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Salam, Sixty six years ago our holy land was taken from us. May 15 is soon approaching, which will mark another year since the theft of our country. In protest of the Nakba and these horrid events we have thought up a social media campaign known as MSP. Msp stands for "moment of silence for Palestine. We are hoping to gain followers before this date comes. Can you give us a shoutout? jak

W/salam, THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! Going to publish this so people can follow :)

What Is Nakba MSP?

It is an international social media campaign.
MSP stands for Moment of Silence for Palestine.
The purposes behind this campaign:
-To educate others on what’s happening in Palestine.
-To demand equality and justice for the Holy Land.
-To advocate freedom for our beloved Palestine.

How can I take part in Nakba MSP?

To take part in this campaign you must post a picture of yourself with tape on your mouth, taking a moment of silence to commemorate the suffering of the Palestinians. The use of tape is symbolic of the oppression of Palestinians.
You may post it on any social media sites with the hashtag #NakbaMSP
We will be reposting your pictures on the many social media sites that we take part in.

Please tell your friends about us!

Instagram: nakbamspnj

Twitter: ampnj

We read in the Quran Palestine will be free
And for something to be free, does it not have to exist?
We can accept the fact that our country is currently under occupation,
but we will never accept that Palestine does not exist.
If you do not respect yourself enough, respect the helplessness of the dying parentless children,
respect and sympathize with the mothers whose sons are being ripped from their arms and killed or imprisoned
respect the strength and the bravery and the loss of arms and legs, but never hope
Because Palestine will be free
It’s something that has been said for years and years
But for these words to be uttered from our own people..
Our ummah
Our brothers and sisters
We’re letting them win
We’re losing our strength
Whether it be Palestine
Or Pakistan
Or India
Turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan
Africa or Chechenia
We are Muslims and we stick together
Imagine if these dying children knew the kids just about their age
living in the land of the free
stating so proudly
There is no such thing as Palestine
You’re wrong, so very wrong
Palestine will never leave our hearts or our souls
We will take the hint of pain and embarrassment we feel when we go home and get stopped at every checkpoint
With men pointing their guns at us
Feeling their moments of power
We will take it
But we will not accept it
We’ll only work harder to make our dreams come true
To show everyone
Palestine does exist
It is our home
And our heart
So think twice next time
Before you say, there is no such thing
As Palestine
—  Ola Mustafa

Gaining new supporters every day, inshallah we will grow even stronger as more time passes by! Join our campaign by posting a picture like the ones shown above and send a message for more info (:

The Zionist Cancer

It cannot cripple the Love
It cannot shatter our Hope
It cannot corrode our Faith
It destroyed our Peace
can never silence our Courage
never shatter our Hopes
It cannot suppress our Memories
It cannot invade our Soul
It cannot steal Eternal Life
The Zionist Cancer is Limited
It cannot conquer our Spirit
It cannot silence our Courage
It cannot kill the Existence of our people
The Zionist Cancer cannot Survive
The Zionist Cancer will Die Out

—  Hiyam Naour