Artist Nick Derington has produced these absolutely stunning set of 3 hand-printed silkscreen prints, and we here at Nakatomi couldn’t be more pleased to present them to you- the Nakatomi Nation!

“The Lizard” “The Brain” and “The Pig”

Nick has done work for DC Comics, Marvel, Mondo, and even was the lead animator for the “Scanner, Darkly” movie, among a TON of other stuff over the years. You can see his portfolio website HERE.

These hand-printed silkscreen art prints will be on sale on the Nakatomi website on TUESDAY 1/13 at 2pm CENTRAL time.

Each print measures 12×24 and is signed and numbered in editions of 100 each. Individual prints will be $40 each. Matched numbered sets of all 3 will be available for $100 each. There will only be 40 matched sets available- from the edition of 100.

There will also be available in a GLOW IN THE DARK edition of 30 each- retailing for $50 per print.

These prints will appear at the top of the ART PRINTS section of the Nakatomi Store here on TUESDAY at 2pm Central!

May the 4th Be with you! This SUNDAY SpokeArt will be releasing 3 fine-art  reproductions of 3 watercolor paintings by me- from my series of Watercolor portraits, “Shiny Objects”. The prints will be sold individually and as a matched number set. They will be 12x16, and will be signed and numbered, available for only a limited time. 2 more to be revealed! For more info, you can Subscribe to the Nakatomi Mailing list HERE, or keep your eye on SpokeArt’s site HERE for when they are released! We’ll also announce on TWITTER and stuff. Don’t miss ‘em!


THE CROW- Devil’s Night print release by RHYS COOPER!

Rhys Cooper was one of the first artists we contacted when we started our official series of THE CROW prints inspired by James O’barr’s classic independent comic series that itself in turn inspired the 1994 film.

This is truly a case of ‘good things are worth waiting for’ as this print is a MONSTER.

Measuring 12×36, 5-colors with a secret glow layer,  this print is a timed-release with a max numbered edition of 200 including artist copies.

The glow layer will not be revealed on-line.

The sale period will go from NOW, until Midnight 11/1 central time, possibly sooner.

After the sale closes, we will print, pack and ship these- expect them to all be shipped within 2-3 weeks of the end of the sale.

THE CROW is available NOW HERE in the art prints section of the Nakatomi store.

-alex fugazi


Last FEBRUARY, artist Nick Derington launched his BOSS FIGHT Kickstarter (see the project here) and that project took off like a rocket-propelled grenade!

Here we are, half a year later, and We’re back at it again with a BRAND NEW set of Boss Fight prints!


These detail shots from the new 3-print set will give you a PRETTY GOOD indicator of what this set is all about- those 90’s era First Person Shooters that totally revolutionized gaming and pop-culture, and almost kept me from graduating high school! (Seriously, how was I supposed to get work done with these games out there?!?)

The full 12×24″ images will be revealed when the project goes live THIS TUESDAY. We’ll tweet the link when it’s up either at the Nakatomi account HERE or artist Nick Derington’s account HERE.

This set looks AMAZING in person, and we can’t wait to share it with the world!

Keep your eyes peeled on the twitter account, and thank you all for making the last project such a raging success- and we hope to see you for this one as well!


Print Process- “Nothing to Fight For”, a new 12x24″ screenprint we are including in ever single Mystery Tube purchased from HERE today at 2pm Central!

I ended up completely redrawing Finn digitally after scanning the original- the first pass on him wasn’t ‘at rest’ enough for me- I wanted to show him observing the wreck of his TIE, rather than marching away from it…


“SAGA” Print On Sale 7/23 at Noon Central Time!

Artist Tim Doyle’s  UnReal Estate: THE MOVIE show at SpokeArt comes to a close this weekend, but we have one final surprise print before it’s all over!

“Saga” is a 20×30 hand-printed silkscreen poster available in a day and night-time glow in the dark edition!

The Day version ($50) is limited to 350 pieces, and the night-time ($60) to 175. Both will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Prints will be available on the SpokeArt Website on 7/23 at NOON Central time, in the UnReal Estate section HERE.

Production on these prints will begin at the Nakatomi Print Labs by the end of this week, and should be ready to ship to the gallery by the end of the month, and then on to the customers shortly after that!

Thank you very much!



We were approached by JSBX to help them get a gigposter made, and the amazingly unreal SHAKY KANE stepped up to the hypothetical plate!

This SCREAMINGLY BRIGHT 5-color hand-printed poster is hand-numbered in an edition of 200, and each one comes with a signed ‘CERTIFICATE OF REALITY’ from good ‘ol SHAKY himself!

These prints are available RIGHT NOW in the Gigposters section of the Nakatomi Store RIGHT HERE. Prints are in hand for immediate shipment!


BOSS FIGHT- Ode To Id Kickstarter has FUNDED! Thank you so much!

This is our first STRETCH GOAL. If we hit 20K- all full set orders will receive the above print by nickderington “Class of ‘93″ depicting the guys that gave me nightmares throughout the 90′s. (Okay, maybe still do…)

This 8x10 giclee will ship along with the rest of the print sets! Get ‘em HERE.


“Master Stroke”- Tim Doyle’s contribution to the Blunt Graffix ‘DRAGON’S FURY’ art show, opening this Saturday! Read more about it on their Website HERE.

“Master Stroke” is a 12x24 4-color hand-printed art print, signed and numbered in an edition of 100.  Printed on manilla 'tag’ paper, for that classic look! Also watch for the 'BLING DYNASTY’ gold foil paper variant, limited to just 20!

Follow us on twitter- @nakatomitim for updates on when this will hit Blunt Graffix’ webstore!


Debuting this week at SPOKEART’s booth at NYCC!

“Worst Print Ever” is the newest print in the Unreal Estate series by Tim Doyle- the first new one since his sold out show from back in February! 

Print measures 16x20, and the regular is signed and numbered in an edition of 200, and the variant in an edition of 60.  Variant glows in the dark.  This print is exclusive to the NYCC event, so don’t miss it! Come out or call a friend to pick one up for you!

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein

Bernie Wrightson is a legend of pen and ink. Having worked in comic books for over 40 years now, Wrightson is a legend in the industry, and an illustrator supreme. His illustrated version of the original Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley was created over a seven year period, and originally published by Marvel Comics in 1983.  His attention to detail and painstaking linework has inspired a generation of illustrators working in comics, film, and has even left its mark on the world of screen printed art.

If you’re unfamiliar with his name- you have most certainly seen his work. He has done creature design and concepts for such great films as Ghosbusters (notably- the Library Ghost), The Mist, and Serenity. Wrightson’s comic work found itself animated in the original Heavy Metal movie, and his illustrations for Stephen King’s Cycle of the Werewolf novel helped propel the book to screen as Silver Bullet.  And he’s the co-creator of Swamp Thing!

It is with great honor that Nakatomi can present the inaugural release in a “Frankenstein” series of high-quality slik-screen prints by Bernie.  The original pen and ink drawings of this set are in art-collector’s archives around the world, owned by fans and artists and film directors alike. These prints are shot from scans of those originals- used in the 25th anniversary edition of the book.

“A Filthy Process” is a 20×30 print on thick 130lb Cougar Natural Cover, signed by Bernie in a numbered edition of only 100.

We had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Bernie since he relocated to Austin a little while back, and he’s been a joy to work with.

“A Filthy Process” will be available on 3/12 TUESDAY around 2pm Central Time on in the Art Prints section.

Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.

Detail pictures of the actual print below- attempting to highlight the staggering line work and detail-

External image

External image

Thank you- see you HERE on the site at 2pm Central time on Tuesday 3/12.


Bernie Wrightson’s illustrated adaptation of Frankenstein, originally published by Marvel Comics, set a high-water mark for illustration in the early 80′s. The original art pieces disappeared into collections decades ago, and it was only through the tireless efforts of collectors like director Frank Darabont, that the original art boards were located and scanned with modern methods. Because of that process, Nakatomi has been able to offer these stunningly dark and beautiful images as hand-printed silkscreen prints.  Our first print suite of Frankenstein images was a great success, and we’re very proud to present the second set to the Nakatomi Nation.

Nakatomi will have for sale 50 matched numbered sets on this newest print suite, making these the smallest edition prints in the series by far.

Set will be on-sale HERE in the Wrightson Section of the Nakatomi store at 2pm Central Time.

This set is currently up for pre-sale to previous Suite #1 holders, and it has already over half sold-through.

Set will also include a 12×18 print of an unused title page, and a 7″ sticker! This suite is priced at $200.  

A few notes about this set-

-all 6 20×30 prints will be signed by Bernie Wrightson and hand-numbered. -Printed on the same heavy 130lb Cougar Natural stock of the previous releases. -all prints will ship at the same time by the end of November, making this an excellent holiday gift! -domestic US orders will ship FLAT via FedEx, international orders will ship in 2 tubes via USPS. - all prints will have matching numbers in each set. -these prints will not be offered for individual sale. -Purchasers of this set will get first opportunity to purchase our next Bernie Wrightson project- a super-lush 10 color recreation of one of his famous paintings in the coming months.   See you HERE on site at 2PM Central time on WEDNESDAY 11/6 for the sale!

“Close Attention” by Bernie Wrightson!

The FINAL print in this series of Frankenstein images from the great Bernie Wrightson is quite possibly my personal favorite. The composition and lighting are just perfect, and the line-work in the shading is sublime. The isolation and longing in The Monster’s look is haunting.  Just beautiful.

“Close Attention” measures 20×30, is printed on 130lb Cougar Natural paper, and is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of only 140 worldwide.  Only 30 copies available for general sale, the remainder are tied up in Subscriptions- of which a tiny bit are still left HERE.

Originally created for an illustrated edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, published by Marvel Comics in the early 80′s, it has been our supreme honor to work with Bernie in bringing these images to the silk-screen medium in such a large format.

“Close Attention” will be available for sale on TUESDAY 9/10/13 at 2pm Central time HERE in the Art prints section of the Nakatomi Store.

-alex fugazi