Reasons you should stan Topp Dogg

1) They explain to you how to kidnap them
2) Have pillow fights with fans in the streets (x)
3) Literally ship themselves you don’t even need your imagination (pepero game video)
4) Their reactions to getting scared are either violent or adorable (x)
5) They protect a girl who’s in danger of getting hit by a car (hidden cam)
6) Wizard Kingdom (dance line) dance stages slay (Japan Showcase) (Singapore Showcase)
7) Talk Dirty to Me (x) Uptown Funk (x) Happy (x
8) Covers (Some) (Maps) (Eyes, Nose, Lips) (Love Me Like You Do)
9) Rapper line kills it (Peekaboo) (Make It Home) (Pretty Mof#cka)
10) Unique and amazing music concepts like traditional-Korean/modern mix (Arario) classical/modern (Top Dog) and new-jack-swing/modern (Annie)
11) Vocal line knows their stuff (I Know/Keep Smiling) (I Think This Isn’t Right) (Gohn Solo)
12) Such dorks I swear these aren’t even exaggerations (x) (Kidoh Gwiyomi) (Waking Up ToppDogg
13) There’s 12 of them I promise you’ll find one to love!

Thank you P-Goon for staying with the boys so long, through all the up and downs. You were an awesome leader and someone Toppklass will always look up to and after. Good luck in the army and I look forward to your acting career.

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Nakta I need you to remember something, all these hatters,

Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Will never measure even a quarter of a percentage up to you. Live your life for all your fans. Cause we love you with all our hearts. Because you,

Our Handsome Camel,

are a part of our hearts! Live your life and do whatever you want cause we will always support you with our beautiful hearts

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Hansol, well done my butterfly! Your wings are so pretty, they blind us yet we can’t help looking at them. Please never hide them cause they deserve to be seen by the world. Good luck on getting into the army.

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Can you hear us?

You can’t see us?

We are there boys!

Right behind you!

Even if we have different paths.

Even if our paths are paths that

may never meet.

Cause we are your fans,

And you our idols.

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Oh and Hunus,