thotwigs asked:

top 5 best singers in the world omg

Ohh, this one’s from last night. 

Are you trying to kill me????? How can I choose asdfghjkl

  • Nathan Sykes (listen to I Found You and you’ll understand perfectly)
  • Taylor Swift
  • Adele
  • Adam Levine (One of the angelic voices, omg)
  • Harry Styles

Thanks for asking, my love. xx

Ask me my top 5 anything!!!

Stop taking my stuff!!!

Do you angry when people steal,taking your stuff,passing them of as one owns? I don’t know how you fell but I’m really…really angry when saw someone took my stuff and post them in they own blog.

I’M NOT SELFISH but do you know make a gif or graphic need to put how much time to make and important is they are my own ideal,no one can take,crop them if i don’t agree.

So all of under blog should dellete they post if they see this tex.Exactly don’t just them, any blog took or stole my edit have been to del them too.  






thotwigs asked:

eu acho que é a selena omg

Deve ser, eu não percebi muito bem, eu sou horrível para reconhecer vozes. Então me desculpe se foi a Selena e eu não percebi. Porque a unica vez que eu escutei foi no final e não mostrou nenhuma delas.