A glimpse into the future of this blog, i’ve started working on a page that lists all of the translations of Jun, Yapoos, Guernica and misc songs with proper credit (a few of the other main fansites don’t seem to have proper credits for a lot of things) and i’ve commissioned a translation of the Jun Togawa with Vampillia song “watashi ga nakou hototogisu“ which the translator will post either tomorrow or Monday.

notfukurouheichou  asked:


Ahhhh sankyuu

🎶 top 5 favorite songs

At present, they’re Peace Sign by Kenshi Yonezu (something about it just…….so comforting to me……..), Rin! Rin! Hi! Hi! by a group I don’t know and am too lazy to check, Tenohira by someone else I don’t know but it’s a Fairy Tail opening, Katte Nakou Ze by T-Pistonz+KMC, Boys&Girls by LM. C, annnnnnnnnnnd Key-bring it on my destiny by Lenny code fiction!

With the last two reblogs, the entirety of Tamahime Sama is now translated into English! The various translations are listed here on the index i’ve been working on (this is taking longer than it would normally because I just started college and as much as i’d like to devote all of my time to doing this, I have to study too).

I will announce when the index is completed and the songs that are missing translations, but for now please enjoy the complete lyrics to all of Tamahime Sama in English, largely thanks to namikiji for doing the two that were missing and also for probably being the person to do the rest in the future!

Their translation of “watashi ga nakou hototogisu” is coming soon, along with a translated interview with Jun about the Vampillia collab album!