I love Yoshitomo Nara’s art so much and I just love his idea of small mini houses. I remember seeing one of his wagon houses in LA (one of his LA shows) and wow really cute (the inside interiors are super adorable…it’s for tiny kids)

I think his theme of cute kids with mischievous faces is very adorable and it shows our childhood, how we used to be troublemakers or be rebellious. It’s funny how my theme is also the concept of young kids (Lolita) but then the kids symbolizes us right now…pretty much you’re looking at yourself when you were a kid but what they’re doing/symbols in the picture is pretty much what you are right now.

I always promised myself that I would do masterposts, but then school, school, hw, and school started attacking me so I couldn’t but YEH since I have no school I can make this HAHA!!!

I love horror mangas more than shonen and shoujo mangas because well good story and twisted endings…also the art is just lovely (and very mature). So before you read this, the pictures are all NSFW so if you don’t like guro stuff then TURN BACK! If not well give yourself a pat in the back U v U

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Just finished TA for Will Weston’s Inventive Drawing class and I took pictures for personal inventive drawing notes HEH (since I already took this class year ago)

ALSO this is for yapoos (since she stopped going to school, I promised her I would get notes from Inventive Drawing lol)

the first three pictures is on body and the measurements (also body fat too hah) and the last three is er…arm exercise I had to do (YES he told me that drawing comes first, and then my TA job…and my ninja polishing techniques)

NAKI/MONI u 3 u)/


First of all, I’m breaking my semi-hiatus just to post this (and also counts as inspiration post so lol)

I remember going to my friend, Trish’s house and NGL she is like the biggest moomin fan (she has all the books, toys, cups, and she got one of her book signed by Tove Jansson). At first I dont know why she loves moomin so much but now I understand why she loves the series and it’s beCAUSE OF tHE COLORS (and cute moomintrolls heh)

I now have my new obsession (so expect a lot of…moomin fanart on my twitter and instagram hahah)



RIP “Alpaca” (watercolor moleskine) - [2.9.12 ~ 8.24.12]

It takes me one year to finish my sketchbook and this is my 5th moleskine (but first watercolor moleskine).

one thing about this moleskine, I really love the paper…not too yellow like sketchbook moleskine. it’s more like very light creamy color. I bought this because well…sketchbook moleskine is very bad with ink (and I use ink a lot and gouache)…I recommend trying out different sketchbook but if you still want to stick to moleskine, I recommend you this sketchbook :)

I still keep all my moleskines (for future reference). I’ll be sad not caring this around with me but I'm definitely going to use it for my future ideas (more like inspiration sketches)



I hated when PSY became so huge here in America…and they treated him as a fat korean guy dancing to ridiculous and silly music instead of treating him as an actual artist…because he’s one of the most influential artist in Korea and well respected….

because one time I told my friend that he was an artist and their answer was “oh I thought he was a comedian”


Well school started and it seems that I have supply money problem and I don’t want to ask my dad for supply money (because I feel bad about using his money just to for a $23.00 sketchbook)

I only bought %30 of my school supplies and I need to buy more in the future (and my epson inkjet broke so I also need to fix my printer)

Basically, I’m on budget right now and I don’t want to ask my parents for supplies money (and I believe the money I get from work won’t cover all the supplies I need to buy)

So I’m opening commission

Color is only $20 and lineart is only $15 (ANY SIZE!)

If you still want me to draw 640 px x 480 px commission, just to let you know, it’s only $5

If you want to commission me, my email is: and please PLEASE title your email as “COMMISSION [month/date/year]

also my paypal is

Signal boost would be very lovely and thank you for taking your time to read this! Also I also accept original characters or anime/video games (and I know there are some few of you guys that are still waiting for my commission, I’ll try to recover my hard drive and upload it ASAP)



miracleufo said:

Why do u think gwen stefani’s harajuki theme before didn’t get such negative reaction? (At least not that im aware of) she had Japanese girls follow her around in concerts and on red carpets before. Isnt it the same?

its called WOC as accessories and that is one thing I do not want to see in both Gwen and Avril. Sure Gwen actually defended saying that its part of a art project, but to be honest, as an Asian, that shit is really offensive because they are literally treating Asian girls as props??? Its like her own personal doll she can bring in stage and make herself look like “hey I love Asians so to show you my love for Asian culture, here’s my Asian girls”…Also the design on her Harajuku Girls perfume pissed me off when I was in middle school.

But Avril decided to make it worse by screaming random japanese, eating sushi, and literally screaming kawaii. They both attack on the stereotypes of Japanese culture and it is damn offensive because there are more than just Japanese people eating sushi or screaming “kawaii”. I somehow get people defending Avril’s video because they never experience culture appropriation??? At All. They think that screaming random Japanese will get them respect and love from idk Japanese people, but the truth is, they’re making themselves look really dumb. Remember when Lady Gaga went to Japan to perform? Yeah this is not what I want to see.

I remember one time when I went to Arizona with my family, this white person came up to me bowing down and saying stuff like “konichiwa” and I told him that I’m Korean, but then he changed his language to Korean and asked me very slowy if I knew hamburger. I was in middle school and that shit offended me a lot….and that’s when I started to look into culture appropriation and learned a lot from my teachers/peers. Now we actually go to the actual question: Why did Gwen get away with this, well what I think (I still need to research more) I guess it wasn’t talked so much in year 2005 ~ 2006??? But please do correct me cuz I was in middle school and I want to know too. I think now these days, there are more people who wants to overcome this problem, and we have more POC defending themselves. And I’m glad because I think its time for POC to defend their culture.

Can’t wait to get new hair next week…going back to blonde and chopping off my hair WAAH!!!!! I’m gonna feel good having blonde hair yeh!!!

idk how short I want to get my haircut. Maybe like shiina ringo’s short hair (or maybe another ga-in’s hair) or just stick to this picture lmao

well I’m very sleep and I need to work-out tomorrow so GOOD NIGHT U3U (btw mom bought my contact lenses yay!!!! one-day prescription thingie)



I started Tumblr in September 2009 and I told myself, “I should post my art a lot and can’t wait to meet wonderful artist on tumblr”

If it wasn’t for my followers reblogging my (lame) chalk drawing during my senior year, I would be on deviantart being all weeaboo lol

I want to thank my followers for sticking up with me (for three years WOW) and plus meeting with amazing artist/friends like Christine, my hubby/Emi/Rii/R2D2 and my school friend(s) who I met through tumblr. ALSO thank you for listening to my stupid ass rants on tumblr.

I believe that Tumblr changed my life so much, not just my artist views but as myself. Tumblr taught me what’s right or wrong and connecting with people who has the same interest. Two days ago(?) I had to explain my dark/horrible past (I still get scared talking about it) but I’m thankful that you guys understand that my goal is not just to draw wonder/eye-candy greepy/dark arts…my goal is to create a wonderful art that will make the viewers understand why I’m drawing.

To say thank you for +4,000 followers AND to celebrate my 3 years on Tumblr I decided that now is the time to announce my very first color zines.

I’ve been working on this project last year (since making my own art book is my passion since I don’t get any invites or features and such) and I believe that working on this project helped me so much like that one time talking to myself if I wanted to go into entertainment art track at ACCD (but decided to go indo Illustration Design and I’m very happy with my track choice)

The title of this book is called “MUSIC”. I LOVE music. without music, I can’t draw, eat, or sleep. Music is my soul (and body). This colored zines includes full colored art inspired by my goddess (and her band) SHIINA RINGO and other artists like PERFUME and YUKI.

I promise you, I’ll finish this book by this upcoming spring and I will have this on sale on my birthday.





I uploaded my midterm piece yesterday and I did not expect to get my works on tumblr radar…OH MAN Thank you so much for the feature (and of course for the blue tags)

Now I want to work hard and do my best on scholarship! But before I go, I just want to introduce myself (for my new followers):

Name is Michelle (or Naki for short) and I’m an art student at Art Center College of Design. I post a lot of inspiration and art (and sometimes I spam evangelion)…Since I’m busy with school I post inspirations but pretty sure after April I’ll start posting up a lot of works U v U…also tumblr savior #nakitext if you don’t want to read my rants or sometimes thoughts on certain topis..

i HOPE you like my low quality blog sobs,