namaste local

The New Yorker: Uses of “Namaste” at My Local Yoga Studio
  • Yogi: How much is the coconut water?
  • Receptionist: Seven dollars.
  • Yogi: No, just for the little one.
  • Receptionist: Yeah, it’s seven dollars.
  • Yogi: Seriously?
  • Receptionist: Yeah.
  • Yogi: Is there something special about it?
  • Receptionist: Well, I mean, coconut water is really good for you. It’s got a lot of good electrolytes.
  • Yogi: Yeah, I know, but I could go to the Duane Reade next door and get, like, three of those bottles for seven dollars.
  • Receptionist: Yeah, that’s where we get them. But we have to cover labor and refrigeration and stuff.
  • Yogi: Labor? For carrying the bottles from next door? How do I get that job?
  • Receptionist: Well, you have to fill out this form.
  • Yogi: I don’t actually want a job. Just give me the coconut water.
  • Receptionist: Ok. That’s seven dollars.
  • Yogi: Yeah, I know. Here.
  • Receptionist: Namaste.

Humorous uses of “namaste” at a local yoga studio:

“Greetings, yogis! This e-mail is to inform you that in order to meet rising costs we will be raising our fee to $35 per class at the beginning of July. As a gentle reminder, we will continue to enforce our no-show and tardy policies. Yogis who fail to arrive at least five minutes prior to class will not be admitted and will be charged the full class fee. Cancellations must be made at least twenty-four hours in advance. … Happy practice! Namaste!”

Photograph by Bendik Kaltenborn.