Knocked him out for about 5 seconds. In that time I thought he was messing with me, really thought he was messing with me, realized he was unconscious, had no idea if he was knocked out or dead, and then I had a small panic attack because this was during the first time we met each other in person and I had no idea how to tell his mother that the internet stranger accidentally killed her child.

Anyway then he woke up.

Sorry this one is kind of verbose! Just kinda thinking about how the “drama” in my life has shifted from dumb he-said-she-said issues to paying bills.

Little, unimportant things like this that tick me off just get removed from my life. I have a thousand more important things to deal with. If I need to sit down and have a conversation then I will, but at this point in my life I don’t really talk to the kind of people who are going to cause “conversation-having” issues.

But really I do need to talk to more people my own age. :p