Get to know ToppDogg

Since we’ve been gaining a lot of new fans lately, I’ve decided to make it easier for all of you to get into the awesome group that is ToppDogg. In this post, there will be basic info, links and videos, and I hope this post will be helpful to all the new ToppKeuls out there. Welcome to the fandom and enjoy your stay!

ToppDogg debuted in October 2013 as a 13 members group under Stardom Entertainment, but are now a 10 members group under Hunus Entertainment (Stardom merged with Hunus during summer 2015 and Hunus is now in charge of the group’s promotions). The members are divided into 4 Kingdoms (Dragons, Knights, Lions and Wizards) and 2 sub-units (ToppDogg G and UnderDogg, which are both pretty inactive).

Here are the links to their title songs:
Say ItCigaretteOpen the doorArarioTopDogAnnieThe Beat

Their dance practices:
Say ItOpen the doorArarioTopDog – The Beat

Their fanchant videos:
Say ItOpen the doorArarioTopDogAnnieThe Beat

And their covers:
SomeEyes, Nose, LipsMapsDear FriendEmpire State of mindLove me like you doThe HillsThe Monster

And here are the members!

Jenissi (Kim Taeyang)
Rapper and eldest (Lion)

P-Goon (Park Sehyuk)
Leader and Vocalist (Dragon)

  • Used to be a back dancer for EvoL during “Get up” promotions along with Hansol and A-Tom
  • Says he’s cold and scary but is actually a fluff ball
  • Amazing abs and always shirtless
  • He’s his little sister’s number one fanboy (his sister is Park Sehee, a KCONIC trainee on Produce 101)
  • His debut hairstyle was a blessing
  • Apparently really wants to learn French
  • Is thrown around by Seogoong in “Open the door” and “Arario”
  • Has a tattoo on his right arm

Hojoon (Jeon Hojoon)
Dancer and Vocalist (Wizard)

  • Smallest member
  • Used to wear round glasses which got him his nickname Hojoon Potter
  • Great vocals and dancing skills
  • Kind of underrated
  • He almost debuted in Bigstar
  • Nags a lot and acts like a grandpa
  • Shy, quiet and “not funny” on camera

Sangdo (Yu Sangdo)
Vocalist (Dragon)

  • A real angel
  • Also a dad
  • We were all blessed by his All of me cover
  • His debut hairstyle ruined his beautiful face
  • Eric Benet fanboy
  • Husband material
  • He sponsors a little girl in Myanmar

Nakta (Shin Yoonchul)
Vocalist (Knight)

  • Produced most of Jenissi’s mixtapes
  • Extremely underrated
  • Sings very well and has a very nice voice, although it sounds very special
  • Pretty funny
  • Tallest member
  • His stage name “Nakta” means “camel” in Korean and he chose it because he acts and looks like a camel
  • Is a total sweetheart
  • Was in VIXX’s predebut show MyDol and is friends with the members

Hansol (Kim Hansol)
Dancer (Wizard)

  • Enjoys voguing
  • Best friends with Say from EvoL
  • Likes B-Joo A LOT
  • Worshiped by the whole fandom
  • Cat-like features and sounds like a mouse
  • Actually a pretty good singer
  • Calls his fans his butterflies and has a butterfly tattoo on his lower back (along with the words “lucid dream”)
  • Cares so much about his fans and is honestly the cutest and loveliest human being on earth
  • Slayed his role as Salieri in “TopDog”

B-Joo (Kim Byungjoo)
Dancer (Wizard)

  • Has a “Bounce” Tattoo on the back of his right arm
  • Rejects Hansol’s love 99% of the time
  • Extremely funny
  • Goofball
  • Thought Rome was the capital of Greece
  • Would be an amazing MC
  • Seems to be very shy around girls
  • Called Xero an idiot on Twitter
  • Screams a lot and yells “Woooow!!” at any occasion he gets

Xero (Shin Jiho)
Dancer (Wizard)

  • Usually the one screaming in ToppDogg’s songs
  • Performed in a duo with OneKet from G.I
  • Always ready to fight B-Joo
  • Also thought Rome was the capital of Greece
  • Very handsome and selca king
  • Batman fanboy
  • Used to be awkward around Jenissi but they later became JeJe couple (they created their own couple name) and did the pepero game together

A-Tom (Kim Sanggyun)
Rapper (Knight)

  • Used to have long and red hair and looked extremely good with this haircut
  • Still looks really good now
  • Best friends with Yano
  • Actually a five year old high on sugar
  • Always joyful and will easily put a smile on your face
  • Pretty outgoing and very funny
  • His rap in “Dogg’s Out” will give you an eargasm

Yano (Seo Sangwon)
Rapper and Maknae (Lion)

  • Looks like a five year old but is always swearing
  • Raps like an angry god
  • Used to go by the name Snoopy Swaggy
  • Can be pretty weird when he wants to
  • Unwillingly made out with Gohn in the pepero game video
  • He can rap, sing, play guitar, piano, write and compose songs and it’s unfair how talented he is
  • The lyrics from his rap in “The Monster” could easily make you cry
  • He created Sangdo’s solo, Sweetheart and is extremely proud of it
  • Deserves more recognition as a rapper
  • Called Kidoh “oppa” on Instagram

Former members

Seogoong (Park Hyunho)
Vocalist (Lion)

  • Got his stage name from a fortune teller
  • Likes to sing his intro (Main vocal~ Seogoong-imnida~)
  • Acted in the musical Gone with the wind
  • Really buff
  • Do not touch his food or he’ll kill you
  • Spins P-Goon around in “Open the door” and “Arario”
  • Was present in the Annie MV but didn’t do any promotions for this song, and left not long after to go to the sub-unit UnderDogg because he wanted to sing more (though apparentely, he has left Hunus Entertainment and will be releasing a solo album in august)

Gohn (Kim Dongsung)
Vocalist (Lion)

  • Very tall and is basically a giant teddy bear
  • Has quite a high pitched voice and sings beautifully
  • Is especially amazing when he sings live
  • Created the song “Cigarette” (his baby)
  • Beautiful eye smile and giant hands
  • Former member of the dad squad
  • Left ToppDogg after their European tour and is currently doing his military service (and looks very good in a uniform)

Kidoh (Jin Hyosang)
Rapper (Knight)

  • Is best friends with Jin from BTS and, Supreme Boi and i11evn
  • Almost debuted as a BTS member
  • Lived in Australia for two years
  • Serious and intense onstage but completely crazy and extremely funny offstage
  • Wasn’t present during “TopDog” promotions because he was working on his solo album (title song Taxi on the phone (ft. Sangdo) and I suggest you also listen to Still Alive)
  • Very underrated rapper who deserves more love and fame
  • Is part of underground rap groups DNH (DaeNamHyup) and ROCKBOTTOM
  • Left at the same time as Gohn, after their European tour to dedicate himself to his solo career as a rapper

Here are a few links that will help you follow the boys’ updates!

Kidoh - Jenissi - Yano - A-Tom

ToppDogg KR - ToppDogg House - Kidoh - Seogoong - Xero - P-Goon - Yano - Jenissi - Hansol

ToppDogg - Kidoh - Seogoong - Xero - P-Goon - Yano - Hansol - A-Tom - Jenissi - Hojoon - B-Joo

ToppDogg - Kidoh

Rap line’s mixtapes/solo work

If you are looking for Tumblr accounts, here is a list of ToppDogg blogs you should definitely check out:
@4jenissi @930615
@a-tomsfabhair @a-tomtastic @atomative @awakening-menace 
@beanjoo @big-daddy-gohn @bjoogie @byungjoobae
@fojoon @fyjiho @fytoppdogg
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@jehovahnlssl @jenisea @jenissas @jenissisleeping @jihoops @jnoday @judgmental-jenissi 
@ml-wizard @madllght 
@tdooggy @toppdoggcandy @toppdoggintl @toppdoggnetwork @toppklassbitch @toppklassnet @toppdoggtd @toppdoggsg 
@yusangno @yuusangdo

(big thanks to jihoops who contributed to this list in one of my reblogs ♡)

And here are a few videos/interviews with English subs:

B-Joo TV ep1

ToppDogg Project
EP1 - EP2 - …

EP1 - EP2 - EP3 - EP4 - EP5 part1 part2 - EP6 - EP7 - EP8 - EP9

Ask in a box
EP1 - EP2 - EP3 - EP4 - EP5 - EP6 - EP7 - EP8 - EP9 - EP10

Show Kpop
EP1 - EP2

Secret Box - After School Club - Pops in Seoul - Idol School ep.1

Before I Die interviews
Group interview - Wizards - Dragons - Lions - Knights

A few backstage videos
Open the door era - Annie era - Annie era - Open the door era - Arario era

“What are you ToppDogg”, listed on this post along with other ToppDogg videos, and you can find much more videos on this post (thanks again to jihoops who provided the link ♡)

And don’t forget to check out their other videos on ON AIR HUNUS, such as the pepero game video and the secret camera! Also subscribe to ToppDoggIntl’s Youtube Channel if you don’t want to miss the translations of the next episodes of “ToppDogg Project” and “B-Joo TV”. And, if you’re interested, you can check out my fancams and fanaccount of their concert in Paris here.

One last thing: if you are a French speaking ToppKlass, please support ToppDogg France on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! We try to put out one subbed video every week~

There are a lot of ToppDogg blogs out there and some of them already did posts like this, so don’t forget to check them out too!
I hope this post was helpful and if you need anything or have suggestions to improve this post, don’t hesitate to message me or send me an ask! Also, all of my posts are tagged so you shouldn’t have any trouble going through it.

Enjoy your stay in the ToppKlass fandom~

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fav topp dogg memories
  • hansols ‘dandy happy birthday sexy man’ 
  • fan asking bjoo where xero is and bjoo replying with ‘xero is an idiot’ 
  • bjoo slapping xero while hes talking and then xero slapping him back, harder and then bjoo getting up and looking like hes Ready To Fight™ 
  • xero drinking cooly and everybody thinks its a coffee but in reality it was hot chocolate 
  • bjoos ‘drop the beat!!!!’ 
  • hansol spraying bjoo with water and making bjoos shirt all wet 
  • the pepero game 
  • sangdo hitting the ‘ghost’, then apologizing afterwards 
  • xero kissing the members 
  • yano nakta hansol and a-tom getting brazilian waxing
  • hansol hugging bjoo, bjoo screaming ‘LET GO’ and then bjoo hitting him with a plushie 
  • hansol telling everyone that xero seemed to like his underwear and then telling xero that he will give him one pair of his underwear and then slapping him with these, xero throwing it at the floor, bjoo getting them back and then xero smelling these 
  • pgoons ‘einstein sunbaemin’ 
  • kidoh promoting his solo album and telling ‘so i’m giving this to hojoon as a birthday present!!’
  •  bjoo: you can have the buffet. hansol: with you? 
  • bjoos ‘WAOW’ and screams
  • bungee jumping
  • yano saying ‘disgusting’ in english in topp dogg all kill
  • jenissi tasting  coffee to guess the brand name
  • kidohs ‘im fresh like ur backpack!!!’
  • xero bjoo pgoon and hojoon dressed as girls
  • atom xero nd hojoon pranking bjoo and xero slapping bjoos ass afterwards
  • jenissi freestyling and then xero interrupting him with the squeaky chicken toy
  • kidoh in annie fanchant video, his foot dance and jenissis reaction to it
  • hansol chasing chickens
  • jenissi perfectly pronouncing western name and when the girl tells him it was good he mumbles ‘english good’
  • xero holding the card with his info and being all cool and then hojoon telling him its upside down 
  • hansol hugging bjoo and then pushing him out of the chair hes sitting on
  • hojoon atom bjoo and xero trying to dance along to gfriends glass bead and when the stardom poster behind them pells off bjoo starts to laugh hysterically and ruins everything
  • hansols ‘its td boys not titty boys’
  • gohn: im sorry for interrupting bjoo: if youre sorry then just stop
  • bjoo talking about how his shoulders got wider and hansol rolling his eyes
  • yano making a bracelet and trying to put it on the show writer’s wrist and then breaking it
  • pgoon scaring members
  • girl commenting ‘gay’ on hansols instagram and hansol replying with ‘so? you hate gay guys? really??’ and just basically being a hero we need
  • hansol dancing to red velvets dumb dumb
  • hansol voguing
  • nakta telling everyone that he talked for two hours about frogs to sangdo
  • nakta not picking yanos call but picking bjoos and not saying anything
  • hansol talking and holding the cookie in his hand and then yano takes it and eats it and hansol getting all shocked
  • hansol getting the cake on his birthday and he gets it on his hand and slaps bjoos cheek with it and then he goes to bjoo and bjoo do the same with him
  • xero and jenissi getting a challenge to hold hands when it was jenissis birthday
  • xero dancing in his cow pajamas in the middle of the night  outside
  • seogoong asking whos the best looking, atom screeching and seogoong telling him to go back to the building
  • i just love topp dogg

Award for cutest laugh goes to Hansol 😍 I needed this on loop omg

Made with Vine
Okay ToppKlass, we need to talk.

Once again, some of you managed to piss Hansol off on Instagram (here are the translations of his posts: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4). So here are some reminders:

ToppDogg reads all the comments on social media. Every. Single. One. They try their best to be the closest to their fans so they actually take the time to read what fans say about them on Twitter, Instagram, their fancafe and Tumblr (yes, they know about Tumblr). Especially Hansol. But some of you have been ruining everything by posting mean and disrespectful comments, asking about his sexuality and mentioning HanJoo all the time. How is that appropriate? Would you like it if some strangers were stalking you on social media and kept asking you about your sexuality? No. Because that’s something private you don’t really want to share with everyone. If you like shipping idols, writing fanfics and do fanart, that’s okay. But do it somewhere else than on your idol’s personal accounts!

Don’t ask them to speak English. None of the member are native English speakers so it’s normal they don’t communicate in English with their fans. And even if they were, who are you to tell them what to do? If you want to understand what they’re saying, wait for the translations (that’s what fanbases are for and they are doing an amazing job). And if you’re not patient enough, learn Korean. Don’t expect them to make things easier for you, they already do enough for their fans.

Also: your idols are not your friends. You may think you know them but you don’t, and they don’t know you. So stop being rude to them like you would be with your close friends, because this isn’t funny to them. Stop acting like you can say anything you want to them just because you’re a fan. Actually, if you are being disrespectful like this, don’t even dare call yourself a fan.

If you’re doing what I’ve just talked about: stop it. Now.

Topp Dogg's real names
  • P-Goon:Park "These abs can make a grown man cry" Sehyuk
  • Jenissi:Kim "I'm always in the back for pictures when I'm the shortest" Taeyang
  • Seogoong:Park "I'll crush your head between my thighs" Hyunho
  • Gohn:Kim "I'll come back from the army ripped as fuck and no one's gonna be ready" Dongsung
  • Sangdo:Yu "Adorable as fuck to secondhand embarrassment real quick" Sangdo
  • Kidoh:Jin "Skip the adorable and go straight to secondhand embarrassment" Hyosang
  • Nakta:Shin "Tall drink of water is an understatement" Yooncheol
  • Hojoon:Jeon "No one was ready for me in Arario era" Hojoon
  • B-Joo:Kim "My hair is constantly having an identity crisis" Byungjoo
  • Hansol:Kim "I'm either too precious for this world or too sexy" Hansol
  • Xero:Shin "It's not my fault I'm so sexy" Jiho
  • A-Tom:Kim "Quickly becoming a meme thanks to my hyungs" Sanggyun
  • Yano:Seo "Raps like a monster but acts like a five year old" Sangwon