namba station


Namba Parks (なんばパークス Nanba Pākusu) is an office and shopping complex located in Namba-naka Nichome, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan, the south of Namba Station on Nankai Railway. It consists of a high office building called Parks Tower and a 120-tenant shopping mall with rooftop garden. Namba Parks was developed by Jon Jerde of The Jerde Partnership in the footprint of the since closed Osaka Stadium.


No Police by Doja Cat

This was my day off yesterday! We went to Umeda to window shop for Halloween ideas and hit up a lot of our favorite places along the way up to Namba last tonight.

We went to the Pokemon Center after walking around Umeda Station for a bit and tried out Pokken Tournament! It was really fun actually! Both Sara and I had the chance to face off against others in Japan (via the internet). It was great! I have some videos and pictures I will upload as it’s own separate post soon. Look forward to it!

After that we went sweets browsing in the lower levels Daimaru Umeda and walked out with some steamed buns instead. We watched the water fountain show in front of Daimaru while we ate too - which is always nice!

Afterwards we walked all the way up to Namba making quite a few stops along the way. We went to Book-Off and saw my first Japanese copy of Goldeneye which was interesting to see…and as pricey as I expected it to be. And I ended up walking out with a couple games and a guide as you can see in the last pic.

Still looking for a sweets fix we went to a candy shop and stocked up and then went to Baskin Robbins and had some Halloween themed ice cream for dinner! It looked adorable and tasted so good q.q

Lastly we went to Taito Station by Namba Station and watched some games be played before heading home. I’m about post more pics (that I took yesterday afternoon) for the MGSV Kuji. I hope you enjoy the updated post along with the list items I will have for sale! Thanks for looking and I hope everyone is well!


La locura tiene nombre: Namba Station.

Tratar de hallar la salida correcta entre más de treinta posibles puertas puede sentirse como estar atrapada en un abismo o tener un sentimiento similar al de un venado asustado.

Desde cafeterías, tiendas de ropa, boutiques de productos para la piel, librerías hasta la lotería, Namba station puede ser un buen lugar para comer con amigos o pasar un rato divertido; o puede ser un agujero negro para aquellos que no son hábiles para orientarse.