nalu bg


Nalu moments in sketch…

I am your Secret Santa and Merry Christmas! @dragneelmedown I know you love that NALU FLUFF HOMIE SO TAKE IT IN AND I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! I did a pretty good job of not giving too much about myself XD   

hylianwolf94  asked:

Hey Ice babe! If I may request. I know you've been drawing lots of Lucy and Nalu but do you think you could a nalu picture?

i never really put anything offical up for nalu fluff week BUT i know somewhere in the back of my brain that there was a prompt for matching and I’m pretty sure I’m either going too early or too late so really my life is a mess. 

here, have matching nalu braids. 

@sam-i-am-am-i-sam is screaming in the bg.