The Moshe Kasher Interview

I interviewed Comedian, Writer and aspiring OBGYN, Moshe Kasher, for the Pittsburgh-based entertainment and culture site NakYouOut. Here’s an excerpt:

Isaac Kozell: Your autobiography, Kasher In The Rye, was just released in March. What was the motivation to put your turbulent childhood into book form?

Moshe Kasher: Someone once said that anything you can laugh at you will never be ashamed of again. So there was that. I wanted to try and alchemize my trauma into laughs and I wanted to tell a story that felt like it mattered. And I think I did that. Now the world knows everything about me, so my tender underbelly is exposed. Please do not poke at it.

Read the full interview here.

With the fifth year under its belt, the VIA Festival continues to amaze and lure attendees into its cocoon of weirdness, experimentation and surprise. 2014 was no different, but with so much to see and do at any given time, one couldn’t have possibly done it all. Peep our highlights … Troxum’s opening set on Saturday set the tone for a great night. PGH ain’t playing.


(Official Film) Peaceful Gathering of Hands ~ Cultivating Community

Drove past this today the demolition of the old #nakturnal #nakyouout building and the old bank. I wonder what they are putting in. Remember this was up the street from Shadow/Ava Lounge? #memories in the vault @kelleemaize 😄 #nakturnal #nakyouout #whootiewhoo !! Blessings to you and your new family! Namaste. (at Eastside)


Kellee Maize ~ Dancing With Lightning #412