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[TRANS] The Celebrity - Woohyun

Woohyun expressed his confidence that he can feel the love from the fans through their gazes. Since he in particular loves his fans so much, when we asked him if there was a special event that he wanted to do for the fans, he answered that he wanted to build a small theater and hold a ‘one person talk concert.’ There he will sing and chat with the fans. Maybe make the concert three hours long and have a meal with them too. “Ah, would that be considered a dinner show?” he laughed bashfully and we were confirmed, once again, that Woohyun’s most important, number one priority is his loving fans, the receivers of his endless hearts and love. Some day, Woohyun will say this: “Love does return!” (T/N: a famous quote from ‘Stairway to Heaven’) - Editor Lim Joonyeon

Do you think you grew up well like how your nickname ‘Namu’ (T/N: tree) indicates? Which tree would you compare yourself to?
Aren’t you starting the interview too suddenly from the start? What kind of a tree is Nam Namu? Haha! (After contemplation) Gingko tree. Since gingko leaves fall and become fertilizer for earth over time, I’m reminded of the circle of life. As I age more, I feel like I’m growing mentally. And gingko trees live for a long time, and they’re good for blood circulation, right? Since it’s ‘eunhaeng’ (T/N: means gingko but also means bank), I feel like I’m going to make more money too. Ah, am I just busting out rhymes?

We think you can compete in <Show Me the Money>. Do you think you grew up well? Gingko Nam Namu?
Shouldn’t I mature more? I need to grow older. Gingko trees live for such a long time that they’re called the ‘living fossil’; I need to grow bigger and become more mature.

What is Nam Namu’s dream then?
A lot of people think that I’ve accomplished my dream already, but I still have much more to do. Since I’ve done a lot as a member of INFINITE, I need to show people something new. So while I train myself, I want to show different sides of me as much as I can. I thought about a lot of if’s before thinking about my dream. Like how I would react and what I could do if I were to come across many situations. Even though I do think that I’ll do well in everything if I try, it’s still hard to say.

Your picture from the Youth FC game was received well.
Youth FC has a lot of people around my age. I was able to feel how they live their lives to the fullest, and their  desperation and passion; I was very inspired. I almost cried. I was very touched because during the game, they had this determined facial expression, “This has to be it, not anything else.” I was able to empathize with them because a lot of them had to give up their dreams because of their personal circumstances. I’m a fan of Youth FC.

You compose a lot of songs. How many do you have so far?
Around 40~50? Maybe I’ll be able to publish them in a special album, sometime before I die. Hahaha! I’m preparing it with utmost care, so when our fans least expect it, it might come out, like ‘bam!’ (Laugh) I tend to write songs based on my personal experiences. “When I Close My Eyes” is about me and the woman I love the most, my mom. I wrote the lyrics based on what my mom said to me when I was little. “Together” is about my members and our fans, and I composed “Beautiful” because my love for our fans was overflowing.

You dyed your hair blonde this time. It really suits you well. Is there another hairstyle that you want to try out next time? (Kim Soyoung)
I wanted to change things up a little bit so I dyed my hair blonde; does it look okay? At first, I thought, “Is it too weird? Maybe I should’ve listened to my company,” and regretted dying it. Ah, my company was against me dying my hair. I think it looks okay now that I got used to it. I have no regrets. I wanted to try this hairstyle out…I didn’t really like dying my hair before because my scalp is on the delicate side. Next time, I’ll have to gather more courage to try another hairstyle.

I’m curious about what role you want to try out in a drama, if you were to get casted! (Yang Jihyun)
A villain! I want to widen the spectrum of my acting. If I were to try a lot of different things, i also want to try acting in a historical drama. Like a young prince, or the first son of the prince? I’ve been keeping up with my acting studies.

I heard that you’re a fan of Chef Baek. Have you tried any of his recipes? Please tell us your own recipe or any food that you’ve been into lately. (Ahn Jisoo)
Chicken! It was really delicious. I don’t know if you knew, but I am a man who can cook quite well. My main dishes are kimchi jjigae and braised spicy chicken; you can say that spam kimchi jjigae is my specialty. Everyone says that it’s good. My own recipe - Chef Baek also does this too - you need to put the pork meat into the water you get from the final washing of your rice and boil it for 35~40 minutes. That’s how you get a rich broth. You just need four ingredients: pork meat, onions, green onions, and kimchi. Sugar is a No, No. You can get the sweet flavor from the onions.

If you were to come out on <Take Care of My Fridge>, what would you request?
Something simple that I can make and eat on my own. I like rice and risotto. Ah, I want to eat~

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Translated by: togetherinspirit7

VIET NAM:  Van Giang This picture taken on January 11, 2016 shows a gardener talking on his phone next to grape fruit trees with grafted Buddha-hand fruits on sale for the upcoming Tet holiday or Lunar New Year at a private garden. Peach blossoms and trees that bear many fruits like oranges, kumquats or grape fruit trees are used to decorate Vietnamese homes on this occasion as sign of prosperity for a new year. Vietnamese will celebrate Tet in early February this year.  AFP PHOTO / HOANG DINH Nam                        

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Happy Birthday to Infinite’s very own Nam Woohyun!

Oh god, I’ve been a fan of you for over a year now and I regret it everyday. I’m kidding. I don’t know how I even manage with your fail cute aegyo. But as the main vocalist, you sure do bring a wonderful joy to my ear. You’re charisma on stage won me over and then your goofiness on shows definitely stole my heart. Continue to shine and be greasy Nam Tree! ∞