God, what am I going to do, Luke? I’m so, I hate being away from him, I think about him constantly. I was in the middle of a history quiz yesterday and I just totally zoned out on him. Maybe we’re not going to be together for the rest of our lives, but right now I’m in love for the first time and if I look at this tattoo 20 years from now, and it reminds me of how I feel today, I think I’ll be okay with that.


get to know me meme: otp || nathan scott & haley james scott (one tree hill)

last year we were sitting on the beach and i told you how much i love you, and how i would always, always protect you. and that day you made me believe that this would work. but i don’t think anybody understood the love that i have for you, because if they did then they would have never doubted us. so i wanted to marry you all over again in front of most of our world, because today when i look into your eyes, my love for you only grows. it’s even stronger now. and our love will never waver. this i vow to you, today and always, and forever.


●  my top 6 all time favourite television couples  ●

  1. Stiles Stilinski & Lydia Martin // Teen Wolf 
  2. Joey Potter & Pacey Witter // Dawson’s Creek
  3. Hanna Marin & Caleb Rivers // Pretty Little Liars
  4. Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf // Gossip Girl
  5. Seth Cohen & Summer Roberts // The OC
  6. Nathan Scott & Haley James // One Tree Hill

things on my mind during my rewatch of one tree hill:

  • why does chad michael murray squint so much
  • i can’t stand karen (lucas’ mom)
  • brooke sure does like to slap people
  • how do people not find it creepy dan pops up everywhere to talk to high school kids
  • dan is literally the worst character that existed on tv
  • almost every single character on this tv show annoyed me to death at one point besides nathan/haley really
  • mouth is the literal epitome of ‘wah i am friend zoned’
  • deb sucks honestly how can someone have such bad parents
  • speaking of how come every single kids parents are always gone
  • all the music makes me nostalgic for when i was a 16 year old emo
  • naley is one of the best tv couples of all time seriously goals
  • i’m only on epi four of my rewatch so i’m sure i’ll have more to add l8r