Artist Nick Derington has produced these absolutely stunning set of 3 hand-printed silkscreen prints, and we here at Nakatomi couldn’t be more pleased to present them to you- the Nakatomi Nation!

"The Lizard" "The Brain" and "The Pig"

Nick has done work for DC Comics, Marvel, Mondo, and even was the lead animator for the “Scanner, Darkly” movie, among a TON of other stuff over the years. You can see his portfolio website HERE.

These hand-printed silkscreen art prints will be on sale on the Nakatomi website on TUESDAY 1/13 at 2pm CENTRAL time.

Each print measures 12×24 and is signed and numbered in editions of 100 each. Individual prints will be $40 each. Matched numbered sets of all 3 will be available for $100 each. There will only be 40 matched sets available- from the edition of 100.

There will also be available in a GLOW IN THE DARK edition of 30 each- retailing for $50 per print.

These prints will appear at the top of the ART PRINTS section of the Nakatomi Store here on TUESDAY at 2pm Central!

Pop-Sub mastermind Aye Jay has wrangled artist Rich Kelly to unleash his distinctive style on R. Kelly!  Rich signs his work “R Kelly, and like the singer, is from Chicago!  This is a Set strictly dedicated to R Kelly.  First is this fictional R. Kelly 12″ x 12″ LP size print. Next is a print of custom R. Kelly themed tattoo flash by Aye Jay and artist Mike Munter, and last Aye Jay’s hilarious “R.Kelly Peeing” sticker!  Packaged in a custom screen printed 12” chipboard jacket (like a vinyl record) and plastic outer sleeve. The sets are limited to 100 world-wide, with only 60 available for $25.  Visit for more details and info on these prints. 


THE CROW- Devil’s Night print release by RHYS COOPER!

Rhys Cooper was one of the first artists we contacted when we started our official series of THE CROW prints inspired by James O’barr’s classic independent comic series that itself in turn inspired the 1994 film.

This is truly a case of ‘good things are worth waiting for’ as this print is a MONSTER.

Measuring 12×36, 5-colors with a secret glow layer,  this print is a timed-release with a max numbered edition of 200 including artist copies.

The glow layer will not be revealed on-line.

The sale period will go from NOW, until Midnight 11/1 central time, possibly sooner.

After the sale closes, we will print, pack and ship these- expect them to all be shipped within 2-3 weeks of the end of the sale.

THE CROW is available NOW HERE in the art prints section of the Nakatomi store.

-alex fugazi


Robert again was asked to work closely with THE MOUNTAIN GOATS’ John Darnielle to create two new tour posters for their just wrapped ‘Nameless Dark’ tour. Both prints are 18×24 silkscreens, signed and numbered by Robert in editions of 500 each. Nakatomi and Robert will only have 25 of these for sale, as the other 475 sold out on tour! (Crazy!) 

You can get them HERE.



We were approached by JSBX to help them get a gigposter made, and the amazingly unreal SHAKY KANE stepped up to the hypothetical plate!

This SCREAMINGLY BRIGHT 5-color hand-printed poster is hand-numbered in an edition of 200, and each one comes with a signed ‘CERTIFICATE OF REALITY’ from good ‘ol SHAKY himself!

These prints are available RIGHT NOW in the Gigposters section of the Nakatomi Store RIGHT HERE. Prints are in hand for immediate shipment!


This is my new print for UnReal Estate- "The Big Battle"- titled after a track on Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ album. (measurement 12x24 inches, signed and numbered in a limited edition)

I was listening to that rather somber song the other day, and I thought about how after a war, the field of battle is just littered with wrecked vehicles and abandoned posts. And as my brain is hopelessly wired to permanent ‘nerd’ setting, I thought about how some of the greatest sci-fi battlefields must look like after everyone has moved on. Watching Empire in that context, I was taken by the idea that Echo base and wrecked At-Ats and Snowspeeders would just be dotting that frozen landscape for all of eternity, with only the native Taun-Tauns and Wampas to see them. ANYWAY-

HOW TO GET THIS PRINT- it will be included in every single ‘MYSTERY TUBE’ going out as part of the sale on NAKATOMI this coming Tuesday 11/18. You can READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE.

This print, and 4 other random ones, for just $50- what a deal!

The art was hand-drawn on Bristol board, and then scanned and colored. You’ll notice a spot of rasberry jam around the Ion cannon- my kids did that. Note- prints will not include rasberry jam.


Shaky Kane comes to NAKATOMI!

We’ve been fans of Shaky Kane since we saw the cover to Bulletproof Coffin #1 (written by David Hine and Drawn by Shaky) screaming out at us on the shelf during our weekly trip to the comic shop. We immediately said “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT AND HOW MANY CAN I BUY?”

Backtracking through Shaky’s catalog brought us to the amazing ‘Monster Truck’ with it’s strange, pop-surrealist landscapes rendered in flat, day-glow colors- which are perfect for screenprinting. That’s when we here at Nakatomi realized we had to publish his work as prints. HAD. TO.

We tracked down the elusive artist, who lived far away in the little known GREAT BRITAIN and after much bribery and horse-trading, he agreed to let us!

SO- Tuesday 7/2 around 2pm Central Standard Time (CST), we will release this print “THE HATEFUL DEAD” as well as a limited edition T-shirt available only on the site!  The print measures 18×24, is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, and comes with a 4×6 ‘Certificate of Reality’ signed by Shaky Kane himself!  

Available in a black and silver 100% ringspun cotton t-shirt, Nakatomi will only have 100 of each for sale!

Shirts and Prints will be listed for sale around 2PM CST on Nakatomi HERE, or by searching ‘Shaky’ in the store!


Just in time for Halloween! Garbage Flesh Eaters! Zombies X Garbage Pail Kids!

Omar Hauksson has created this AMAZINGLY gross 5-print set mashing up your favorite Horror Icons with Zombies and Garbage Pail Kids! It’s like a triple threat of bloody, virus infested pop-culture effluvia flying at your eyeballs ALL AT ONCE!

Each one of these 9×12 fine-art archival Giclee prints are hand-numbered in editions of only 50 worldwide!

Every order for a print includes a randomly inserted ‘B’ set trading-card sized sticker that has the traditional ‘Alternate’ names! If you order a full-set of prints, you get the FULL set of 5 B-stickers!

All the prints will be available this TUESDAY 10/15 between 1 and 2pm Central Time. They’ll be available at this LINK HERE.

Individual prints will be $25, and the full set of 5 will be $100- and include the full sticker set.



“Don’t Let Me Break You” is Tim Doyle’s entry into Gallery Nucleus’ “ALL TOGETHER NOW” Beatles-inspired art show, that just closed last weekend!  Nakatomi is proud to offer the artist copies of this print for sale starting THIS TUESDAY 7/31 at around 2pm Central Time.

Measuring 18×24, this 5-color silkscreen features metallic ink! Signed and numbered in an edition of 150, Nakatomi will have much less for sale.  Also available in a Black and White variant edition of only 30-

Here’s a little history on the print from Doyle-

“I was very happy to be contacted by Gallery Nucleus for this Beatles themed show.  Months back I had an opportunity to be in the Blank Space Gallery’s Beatles show, and just couldn’t make it work in my schedule- but I had ideas kicking around in my head that I just thought I’d never get around to committing to paper now- so when this came up, I was ready to go!  The thing about these big group shows is that you know what a lot of artists are going to do (simple portraits, or easily recognizable iconography from the inspiration’s source material), so the key is to be able to do what you want- but to also not do what anyone else would expect. So from that angle, I took my favorite Beatles song, “Hey Bulldog” and built a scene around that kernel.  I wanted to not depict the happy, smiling mop-top era of The Beatles, but draw my image from their latter period of angry, edgy music- which culminated in their final rooftop concert on top of the Apple Recording building.  I wanted to draw the music that pushed the insanity of Charles Manson to engineer the murder of Sharon Tate- not the safe, crowd-pleasing “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, but the frighteningly apocalyptic “Helter Skelter”- which was on repeat for quite a while as I was working on this piece.  Whether I succeeded or not, I don’t know- but I like where I ended up regardless.  Fun fact I learned while working on this is that a Helter Skelter is an amusement park ride- a slide spiraling around the outside of a tower. “I’m coming down fast, so don’t let me break you.” Also featured here- Newspaper Taxis, Blackbirds, The aforementioned rooftop concert and Helter Skelters, the iconic Abbey Road crosswalk turned on it’s head, and Lady Madonna with baby at her breast.”

Both prints will be available in the Nakatomi store HERE on Tuesday at around 2pm CST.

-alex fugazi, making ends meet.

I was asked to make a piece of art for a gallery here in town that is putting on a fundraiser for their upcoming projects. There was no theme to the show, other than the art board that they provided us to work on. This is what happened. I regret nothing.

Also- nice to paint again after taking 5 years off.