The signs as ambiguous names I pulled from a random name generator

Aries: Kaipo

Taurus: Alex

Gemini: Almas

Cancer: Jaswinder

Leo: Flann

Virgo: Fungai

Libra: Abiah

Scorpio: Kapua

Sagittarius: Sam

Capricorn: Rowan

Aquarius: Kyou

Pisces: Nalani

Kitchiki’s Guide to existing Lion King Characters outside of the movie

Decided to make a proper post with this list, with images!

-Only listing the major characters, minor ones won’t be included-

-I will not add Kion and the other characters from The Lion Guard as they’re not as ‘hidden’ as the below! 

From comic strip stories (Range around the world, some unavailable in English)

Tojo: Cub appearing in the comic story: The Orphan Birds

Malka: Cub appearing in the comic story: Simba’s New Brother

Tama: Cub appearing in the comic story: Trouble in Paradise

From the collection of short novels: ‘The Lion King, 6 New Adventures’ :

Kopa: Simba and Nala’s son

Chumvi: Childhood friend of Nala

Kula: Childhood friend of Nala

Ni: Rogue lion who helps cub Nala from a hyena attack

Zuzu: Zazu’s mother

Ahadi: Scar and Mufasa’s father

Uru: Scar and Mufasa’s mother

-Never appears in an image-

Taka: Name of Scar before his scar

Other short stories:

Mohatu: Mufasa’s grandfather (Simba’s great grandfather)-Appears in the story ‘The Brightest Star’

Swifty: Friend of Simba. Appears in the ‘Hakuna Matata’ magazine series.

From early production of the movie (Appearing in concept art and original scripts)

Mheetu: Nala’s younger brother

Bhati: Childhood friend of Simba and Nala, a bat eared fox.

…And here, children, we have a pro cap once again placing their own selfish feelings of humanity onto Orcas because they think it’s cute or funny. 

As the pro cap so childishly describes, Nalani begins to display a stereotypical behavior of chewing on the pool walls. Not only is this dangerous because she could possibly ingest some chipped paint from doing so, Nalani is wearing down her teeth, which if done enough, she will expose the pulp of her tooth and have to have them painfully drilled out without anesthesia.

But who cares about her extreme neurotic boredom so that she is driven to start gnawing on the pool walls?! It's cute, right?!

These are not naughty puppies chewing on your shoes. These are intelligent animals displaying signs of mental unwellness, and they should be treated as such. This is not cute. Stop being selfish and see the fucking problem here.

Learn more about stereotypical behavior in cetaceans