namaste & shit


Not a bad episode, since Caleb wasn’t there my main reason to watch kind of disappeared. I feel like 7x14 was a fan theory I read somewhere lol. So here are my thoughts on the episode, spoilers ahead.

1. Ill start with something that really shocked me (no not Lucas yet…) but the fact they made Emily and Paige kiss. I get they want to satisfy all shippers but honestly how many people like them.

2. The baby is Emily’s, SHOCKER, Said no one on Tumblr ever. There are a million different ways to bring a ship together, THIS isn’t one.

3. Now its making me second guess Emison because its seems like Emily would only be staying with Ali because of the baby. Kind of sucks they need to bring in this kind of drama instead of just letting ships be together.

4. I feel terrible for Emily and Alison what a sick way to be brought together…

5. Have I mentioned yet that I miss Caleb, hope he having a nice recovery wherever he is.

6. I’m not even going to talk about Ezra because he should have been in jail like 7 seasons ago. BOTH Aria and Nicole deserve better then him.

7. If Ezra isn’t AD, in jail, or dead by the end of the show I’m gonna be mad. NOW I’m done talking about Ezra.

8. I KNEW Mary killed Jessica. They couldn’t reveal Mary as the killer at the time because we didn’t know about her. BUT YOU KNOW WHO DID KNOW ABOUT MARY?

9. Ted

10. Oh how I missed Hanna’s dad, oh wait he isn’t Hanna’s dad, even though PLL’s twitter account thinks he is.

11. Ashley and Ted aren’t together anymore? JUST LET THE MARIN GIRLS BE HAPPY!

12. NOOOOO Ashley slept with Jason (EWWW but hey, not incest) that’s why they broke up? OR was it because Hanna was in jail at the time… Okay Ted, I get it, I would leave that mess too.

13. I knew the second they walked up to that house it was going to be Ted and Mary was with him. OH AND Ted is Charlottes Dad, I mean why not at this point just make it Peter. No one would question it because he cant keep it in his pants.

14. No Ted, Hanna is no longer engaged but will be again very soon…


16. Friends with Charlotte for awhile and went to a camp for troubled boys? AD is avenging Charlotte’s death AND WHO WAS FRIENDS WITH CHARLOTTE? LUCAS.

17. I feel so bad for Hanna though, another friend she trusted is AD, working for AD or hiding something from her and having different motives.

18. Can Caleb come back next episode to hug her at least?

19. Maybe Lucas liked Hanna because she reminded him of Charlotte? It will forever bug me that Alison was compared to Cece and Hanna was compared to Alison, yet no one compared Hanna and Charlotte. God I hope they aren’t related besides being almost step sisters.

20. Lucas’s girlfriend in season 5 is Charlotte IM CALLING IT!

21. AD FaceTiming, trying to be all modern and shit.

22. Namaste bitch girl is back for the most anticlimactic reveal yet

23. “Im AD” Yeah and Im AD too. Seriously WHO IS DRIVING THE CAR?

24. Aria is going dark behind the girls back. HEY at least she is making progress on an episode that includes Ezra. Imagine that, Aria can still do stuff when he is around.

25. But now because Aria is playing “on the winning team” Hanna has to go play again. Poor girl cant catch a break.

26. OH and have I mentioned Hanna should leave Lucas apartment because he is creepy and probably watches her sleep…

27. Cute Spencer and Hanna scenes glad they didn’t let the worst written love triangle get between them.

28. And Spencer slept with Marco because she felt bad for Toby? Okay. Why not.



30. Mona is way too excited about the game,at least someone will be there for Hanna during her second turn. Since someone, not saying names (Caleb), wont be there AGAIN.

31. Maybe Caleb isn’t in the next episode because he is planning his proposal.

32. And someone is going to jail *crosses fingers its not Hanna. I would prefer a non jail themed wedding. BUT ILL TAKE ANYTHING.

33. And Marco is just now thinking the girls are involved. Rosewood only hires the best police.


Lucas- no point in hiding it anymore, you’re involved. BUT JUST HOW MUCH?

Ezra- Honestly did nothing this episode, I just hate him.

Alison- Had some weird moments tonight. Not saying she is AD, just acting funny. Ill let her off because of the whole baby thing.

See you guys in two weeks (boo)

Namaste bitch.

Every time I see a thoughtlessly placed om on some new age chick’s crop top or another “spiritual healing” article referencing chakras and the spiritual eye making rounds on Facebook, I can’t help but feel sad.

When my parents see these things, they become really happy. Their faces light up at all the things they didn’t see when they first came to America twenty years ago - Bollywood movies in theaters, comfortable yoga mats at Target, and of course white Americans who understood what on earth they believed in.

But my parents are realizing that the last of these is still quite far away. They don’t smile at the window displays outside Urban Outfitters anymore, as perhaps they shouldn’t. But it makes me even more sad to think of what they must have experienced. First they were foreigners, complete strangers who stuck with other people like them because the rest of the country did not understand or appreciate them as anything other than educated manpower. Then I was born, and I did not like this culture bubble so I went at it with both fists, and my parents could finally see that the daughters of the people who scoffed at them for not eating meat were decked out in shirts that said “Namaste.” Of course they were excited. I would be too, if I thought this great, alien nation were finally assembling together just to welcome me.

My family in India gives saris and jewelry as gifts to every woman who stays with them, regardless of where she is from. She is always welcome to wear these things back home, to show them off and preserve them and pass them on. We like to adopt well-meaning strangers. Should someone be welcome if they stole something that was intended to be gifted to them in the first place?

I’ve written about my family before, for #coachellashutdown. I’m not in the business of telling people what they can and cannot do, especially when it comes to things that have been shared from within a culture. But what you’re seeing now as a series of exotic fashion trends, of sparkly forehead stickers and garishly embroidered silks and other things that would not “work” were it not 2015, you are seeing the tip of an iceberg that first crystallized thousands of years ago. People have cried over what you are wearing, and I do not mean runway models who tripped over their saris on the catwalk and were humiliated. People have died over what you are wearing, and I do not mean “omfg I would literally die to look like Aishwarya.”

I don’t ever want to see people smoking marijuana over figures of the gods I grew up worshipping. That is the opposite type of “spiritual experience” from what they’re intended to represent. I will call out anyone who disrespects my family’s religion this egregiously, regardless of their cultural background. I know there are a few pictures like this that have made the rounds on Tumblr.

Perhaps in a perfect world, everyone would be able to adopt whatever they like from wherever and not be a target for criticism because of it. But in this perfect world, there would be no religion, no traditions, and no history. There would be no symbolism, because every time something that means something to a lot of people gets used in a way that contradicts or ignores that meaning, a lot of people become upset. So in this “perfect world,” we would not have culture. I haven’t brought up colonialism or power hierarchies and how they made this an issue in the first place, but that’s a subject for another rant.

(- little-miss-unearthly)