A wolf in sheep’s clothing, was a word used to describe predators who disguised themselves as something more innocent. While it was true Naki looked like a human, but wasn’t quite one, there was more to it than that. He had wandered out of the bar, and now loitered near the entranceway leaning against a wall. His sheep’s clothing was a white suit. Hair pulled all the way back and tight, eyes dark and slightly sunken in to his face. 

Naki himself was looking off into the distance. Yet another bar that wasn’t for him, it made him think of his nostalgiac days drinking with his brothers was far off now. A place he couldn’t reach. Those melancholy thoughts twisted his face even more. Something brought him out of it, a feeling like a boring on the back of his skull, he looked up suddenly in surprise to see he was being stared at. His entire demeanor flipped in a second, and he took on a look of childish panic like his hand had been caught in the cookie jar. “Uwah? Why are you staring at me? Was it something I did? Sorry!” His flailing limbs slowed down until he was just holding two hands up timidly in surrender. Naki was the opposite actually, a sheep in wolf’s clothing.