smug because he can tell its a really good dream. He has to find a way to get her to tell him about the dream and find out how she feels about him without her knowing that he heard her talking and making noises and saying his name in her sleep.

Rating: M

Genre: Romance

Author: songof-light

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Rose Pink Lipsticks: Fuchsias with a Red Undertone

Blue-based fuchsias can be a bit scary because they stand out so much against the skin, but a more grown-up way to approach deep, vibrant pink lips is to go with the red-based fuchsias.

Here are 8 that will brighten your face - AND your teeth!

  1. The Body Shop lipstick 201: This fuchsia is the bluest of the bunch I’m showcasing today, but it’s still got a distinctive red undertone.
  2. Shu Uemura Matte Supreme M PK 376: Also known as “Gangnum Pink” this looks like a Europe/Asia exclusive. It’s the softest of the lipsticks today, and has a beautiful velvety rose-petal finish.
  3. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet No 37 L'exuberante: This deep rose pink has a velvety finish, and is more muted and not as bright as the other pinks, which makes it the most work-appropriate, aside from the gloss.
  4. YSL Gloss Volupté 206 Fuchsia Oran: this deep red-fuchsia gloss goes on a little more pink than red, but it’s beautiful regardless. Best starter shade if you’re not used to deep pinks.
  5. VDL Expert Lip Cube 101: Right between pink and red, this satiny, richly-pigmented lipstick lasts and looks beautiful.
  6. Sephora Long Lasting Lipstick 12: Even more intense than the VDL, this semi-matte transfer-resistant lipstick is one of the most beautiful shades in the Long Lasting line.
  7. Dior Diorissimo 012 Hollywood: Almost more red than fuchsia, this creamy dense lipstick is one of my favorites. The name says it all. It’s instant glamour in a tube.
  8. Sephora Lipstick R09 Valentine: This creamy rose red is the reddest of the bunch here. Perfect if you find reds a little harsh, or if most of them pull a little orange on you. 

christ so i was looking at all the shades for maybelline superstay lipstick and they all have names like “everlasting sunset” “all day cherry” “timeless rose” and then theres fucking

A Calzona advent calendar - December 18th

Red lipstick. 

They were at the hospital’s annual holiday party – there were drinks, there was food, all their friends and coworkers were there – and all Arizona could think about was red lipstick. 

Namely, the precise shade of red that her wife had applied to her lips shortly before they left the house that evening. Victory Red, she was pretty sure it was called, not that she had that memorized or anything. It was Callie’s favourite shade of lip colour, even though she didn’t wear it all that often, but when she did put it on for special occasions it did things to Arizona’s insides that she was pretty sure could be classified as a serious medical condition. 

Because it looked sexy as hell on the dark haired woman. It was irresistible.

Arizona glanced around the large hotel banquet room in search of her wife, who she’d lost only minutes ago as she went to replenish their drinks. She wasn’t at the bar, but Arizona’s eyes quickly honed in on her and found her chatting with one of the ER nurses, their two glasses of wine held carefully in her hands. 

Callie had opted for a simple black dress that evening – a closely tailored, strapless number that cut just down to her cleavage and ended at her knees, with the tiniest hint of sparkle throughout the fabric. Paired with her low heels and that bright red lipstick, she was easily the most striking figure in the room – the most beautiful woman in any room, if Arizona was honest. And as much as Arizona was enjoying the night with their colleagues and friends…every time her eyes landed on the brunette she couldn’t help but imagine an entirely different kind of party the two of them could be having. 

She made her way over to the woman in question and was greeted with a bright smile, which only served to make her look that much more incredible. She handed Arizona her glass of wine and excused herself from her conversation with nurse Allison, and when the other woman walked away Callie leaned in to whisper in Arizona’s ear. 

“I saw you staring at me, you know.”

She smiled almost coyly, her eyes meeting Arizona’s as she slowly took a sip of her wine. 

“That’s because you look incredible.”

Arizona murmured softly, taking a sip of her own wine as she let their shoulders meet. Callie’s hair was getting long again too – and as much as Arizona had loved the short, edgy style she’d come home with last winter…as a silky wave of hair tickled the bare skin of her shoulder she couldn’t help the shiver that ran through her. Callie looked sideways, seemingly oblivious, and she smiled at the compliment. 

“I clean up alright.”

“Are you kidding?”

Arizona let her eyes take in Callie’s profile again, turning toward her and reaching up to lightly tuck a bit of hair back behind her ear. Her eyes landed on the red lipstick again and she felt her heart flutter in her chest, a surge of attraction shooting through her entire body. 

“You’re the most stunning woman in the room. You’re the most stunning woman in most rooms.”

Brown eyes met blue and for a moment, Callie looked completely and utterly awed. She smiled at Arizona again, and this time, her face simply lit up the room – she was, quite simply, breathtaking, in more ways than the blonde could even begin to explain. And with that final look, Arizona couldn’t hold it in any longer. Taking Callie’s hand, she leaned in close and pressed a kiss to the corner of those oh-so-perfect red lips. 

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?”

Callie knew the look in the blonde’s eyes better than she knew herself – and she followed, a grin tugging at her lips as she watched Arizona abandon her glass at the bar. Callie did the same with hers as the other woman practically pushed past some of their colleagues and pulled her toward the door to the lobby, and she squeezed the hand in hers when she didn’t yet get a reply. 


“We’re getting a room.”

The minute they were out of the banquet hall and around the corner, the smaller woman backed her wife against the wall and pressed a heated kiss to her lips. She traced Callie’s bottom lip with her tongue and immediately deepened the kiss when granted permission, only pulling away with a breathless sigh moments later when she’d finally gotten the taste she’d been waiting for all evening. 

“We’re getting a room. Now.”

Arizona licked her lips, a smirk crossing her face as she reached up to trace her thumb along the corner of the brunette’s mouth. 

“And honey, you need to reapply your lipstick.”


I want to run a makeup company so I can come out with a line of lipsticks all named after Sondheim songs.

Good names for lipsticks:

  • The Ladies Who Lunch
  • Rose’s Turn
  • Marry Me a Little
  • Lovely
  • Kiss Me
  • Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
  • Come Play Wiz Me
  • Ah, Miss
  • I Feel Pretty
  • Cinderella at the Grave
  • The Glamorous Life