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Do you have any fluffy headcannons about how the members of Goat and Kaneki would treat Touka if she's pregnant? XD


  • i need to start with Naki. Imagine Naki being super overprotective of Touka with the silliest things, at first it looks cute but then Touka gets easily irritated because it’s… way too much. If she’s going to take a seat somewhere, he’s like “oohhh!! let me help you manager!!” grabbing her by the arm and helping her sit even if she doesn’t need help. If she tries to make some coffee he’s like “let me do it manager you are pregnant you need to rest,” and she’s like… no, you’re gonna break the cups/machine and he’s pushing her towards the couch “don’t worry manager, i got this” …. 3 min later he breaks almost every mug. Poor Naki just wants to be useful and help the king’s waifu but he’s always messing it up and one day Touka screams at him to leave her alone for once and Naki can’t help but run away and cry. Touka feels super bad after that.
  • Hinami is super sweet all the time, she usually reads books for the baby and she’s always hugging her tummy.
  • Ayato’s face turns into a huge red tomato when Touka invites him to feel the baby with his hand for the first time, at first he’s putting excuses but she grabs his hand and places it on her tummy and he’s literally about to cry
  • the aogiri kids are super excited for the baby and they’re always placing their little ears on Touka’s belly and whenever they see her they suggest new names for the baby.
  • the garden kids are also very protective of Touka just like Naki, they’re always following her around and creating some type of shield around her body to keep her safe, lol.
  • Touka loooooves to use Nishiki as a slave with the excuse of “i’m pregnant, i can’t move, my back hurts, i feel dizzy” so she’s always like “hey, nishiki, make me a coffee. Could you bring me the blanket? i’m cold. Nishiki, go and buy more coffee beans. Hey, pass me the pillow. Nishiki, rub my back a bit, i can’t even move..” and at first he’s trying to remain calm but one day he loses his shit and he’s like I’M NOT YOUR FUCKING MAID and Touka is like ;-; how dare you to scream at a pregnant woman… for Nishiki’s bad luck, Yomo and Ayato where there when he screamed at her so yeah, rip nishiki.
  • Tsukiyama buys a ridiculous amount of baby clothes almost every day, he always comes to her with almost 10 bags of super expensive garment and Touka doesn’t have more space left to put all the bags. 
  • Koma can’t stop dreaming of the day the baby borns to finally have someone willing to hear all his Devil Ape stories. 

enjoy reading this because it’s never going to happen and the baby will die, adios! *flies away*

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Hope you don't mind another prompt! In honor of current antics - five weddings Kaneki cried at + when he got married and multiple people cried. Preference for canon or implied pairings, but you do you

I’m going to ignore the most recent chapters in that :RE is shutting down.

The first wedding Kaneki ever attended (attended was generous…him and Touka watched from the hills as the happy couple left the church) was actually for two people who barely knew. He wasn’t invited by the couple, but was rather invited by the person who mattered to him most.

Yoriko looked beautiful. However, Kaneki couldn’t shake the sight of tears glistening in the corners of Touka’s eyes.

She didn’t cry, but he did (he cried for Touka, who life had hardened into someone who couldn’t let themselves break down or they’d keep on breaking).

Nishiki and Kimi got married in :RE in a ceremony that involved only the exchange of blood (ghoul tradition) and a pair of rings (on Kimi’s insistence…she was understanding, but she wanted something physical to show that Nishiki wasn’t leaving this time). She had been so brave when Nishiki first came back to her. She’d been supportive and kind and so…so afraid of losing him again.

Kaneki glanced down at where his fingers were interlocked with Touka’s (a tarnished ring on his index…not his ring finger). He was so happy that Nishiki and Kimi had found each other again. He was happy he could be here (with her). They’d both lost so many people.

They were going to lose more, but at least they could be happy for now.

He cried a little bit and Nishiki, bastard that he was, never let it go.

Ayato and Hinami don’t get married. Kaneki thinks they never will (Ayato won’t look at the ring on Kaneki’s finger. He didn’t show up to Nishiki’s wedding either). However, what they have is special.

Kaneki had been reading in the greenhouse when he heard. Hinami promised never to leave Ayato, that he’d never be alone, and that they’d share their lives forever. Ayato hadn’t cried (though Kaneki certainly teared up), but he did sound awfully choked up when he told Hinami,

“Forever. Even if we die.”

It wasn’t romantic yet, but Kaneki knew one day it would be.

Amon and Akira’s marriage was abrupt. There’s fear in both their eyes during the ceremony (desperation for it to go faster, a feverish terror that it wouldn’t happen at all). Amon’s hands shake so violently he can barely get the ring on his wife’s finger. Akira’s are steady, however Kaneki knows her well enough to see that she’s gone pale.

They are getting married because they know there isn’t much time left.

Kaneki knows that too. Maybe that’s why his hands start to shake (him and Amon had always been a little too similar).

Unlike Amon’s, his didn’t stop until Touka shoved him into a wall and kissed him until he couldn’t think of anything else.

Naki and Miza’s wedding is a gigantic party. It’s full of dancing and laughter and everything that his been missing from the somber occasions proceeding it - it suits the couple well. Kaneki is happy for them, laughing until his vision blurs with tears, and he finds a little bravery in it.

Maybe he can take a risk today…

Touka and Kaneki’s wedding is attended by all of their friends. It’s not a party like Naki and Miza’s, but it’s still…a celebration.

Kaneki’s hands shake, but Touka is smiling. Her eyes don’t hold the same fear that Akira’s did. They don’t reflect quite the same history that Kimi’s did - an old love or a wounded one (though Kaneki had given her plenty to be hurt about…today was free of that. They were free of that). No one has to hide in their crowd of friends.

There’s no doubt here - they’re in love. They’re getting married because they’re in love.

There’s no aisle to walk down, no white dress, no rings except for the one Kaneki already wears. There’s just Banjou, newly inducted into internet priesthood, along with a speech that each of them had written. Kaneki’s is five pages long after many nights of editing (it was 20, but Ayato had beaten him up and said he didn’t want to hear about his sister for that long). Touka’s is one.

Touka cries at what he has to say (passages from all her favourite books, quotes from her, every example of her kindness he knew she couldn’t refute, and how much he wanted to be with her instead of needed to be…because she already knew about the need). Some others tear up at his sentimentality. Touka’s one page is what turns on the waterworks for Yomo, Ayato, and all the old members of :RE.

“I love you. I never thought there was a reason for me to live in this world other than my refusal to die. I never thought I could be redeemed - I didn’t want to be. But you, you made me…see the world. You made me look. When I looked at the world, saw its ugliest parts and its beauty, I saw myself, too. You made me look like somebody worth living for, so I want to spend my life on you. Let’s both make the most of it.”

Fear and peace, strings of death tied to life.

“Culture absolutely cannot do without passions, vices, and acts of malice.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

No matter the answer to the question of peace, it is no less a horrifying structure than the wars it acts as the violent precursor to. Peace has, throughout history, mostly been exemplified by its duality; in the aftermath of conflict, it is equally punishment and recompense as it is an achievement and blessing. For it to exist as a monolithic force permitting the temporary absence of that conflict, one side had to be “victorious” while the other was “defeated.”

The Oggai are expensive tools in Furuta’s zero-sum game, embodying loss and gain of personal and societal identities. The kanji is half of “death” reflected upon itself, alluding to the children who were stripped of humanity and went on to exceed the basic human condition, whose collective function is to rain death upon ghouls and humans alike. Compromise cannot stand when evil and good, black and white are polarized to the point of comedy. Furuta’s vision for peace flares with passionate indifference to the end of life, the end of the inferior masses to assemble invulnerable, chaotic instruments that can conquer and succeed in their place. Dying alone is a bore, too easy, too frightening an act, so he chooses life with a noose around his neck; the psychology of a deranged, depraved man lies in his need to frantically grab on to every bit of what little he can precisely because it has failed to hold meaning for him any longer. His focus veers toward what he should have been once he has lost good sense of what he should be, and he is crippled completely by his fear of moving anywhere at all after even that necessity has disgraced him and vanished. “Peace” and “ethics” thus become simple words to lob around for a taste at trivial triumph. Only by his own lack of meaning for such can he blindly demand them from others, stoke the flames of his fraudulent ambitions, be exalted as a profane god.

But a god that sins and shits no differently than their venal worshipers is no god, else they are all gods. These souls together convulse in agony, joined by the primal fear of death, of the death of their wants and needs. What sets the pretenders apart is their unvarnished audacity in exploiting that fear in those they deem weaker than themselves, until they collapse and become the exploited.

“I want to take this fucked up, piece of shit world, fuck it up even more, and give it a factory reset.”
(TG:re, ch. 86)

Each god rises from the ashes of the one before, endowed with a hereditary love of destruction and no more than that. To say that they are frivolous hypocrites isn’t a totally exaggerated assumption. Like Furuta, Eto was embittered in her fundamental loneliness, filled with revulsion for the father that she could not freely call her own. Her vengeance against the world for allowing her birth was a revolution for egoistic peace, and with the conviction that her methods would help dissolve the twisted birdcage came a pitifully inflated complex that rivaled V’s. She regarded V with the most livid contempt for their “mistaken belief” yet emerged guilty of exactly that — she would wrest the fucked up world from their vile, corpse-befouled hands with her own vile, corpse-befouled hands, a rejection of their peace for hers.

Unrepentant reapers like Furuta, Eto, and V/the Washuu can be readily epitomized by a singular line from Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death, that hatred and chaos are baneful effects of the pathetic struggle against the fragile self afraid of death in its ultimate form:

“If we don’t have the omnipotence of gods, we at least can destroy like gods.”

Suppose that they or anyone else had their way. What follows once they have “reset” the world? Perhaps a rhythmic balance between life and death would be the prelude to this elusive peace if it could be contained, but life is death in progress, and the story is framed around characters who are thrust daily into the fetid maw of decay, killing and getting killed as they defend their right to life more than they can ever leisurely exercise it.

Juuzou voices his uncertainty and the scene exudes a palpable desolation as the paper plane is carried away in the wind to a destination unknown amidst the vastness before them. He admits he doesn’t know what peace really is, and then wonders if they’ll ever have it. How will one begin to realize or even appreciate that they have attained something worthwhile if they cannot recognize it? Further, if its meaning and existence are lost on its bearers, is there any point to its presence?

Peace is the paper plane — it can be thought of as a product of pernicious inertia, supplying its makers with a momentary calm until it must be let go. It’s both a loyal preservation and betrayal of a utopian ideal. A transition into the next essential war. Human beings inherently pursue the science of search, toiling tirelessly to invent, to claim their discoveries or distribute them for a profit. When the world is well it becomes lethargic; the monotony of that wellness sets in and weariness begins to stir anew.

The mood between Juuzou’s and Hakatori’s dialogues proffers the notion that peace is also a myth conjured by those fortunate enough to survive because they’re slavering for a conscious goal, a reason to justify the ceaseless bloodshed. If all humans were to be erased, then the ghouls’ natural source of sustenance disappears, leaving them to resort to permanent cannibalism. Without external energy being introduced into the food chain it is rendered obsolete, and they would regress as a species until they are extinct. Contrarily, a picture of the human world should all ghouls be erased would be a remarkably tedious echo of our own — political and social warfare, hate and ideological segregation would nevertheless continue to spin the wheel of violence that could never be buried.

Although Juuzou cannot explain the logic to his doubt, he does know that he prefers the status quo since there is little room for stability in either case. This is cemented by Hakatori’s (Tatara’s) statement that the innate curiosity for courses uncharted precipitates devastation. It is also a thinly veiled way of hinting at the perversion of peace as demonstrated by the Oggai, a unified symbol of peace in pieces, bloodhounds with an extraordinary capacity for sniffing out their prey and tearing them to shreds. Could their peace be the honest one if they have to flatten that of their allies and their enemies indiscriminately to reach it?

It isn’t, and it isn’t real. In their universe and this one, it’s the willful fabrication of those who have accepted that the world has unfailingly been ravaged and reinforced by war and peace in tandem, that while discovery inextricably leads to war, they are doomed to honor the duty of upholding that cycle as surely as they are wired to seek evolution. The remaining participants in the great stage play that is the riven world, like Naki and Ui, illustrate the insidious nature of the anxiety of death, why it so often extends to the people they love that they could implore life of the very gods that snatched it away.

In a series alight with the colors of tragedy, the sacrifice of life does well to encapsulate the illusory charm and unmitigated fear of a lasting peace. In this the ghouls and humans are one and the same. There are no gods or demons or monsters, just people steeped in varying shades of torment. They will strive and endure, strive to endure, but never be able to break the final barrier that would enable them to cast away the human essence. The sentimentality in fighting for what is false is their only truth, an incurable sickness shared among the living in search of an escape from the ennui that surreptitiously nourishes and devours them all.

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This is less of a question & more of just something to add to the whole "Touka's irrelevant" claim. Not only did she help in the Cochella raid arc, but she also saved Shuu from those investigators after the Rose arc, who then went on to Rue to save Naki. Without her, Kaneki likely would not have the White Suits under his rule, nor would he have his right hand man to take over as he went on to the Lab. Honestly, she's been integral to Kaneki's success in becoming the One Eyed King in my opinion.

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Can you imagine if Kaneki had a mental breakdown like Light from Death Note in front of everyone? How would they react?

Well, we’ve already seen what a Kaneki-style mental breakdown looks like:

…But I really can’t see that happening to him again any time soon. His mental talk with ‘Hide’ finally gave him some much-needed catharsis. I think that currently, Kaneki is in the healthiest mental state he’s been in…ever. Even more so than the start of the series, when he was repressing his memories of his abusive mother. He really does seem far calmer nowadays. All he really needs to do now is reconcile with the friends he made in the CCG and his development is complete.

But in the hypothetical event that it were to happen, I think - considering the emotional wringer pretty much everyone in Goat has been through - they would be largely sympathetic, though some tough love could be expected from the newer recruits like Naki who need Kaneki to not just be a man, but be a King.

Motivations set #1 ~Tokyo Ghoul

Feel art like Uta.

Create your style like Tsukiyama.

Follow intuition like Mado.

Stay strong like Amon.

Be confident like Juuzou.

Read like Kaneki.

Smile like Hide.

Remember like Jason.

Cry like Naki.

Be quiet like Noro.

Love like Kimi.

Make coffee like Anteiku.

PLAN like CCG.




Have a cat -like Akira.

She's My Kind Of Rain, ayahina fanfic

Summary: Hinami likes dancing in the rain.

Rating: K+, fluff  | Words: 1,399k | Read on AO3 - If you like it, please reblog! ♥

A/N: ayahina time! I STRONGLY recommend you to listen to this song (x) while reading this. I wanted to do something simple and short, I love the idea of Hinami being someone that brings light and bewilderment to Ayato and the rest of the Aogiri members, the light inside the darkness. I remember she said in her diary that “there were many good moments” in Aogiri apart from the bad ones. I believe this fic gathers one of them. There’s also some Naki/Miza love because dkfjghdjhsg <3 I love Hina/Miza/Naki combination. 

For someone like Ayato, Tokyo always looks the same.

Same old buildings, same boring glassy sky that threatens with a storm that never comes, same old grumpy early-morning commuters crossing the streets with their eyes focused on their stupid phones, same old routine even for ghouls, being hunted and slaughtered by the same old doves while the rest of the world breathes, dies and exists.

Tokyo always looks the same, but not today.

Not today.

His eyes peer up at the sky through the dusky window in which he leans on, hands jammed inside his pockets as Tatara’s words resound inside his head like the annoying humming of a fly. He’s giving indications for the next mission, which takes place tonight under Ayato’s command, as usual, and Ayato nods with boredom while smelling the salty air caressing his messy hair. It’s been months since rain-attacked Tokyo, and Ayato can spot the first drop coming down from above and crashing against the thirsty soil. The lame sky follows suit, raindrops pulsing around him in sync with every beat of his heart and Ayato sighs, stretching his hand out of the window, welcoming the pleasant rain. Rain can heal many things, people say. It can heal a broken heart, a sleepless night, even drive away the bad spirits, but when Ayato’s fingers get impregnated by the cold water, he feels nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“Ayato,” Tatara warns, clearly annoyed that Ayato doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to him. “Are you listening to me?”

The boy sighs, feeling the impulse of shaking his moist fingers in Tatara’s direction and damp his face with some holy water, maybe hoping it can heal his stupid face.

But he nods instead, giving him a bored look.

“Yeah, yeah… understood.”

Tatara stares at him for a couple seconds, wanting to add something else, but he doesn’t.

“Just be ready for tonight.”

The door shuts down after Tatara leaves and Ayato’s eyes travel to the cold city again, waiting for something new, a change, a sign that there is something else out there besides Aogiri, a new motivation, a new reason to—


Suddenly, he loses his train of thought. His eyes flicker, paying attention to what’s happening down the building and he’s trying not to lean way too much, the window doesn’t have any glass, but his efforts to get a better view immediately vanish away once she comes into the scene, her head being visible from behind the door and Ayato’s eyes can’t focus on anything else anymore. He can’t.

Hinami smiles brightly, screaming Miza’s name again.

“Miza, look!” she yells, and Miza attends to her call with evident curiosity. She doesn’t seem to get it. “It’s raining!”

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White Suits omake

Hooguro: Aniki, looks like it’s Christmas.

Naki: What’s this “Kumasussu” you’re talking about? What are bears doing there? (TN: “kuma” is “bear”)

Hooguro: It’s a day where you have a party with your family, go on a date with your lover, and so on.

Naki: I see. Then we’ll do one too! Because we’re just like family!

Naki: So, how many bears do you think we’ll need? This many? (14 bears above his head)

Hooguro: We don’t need any bears.


Hooguro: Santa is a red-coloured grandpa who leaves presents by your side while you sleep.

Naki: No way, isn’t that really dangerous?!

Hooguro: It’s okay. He just drops the presents and leaves right after.

Hooguro: You have to write down the thing that you really want on a piece of paper, and send it as a letter. And then on the night of the 24th, if you leave a stocking by your bedside, on the morning of the 25th, the old man will leave you that thing you really wanted.

Naki: Ohh.

Some time later…

Shousei: Hooguro. Did Aniki write it down? What he wants.

Hooguro: …um.

Naki’s handwriting is almost illegible.

Shousei: “Ohagi…u”?

Hooguro: I think that says “keyaki” though…

(Correct answer is “cigar set”).


Miza is sleeping when she wakes up.

Miza: …Nghh……!?

She sees Naki in the doorway.

Naki: …

Miza: W-what is it, Naki? You surprised me there.

Naki sits down next to Miza.

Naki: Miza, do you know who this “Sumasukkusu” referee is?

Miza: “Sumasukkusu”…? No…I don’t. (What the hell is that)

Naki: It’s a red monster called a Manta that ambushes you in your sleep.

Miza: …a manta? (thinks of a manta ray)

Naki: Let’s turn the tables on them!

Miza: Ah?…Ahh.

Miza (thinking): I don’t know what’s going on, but if I’m next to Naki, then…


Shousei is in a Santa outfit, and Hooguro is in a reindeer costume.

Shousei: Let’s go, Hooguro. I brought the ohagi. (TN: “ohagi” is a rice ball coated in sweetened red bean, soybean flour or sesame.)

Hooguro: Gatten. I brought the hayaki too. (TN: “hayagi” may mean “fast spirit”.)

They barge into the room.


Naki and Miza are dozing off.

Miza: Oh…oh. What the…

Naki: *snore*

Shousei: Excuse us for interrupting while you were making a child. (Nice present)

Miza: That’s not…! And what the hell is a “Sumasukkusu”supposed to be!

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What do you think a game of Cards Against Humanity at Agori Tree would look like?

I can’t believe i let this get buried in my ask I am including some people that are dead or unknown just for the fun of it and leaving out characters that i haven’t really seen characterized so I don’t write them wrong. I am a few chapters behind so if some characters I don’t write have been expanded on i’m sorry for not including them.  

Aogiri Tree:

Tatara: nobody really expected Tatara to get involved in the game and most of the Aogiri members were perfectly willing to do it behind his back, but someone ended up giving them away. It was most likely Eto, though nobody dared to voice their suspicions aloud.

They knew well enough that those who disagreed with Eto had a tendency to disappear.

Tatara would actually be shockingly good, to everyone’s surprise

Eto: It was Eto that ended up telling Tatara about the game. Eto was also shockingly good at the game and would probably come in second place.

Ayato: Due to Ayato being considerably younger than the other members of Aogiri they tried to ban him from playing, but, of course, he would have none of that.

He’d end up beating most of the people that said he was too young to play, mainly out of spite.

Miza: She’d just leave halfway through the game. Nobody would really know where she went.

Naki: Poor Naki would likely be oblivious about half of the cards in his hand. He’d probably end up playing on a team, just because everyone felt bad for him.

If they others wouldn’t let him play on a team it would be likely that Gagi and Gugi would still try and help him out as much as possible.

Eventually people would just start giving him cards just to make him happy. As expected he would be delighted when he suddenly started winning, completely oblivious of the fact that people were letting him win.

Hinami: She’d end up winning, nobody would have expected it. She’d spend half of the time teasing Ayato. He’d be very annoyed about that. He’d try and tease her back, but she’d just keep pointing out that she was winning and he’d shut up. 

Noro: He’d be really good too. Everyone would totally suspect him to be really good though even before they played and would be on the watch. 

Yamori: He’d probably only be there to make sure nobody messed with Naki to be honest. He’d probably also be there because the younger ghoul begged him to come. 

Gagi and Gugi: They would just sit next to Naki and try and help him, they’d just support him and be great 

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Naki cuddle headcanons?


  • He likes to be wrapped up in the arms of the person he’s with, taking the submissive role most of the time as he listens to their heartbeat, finding that it soothes his anxiety (he admitted he was worried you’d leave him abruptly and he wouldn’t know, thus with his head on your heart, he would know if you were trying to distance yourself from him).
  • Naki also likes when you stroke his hair, pushing against your hand if you were to stop before he was satisfied.
  • While laying in bed together Naki doesn’t mind being the big spoon on cold nights, telling you it was his duty as your partner to keep you warm, wrapping you both up as tightly as possible before nuzzling his nose into your neck and falling sleep almost instantly.

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What kind of things would Ayato, Suzuya, Seido, Kuro!Kaneki and Naki take from their s/o? Like we always see the stereotype of "the girl taking hoodies or whatever from their boyfriend" I hope it makes sense

-Ayato would take his lover’s hair clips/headbands all the time because he can’t stop losing the ones that were bought specifically for himself.
-Suzuya would take any kind of sweets that his lover has stashed. He’d also be fond of taking any cute looking stationery (pencils especially) they might have lying around.
-Seido would have an interest in whateve stuffed animals his lover might have. He likes to cuddle them because they smell like his lover.
-Kaneki would actually be really respectful of his lover’s things and try not to take anything, but he might borrow some of their books from time to time.
-Naki would like taking his lover’s blankets for the same reason Seidou likes to take his lover’s stuffed animals - it’s comforting and smells of his lover.


The smartest of the investigators in the CCG and the dumbest of the executives in Aogiri. For characters who come from complete opposite places, they’ve ended up crossing blades more than once.

Which is important, because when an event repeats itself it’s a parallel and that repetition automatically draws attention to itself. The narrative is setting up Naki and Akira to be classic foils, and there is some interesting things you can learn about Akira as a character herself just by comparing the two.

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You're doing a really wonderful job! It makes my day when I see new scenarios. :3 Could I ask what Uta, Naki, Yomo, and Suzuya would do if they found out their s.o caught a cold?

Aw, thank you so much! I love writing these scenarios, but it’s all thanks to you guys for taking the time to send them in ヾ(´・ω・`) 

Uta: He’s the type that never gets sick so he’s a little at loss at what to do with a highly dysfunctional partner who can only groan into their pillow, feverish and sweating. Uta suspects he should try hard not to aggravate his partner, so he makes do by asking what they’d like him to do and how he can help, but that proves wholly unhelpful when all his partner can do is grunt and give vague one word answers. Sighing, Uta drags the blankets up around his partner and lets them rest until an idea pops up. For the next half hour or so, Uta wanders around the studio, collecting all the cushions, blankets and pillows lying around. He arranges them around his partner as they sleep. He also gathers some of their favourite books, moves a portable speaker system into the bedroom and grabs them a pitcher of water. When Uta’s partner wakes up, they find themselves in a squashy fort with all of their favourite things scattered around them. “Did you build this?” they ask Uta, who grins at them.

“Feeling any better?” he asks, gesturing to his creation, and his partner smiles at him, worn out but delighted.

“Thank you,” they say, and curls up into the comforts of the pillows.

Naki: He’s a panicky kind of help. Naki isn’t an idiot, but he’s easily overwhelmed by things. As his partner sits at the kitchen tabled with a blanket wrapped around them and a thermometer in their mouth, Naki fusses over them with a million types of medication from various (and sometimes dubious origins) scattered across the table. As his partner checks their own temperature and determines that their cold is something that they can recover from after some rest and relaxation, Naki is digging up even weirder remedies from the internet. ”It says on this site that if you take a live frog and put it on your forehead while lying with you body perpendicular to the northeast, you’ll get better in about ten days!” Naki cries. “There’s no time to waste!”

“Calm down,” his partner coughs. “I’m not putting a frog on my head. Could you just make me a cup of tea with the teabags in the cupboard? I’m going to take a nap, and when I wake up I promise you I’ll be a lot better, okay? It’s just a little cold, no big deal.”

Naki looks like he wants to protest and probably personally hunt down a frog for his partner, but he understands they need rest. He gets up and helps them out of their seat. “I’ll tuck you in,” he offers, and his partner smiles tiredly at him in thanks.

Yomo: He’s the only one who can properly take care of somebody who’s ill. He carefully takes his partner’s temperature, fixes a cold compress onto their feverish skin, and makes sure there’s a water bottle and an ample amount of tissues next to them on the nightstand. Once his partner’s fallen asleep, Yomo would most likely go shopping for some food that his partner can eat when they wake up. Yomo wasn’t too knowledgable in making food, so he simply picked up several canned soups and brought them home to heat up. After the meal was quickly prepped, Yomo went to check up on his partner, whose temperature has gone down a little bit. Yomo pulls up a chair next to them and strokes his partner’s hair until they stir and groggily ask him what’s going on.

“Nothing,” Yomo chuckles. “Just go back to sleep and get more rest.”

Suzuya: Unfortunately, Suzuya would be of almost no help whatsoever. He’s definitely concerned about his partner, but he’d try so hard to make them comfortable that he ends up causing a ruckus. His partner would sigh and sniffle as Suzuya would thunder around the house, digging up blankets and cushions, knock over mugs and drop spoons in the kitchen trying to make a drink, and then accidentally turn on the air conditioning when he attempted to turn up the heat. After Suzuya tries asking his partner if he should try microwaving an entire hot water bag, they just sigh and grab his wrist.

“Suzuya,” his partner says in a very serious and very scratchy voice. “Please just sit down next to me and hold my hand until I fall asleep.” Suzuya looks surprised, but he happily makes himself comfortable on his partner’s bed and takes their hand in his, gently playing with their fingers until they finally doze off.

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How about naki, uta, shirazu, touka, kanae and Tsukiyama aND kuro kaneki reacting to their s/o having a fictional crush. Like from a book or something btw happy birthday!

Oh god if this was for my birthday than this was a long time ago, but thanks.  sorry this took so long anon. 

Hope you like it. 

Naki: He’d probably get quite jealous, not understanding what was going on. His s/o would have to be quite patient in explaining the fact that their crush was fictional and what exactly that meant. He’d probably immediately try and cuddle with them and would be even more clingy than usual for the next few days. 

Uta: He’d probably find it adorable how excited his s/o got about their favourite character, even to the point where they begged him to draw their fictional crush, which he’d probably do. He’d love to watch his partner talk about this character just because he enjoyed seeing them so excited and enthusiastic about something.  

Shirazu: He’d probably tease them quite a bit, about their fictional crush, not that they really minded. His s/o would get back at him rather quickly however when they managed to find out every character he’d ever liked. Each time he tried to tease them about their fictional crush, they’d bring up one of his. 

Touka: She’d probably had her fair share of fictional crushes while in school, or at least she’d watched her friends go through enough fictional crushes to understand how her partner felt. This still probably wouldn’t stop her from teasing her partner, but occasionally she’d be willing to listen to her partner talk about their favourite character. 

Karren: She’d love seeing her s/o happy and therefore would like to watch her partner go on about their favourite character. She probably would have her own share of fictional crushes that she’d talk about with her partner. If they ever happened to have the same favourite character or if they happened to be in the same fandom it would be nearly impossible to get them to stop talking about it. 

Tsukiyama: He’d find their fictional crush absolutely adorable and would love to listen to his partner talk to him about them. He’d ask them questions about the character and would try to engage his partner in detailed conversation about the character.  

Kuro Kaneki: He loves books and therefore would be perfectly understanding of his partner talking nonstop about their favourite character. He probably wouldn’t have too much to say as a response, but he’d be perfectly happy to listen to them talk. If his partner happened to do anything artistic for the fandom he’d love to take a look at their work for them. 

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Post sex headcanons with Naki, Ayato, Urie, Amon, Juuzou and your blog is amazing!!!! I love it (♡˙︶˙♡)


  • He especially likes to cuddle right after it. Spooning is also a thing for him.
  • He tends to fall asleep, but not without telling his partner that he loves them.
  • He likes gently kissing his partner’s shoulders and hickey marks.


  • He makes sure if his partner enjoyed it as much as he did - as an ‘just in case.’
  • He is usually somewhat restless after, but will enjoy snuggling with his partner.
  • He really likes it when his partner runs their fingers through his hair.


  • He usually doesn’t stay in bed after it. He tells his partner he loves them and then he goes.
  • However, he can be convinced to stay and cuddle - if he’s feeling like so.


  • He would collapse tiredly and tell his partner to wake him up in thirty minutes.
  • He’d like spooning right after the dirty.
  • He would ask his partner if he accidentally hurt them or so.


  • He likes to talk with his partner after it, which can range from dumb things to stuff happening at the CCG.
  • He likes holding his partner close and repeatedly telling them he loves them.

Naki: Something’s wrong with the suits’ design!!
Naki: Why is there a hole in a place like this!!?

Naki points at the collar area.

Tsukiyama reasons that it’s nice to have a Flower Hole in the suit since you can put a flower in it. He puts a rose on the suit Naki’s wearing.

Naki: I can just stab this thing into your head!!

Naki stabs the rose on Tsukiyama’s head.