namco arcade


Namco is bringing Mario Kart Arcade GP VR to acrades in Japan!


promotional video for Genpei Touma Den (Namco - arcade - 1986)

It’s an interesting nine minutes – the first half is live action tokusatsu, and the second half is a mix of anime and game footage.

Thanks to @tumbler1618 for the submission!

unfortunate stuff happened all over me today

started fine, went to the conveyor sushi place, that was all well and good

then i tried to go to one of the namco arcades, but actually got lost for the first time since ive gotten here. i wandered around a busy city area for a good 45 minutes before i gave up and just wanted to find the train station again. that took another 20 minutes or so.

when i finally got there i thought “no, i already came all the way into town i should at least check out the arcade”. so i flagged down a police lookin fella and asked him where the ferris wheel was since i knew the arcade was near there and i was able to get there pretty quick after that.

now, when i got it in my mind that i was going to an arcade, i was thinking it was actually a place where people would play games. in reality, it was 80% claw machines and chance games, 15% gambling machines with a bunch of old women huddled around them, and 5% speed games where there were already people who had spent 100+ hours on them in lines.

I fucked around with some claw machines with pokemon stuff in em. tried getting a ditto-disguised-as-pikachu plushie, but wound up with nothing. i was about to head out, but i still didnt have anything to show for my time at the arcade. so i said “fuck it, i’ll at least try to win a titty statue” and sauntered up to a promising looking machine. i popped three coins in without looking thinking they were 100 yen coins but in reality they were 500 yen coins. i tried the return coin button but my $15 were already taken by the titty statue, so now i had 18 plays on this slow ass machine that i had to play while countless judging eyes passed me by, silently and diligently evaluating the tall, chubby, pale, sweaty american weirdo who apparently desperately wanted this statue of a scantily clad college student

after a while i was finally through and i head back down to the ground floor and to the train station, but i passed “Men’s Hankyu” and i remembered my parents begging me to get new shoes since I’ve been wearing the same pair for a good 5 years now. nothing interesting happened but the biggest shoe size they had was US 10 ½ and that’s at least 2.5 sizes too small for me, so i went up to the 5th floor for nothing

when i finally got to the station platform i decided i should grab some dinner, so i chose a neat little cafe that was overlooking the trains. contrary to popular belief, my japanese is pretty minimal. i usually cant hold any form of conversation without the other person knowing some english to use as a form of training wheels. to make a long story short, i tried to order pancakes and hot cocoa, and i got 0 pancakes and cocoa with ice in it (basically shitty chocolate milk with whipped cream) and it cost me like $4. and the glass wasn’t even that big.

the day ended with me shamefully walking into the mcdonalds near my apartment and getting a burger and fries. and now my feet hurt, im sweaty, tired, down like 40 bucks, and all my friends are asleep because of timezones.


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