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NaLu Week 2017 Update

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen that people are concerned about NaLu Week not happening.  

It is, so don’t worry (Annual Date: July 1st - 7th). There are 2 new mods who will be helping out including the lovely @s-a-r-a-r-a and myself ( @chikach00 ).

Of course, @lightingoceans and @fainttwinkling are still onboard as well. 

We are starting the planning process now. I can’t confirm yet when the prompts will be released. Be patient my friends, we’ll get there ;) 

I hope everyone is excited! I am 🤗

“When the fire dies
Dark in the skies
Hot as a match
Only smoke is left.”  

Finally an entry that follows this year’s prompts list, I know it’s pretty cliché but I just wanted to drown n-a-d-h-i-e in feels and I had no better idea so ( 人´∀`* ). And a bonus speedpaint here because I spent my whole evening struggling to render it so you guys have to see it for me lol (I really need to fix my computer soon, though). 

Why is there no 'Nalu Meet Week'?

One week out of the year where we all write a bunch of fics that feature our favorite couple playing out various meet cutes. Like, every story ends with them swapping names or numbers and that’s the end of it. It goes no further. The future is full of potential. It could be fluff, angst– hell it could even be smut if you do it right. Give me Nalu meet cute one-shots! Give me hope and endless possibilities!

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NaLu - Love Me Like You Do

Prompt Happy Day7: 

For NaLu Week 2015 to finally finish up all the placements. YAY!! I’m so late but whatever! WAHAHAHAHAHA!


Inubaki: This is also for a birthday present I made.

I used a real person gif I once saw on Tumblr and always wanted to attempt it. Hope you guys like it!


Inubaki: Mariya! It’s your turn to draw something now!

Does This Make You Uncomfortable?

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: It’s funny what games become when neither person wants to lose.

My submission for ‘Longing’ of Nalu Week

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Rave X FT : Nalu's Confirmed Theory....

It is strongly believed and there is a strong theory that Hiro Mashima’s inspiration for Nalu is all based on his favorite couple Haru and Elie. It is believed that   everything about Nalu is similar to Haru and Elie. It’s actually a true theory because in the Tartaros Arc Nalu shared a similar moment as Haru and Elie when Natsu was reaching for Lucy’s hand. 

It was soon confirmed that this Nalu tartaros arc moment of Natsu reaching for Lucy’s hand was definitely similar to a moment that happened to Haru and Elie….

It’s this moment and a few others that confirmed that Hiro Mashima is possibly going to have Nalu end up being married at the end of FT like he did for Haru and Elie. As a Nalu shipper, I do hope that it does end that way. 😍