Challenge: Fearless Yogis 2015 :)
Day: 10

So lovely to see you again @magdarie :)

Pose: Boat Pose / Paripurna Navasana

In Sanskrit, “paripurna” means entire, full, or complete, “nava” means boat, and “asana” means pose; hence, the English name: Full Boat Pose. Despite the effort and many actions involved, finding stability in this posture can help calm and align your body, mind, and emotions.

Benefits of Full Boat Pose:

-Tones and strengthens your abdominal muscles.
-Improves balance and digestion.
-Stretches your hamstrings.
-Strengthens your spine and hip flexors.
-Stimulates the kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands, and intestines.

[ Research Extract from CNY Healing Arts website ]

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Day 2 of #yogapartypeople w/ @cattylj @namastechante @bexmaddy @yogawithkarel- Favorite Pose. My favorite pose is probably #mermaidpose but I also adore this#dhanurasana variation- it’s a rad chest, shoulder, & leg opener.
My adorable polka dot bra is by @leadingladybras. In case y'all couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed w/ practicing in bras & bralettes but there’s a limited number of retailers that feature plus size designs. I mean, I’m on the smaller side of the curvy spectrum so i can squeeze into straight sizes from time to time but damn- what about my curvier sisters? Don’t we deserve the style options of yogis like @northcarolina_yogagirl*? I actually wrote an article for @elephantjournal about the deplorable state of plus size activewear- check the link in my IG profile if you’re just as salty as I am. *btw, I lust and thirst for @northcarolina_yogagirl’s collection of bralettes. Just sayin.

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Hanumanasana has taught me so much in my yoga practice. I’ve always had quite a difficult time with splits because of my really tight hips, and it didn’t help that I injured my right hamstring 2 months ago. I lost a lot of flexibility in my right hamstring and just when I only recently got my splits down, I had to relearn it all over again. It took a lot of patience and self acceptance, but hey, here I am, better than ever. This is still the result of a 45 minute yin session at home full of juicy hamstring stretches and deep hip openers, but progress is still progress and I’ll take it!

This is also for the #stopdropandyoga tag from @namastechante, @hafizjas, and @charlottestapp. I now tag @collettemiles, @bunnybunz, and @criocharlie to play only if you want to!

Wearing the Exquisite Bra from @lululemonsg, and On-The-Move Active Crops in Forest Blue c/o @vivreactivewear. Vivre Activewear is having their year-end promo right now, so head over to their Instagram to find out all the details! x

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I was tagged by lovely @namastechante to #stopdropandyoga few days ago:) I didn’t exactly stopped and dropped right away, sorry! This one was taken at the end of today’s practice and it captured perfectly my hollowback progress :))) I can finally have my legs together! Doesn’t it look pretty?
Now I’m tagging: @paul.nawrocka
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Sunny Yogi’s Guide to Crow Pose ♥ 

Arm balances are a great way to find balance and build arm muscles. They are also great for practicing for inversions :) Here is my how to guide on how to do crow pose.  

I would like to mention, that I’m not a yoga teacher and these steps are based off of my experience. 

Step One: Start off Standing 

Root your feet to the ground.  It’s always good to start off with a strong foundation.  

Step Two: Buddha Squat 

From standing, drop down into a buddha squat.  Root your feet down, make sure your back is straight and your chest is lifted.  In this pose you can also use your elbows to push against your thighs to create a hip opener stretch. 

Step Three: Place hands on the ground, and lean forward. 

While in buddha squat set your hands on the floor and then lean forward pressing your knees gently on your upper arm. Make sure your eyes are looking forward- do not collapse your head. 

Step Four: Bend arms slightly. Lean forward a little and press your knees into your arms.  

Bend your arms slightly and lean forward, pressing your knees into your arms.  For beginners maybe try to stay in this pose for awhile, engaging your core and finding your balance.  

I should probably mention that for some people, your arms might hurt if your knees are pressing into your skin.  Wear longer pants! 

Step Five: Raise one leg up. Look forward, keeps eyes looking ahead, and bend your arms some more. 

This step is a good step to practice before you get into the full arm balance.  Raise one leg up and engage your core.  Alternate your legs back and forth. Make sure you can do this step before continuing on :) 

Make sure your head is not collapsed; head up and eyes looking ahead.

Step Six: Raise both legs up. Engage that core! 

Taking a deep breath, raise your other leg up! Make sure your core is engaged.  KEEP YOUR HEAD RAISED AND YOUR EYES FIXED FORWARD. 

Yay, you are now doing crow pose :)  

Additional tips: 

  • Wear longer pants if your knees hurt the skin on your arms. 
  • Put a pillow in front of you if you are afraid of falling flat on your face (something I have done many times!). 
  • Try each step out slowly.  Crow pose is not an easy pose. 
  • Arm and ab exercises can help you improve this pose better. 

Have fun, and be safe when practicing this pose!  Take a picture of your progress and tag me in it! I’d love to see all of your guy’s crow. 


Look, my foot is touching my head! I’m seeing some improvement in my king dancer’s pose, all thanks to a great 90 minute Hatha class that focused on backbends, hip opening, and shoulder opening. Always makes me happy to see and feel the improvement in my practice!

This is also for the #stopdropandyoga tag from @yogidemi - who always inspires me with her beautiful backbends. I’m working on getting there! :> now tagging @raeyogi, @yogiryl, @namastechante, and @vivreactivewear to play if they wish! xx

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Nothing like a nice variation to make me feel fearless. I used to hate straying from what I know, but now I embrace stepping outside of my comfort zone.
Challenge: #FearlessYogis2015
Hosts: @bexmaddy @cattylj @yogawithkarel @namastechante
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Today for #yogapartypeople is #animalasana! Tried to get Fozzi the #toypoodle to join me in downward facing dog but he was having none of it xD I know I skipped yesterday which was #yogaclothes but I just wear whatever clothes I have to do yoga! Anywho here is downward dog and a little dolphin variation! #me #yoga #yogi #downwarddog #dog #dogsofinstagram @namastechante @bexmaddy @yogawithkarel

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How do I start my yoga journey?  Advice for beginner yogis! 

Hey guys!  This is the most commonly asked question I get on here so I hope this can answer all of your guy’s questions.  I hope you enjoy this video <3 Please check out my youtube channel! 

Thank you <3

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