loobangtopp asked:

Do you guys take requests right now? (If not, you can just ignore this) Can i request a Topp Dogg reaction when they see their tomboy crush in a dress for the first time? I am a big fan of your blog btw >.<

Hellooooo and thank you so much! So sorry this took so long to answer, but here you go! (Just doing my biases, I hope that’s okay.)

Kidoh: *surprised and very pleased to see her like this* “She always looked good, but this right here??????”

Gohn: *approaches her after she catches his eye* “Sooo are you finally gonna let me get your number? No? Oh okay, stay beautiful, babygirl.”

Nakta: *shocked/lovestruck* “Was that….Was she?….Is she wear–…..Is she wearing a dress?!”

Bjoo: *tries to impress her in an attempt to take things to the next level* 

- Expectation

- Reality

Atom: *impressed* “Oh! Trying something different today?”

Hojoon: *mistakes her for different person/reintroduces himself as if he’s meeting her for the first time*

[150424] Twitter Topp Dogg House

[HANSOL] Byungjoo you were so excited delivering the birthday punch [to Nakta], what are you going to do on your birthdayㅠㅠㅠㅜ Byung-sob B-sob* ㅋㅋㅋ Your beautifully clasped hands seem polite #HappyNakTaDay

* T/N:
A pun out of B-Joo’s real name and stage name; 무록 is attached to the end of a word to indicate sobbin

Trans: DoggOnTopp

Which Topp Dogg member should you fight

inspired by this post

Pgoon: You’ll go to fight him, but as soon as you make a fist he’ll pull up his shirt and show you his abs. You’ll be immobilized by his abs. You can’t win this fight.

Sangdo: Noooo don’t fight him he’s an angel :( let him make trumpet sounds and stupid faces for fantakens in peace


Gohn: Fight him, but be quick about it. Don’t let him take his jacket off. If he takes his jacket off it’s all over for you.

Seogoong: Satan has just informed me that if anyone tries to fight Park Hyunho he’s dragging them straight to Hell.

Hojoon: Don’t fight him, he’s too sweet to fight. His updates are literally just him asking how your day was and if you ate enough. Don’t take that away from us.

Xero: Fight him for being greasy.

Bjoo: Fight him for the same reason as Xero. Then after you’re done fighting Bjoo, go back and fight Xero again.

Hansol: …You can fight him, but you’d probably get arrested for punching a kitten :(

Nakta: …I wouldn’t recommend it. At all. Don’t do it. Love yourself and don’t fight Nakta.

Yano: Nah, he’s sweet like Hojoon. Don’t fight him. Let snoopy swaggy rap in peace.

A-Tom: I know a lot of people say they wanna fight A-Tom but I don’t think anyone truly wants to fight A-Tom. He’s just a happy kid on a constant sugar rush. Leave him be.