Mail June 7th

June 7th

Good Morning ~ z z z

Yesterday I fell asleep
Because of the exhaustion and muscle pain
from『 Minerva yo, Kaze wo Okose  』stage …( °Д° )

not just from the theater performance
it seems that the pain
from shamekai has appeared too
so today I will be accompanied by wet clothes in my legs lol

everytime after shamekai
I always have pain muscle (;∀;)


I will not lose to this pain!!
and do my best too in Wednesday !! lol


For the breakfast
I had chicken stewed with tomato sauce
mama prepared for me (*´A`*)

Generally I really hate tomato
I can’t even eat it
but I love tomato sauce. lol

okay, almost the time to go

my little sister who just got
driving license drive me to the station ~
aaah~ … I want driving license too … (´・A・`)


When I’m awake this morning
that lot of paints in my toenails
is faded away ~!!

minerva’s stage practice is really hard( °Д° ) lol

I’ll be sure to repaint it again
once I’m home~ 。

What I want now

AKBikkuriman Choco
I want it!!want!!

I wonder if Family Mart sold itー …

When I saw
lot of member’s sticker on twitter
it made me want it too. lol

Because you don’t know what is inside
the excitement when you’re opening the bag
made nervous but fun too

【 There are 30 kind of sticker】
it seems there are my sticker too …
I have to buy it

off to family mart now  \(^o^)/ GO !!