i cant go to sleep when its quiet lately so ill turn on some lets play or smth and let autoplay run and. i’m not nambing anyone but god theres these fucking awful lets play dudes who literally always end up coming on at some point and they’re literally so annoying it ends up waking me up and i have to turn it off and go back to sleep in silence + in a bad mood



  • HARUNA: “Thank you very much to everyone who came to the SDD LIVE SUMMER EDITION @ Namba hatch! It’s been awhile since we (performed) at Osaka and it was fun! Do put up the sticker of us collaborating with FMOSAKA♪
  • TOMOMI: “Thank you very much to those who came to SDD! It’s been a fun night! Don’t drink and drive alright😉
  • MAMI: “SDD LIVE SUMMER EDITION @ Nambe Hatch, thanks to those who came! Those who knew about SDD (STOP DRUNK DRIVING) or those who just learnt of it today, revolving about with this message, do pass it on to your loved ones🙆 With just one word from everyone, the would could change🌍
  • RINA: “Those who came to SDD, thank you! It was funー! Drink driving, it seems it’ll go away. By protecting the rules, you can live cool and good lives. It’s been a great Summer nightー! See you again! #SDD

The autographed board by SCANDAL also contains the message, which translates as, ‘For the sake of those that are important…♡ If you drink, don’t drive! If you’re driving, don’t drink!!’

Additional photo by @fumilife & SCANDAL’s Official IG. The group photo they took is with KANIKAPILA.