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Ashita no Nadja obtiene una novela secuela ubicada tres años después del Anime

Tomoko Konparu regresa para escribir la novela y Kazuto Nakazawa dibujó el arte de la portada

Tomoko Konparu, la guionista del Anime Ashita no Nadja, anunció a principios de este mes que ella escribió una novela secuela de Ashita no Nadja titulada Ashita no Nadja: 16-sai no Tabidachi. El libro esta programado para ser lanzado a mediados de septiembre por Kodansha. Kazuto Nakazawa, el diseñador de personajes del Anime original, regresó para dibujar la portada (imagen de arriba) y otras ilustraciones de la novela. 

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このカレ、要注意!(Kono kare, youchuui!)

Melty Drop has a new series in the works, with two CDs lined up for each installment! The theme of this first installment revolves around two coworkers of yours, who approach you, flirt with you, and are occupied with trying to make you theirs—leading to an office love triangle and rivalry. Whoever you choose, know that they both love you deeply…

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Given your desire to do work that takes full advantage of your language abilities, you have transferred from the domestic business division to the international business division at your workplace. However, after transferring into the new department, you notice the unfamiliar atmosphere and a vast change of pace compared to your old department—in addition to feeling overwhelmed by your strict new boss, 藤川潤一 (Fujikawa Junichi?).

In このカレ、要注意!「デキる上司の淫らな手ほどき」…

It is then that your former boss, 桐島樹 (Kirishima Takashi?), helps you out and worries over you. As you are tenderly attended to, you realize his secret feelings for you and begin to gradually fall for him…

In このカレ、要注意! 「カタブツ上司の不器用な束縛」…

But with your former boss’s encouragement and the sense of fulfillment you get from your new work, you are able to pick yourself back up and get into the rhythm of things.

In addition, while working in tandem with your new boss, you begin to notice that, while he is straight-laced, Junichi possesses an awkward way of expressing his love, and you are gradually charmed by him…

CVs: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo) vs. 茶介 (Katou Masayuki)

Release Date: November 25th, 2016.

Day 11 - Fav. Nakazawa Ship: NakaPonytail background girl as Homura and Madoka go to the nurses office.

Taking advantage of this day to appreciate some background characters and the amazing backgrounds. 

More like what school do you go to? Like that is such a fucking awesome staircase to have at school. Do you attend a museum or something??


Can someone help this guy? I think he’s stuck. (or they fucked up layering.)