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Thanks to everyone who took their time to leave a message, and those who commented to >>THIS<< post! Once again, feel free to add ladies, that haven’t been mentioned in parts 1-4. This blog is looking for more actresses of East and Southeast Aisan descent from various western countries (not just the US).Main requirement – it has to be a named character with speaking lines and at least some character development in their given arcs (and not an offensive racial stereotype, obviously). Preferably, an actress / character has to be in the main cast, but the bar is lowered because I’m already scraping the barrels here…

I need all the cute, fluffy, Nakamura family things.

I need Anne and Hiro meeting for the first time (for her, at least) and she helps him with Nathan and they fall in love and get married and she becomes Nathan’s mom.

I need Nathan first learning how to use space-time manipulation and Hiro instructing him and then when Nathan is able to successfully teleport himself and Hiro across the yard, they go out and celebrate.

Nathan being raised bilingual and in his early years he’ll speak Japanese to people without even realizing it and Anne and Hiro gently tell him that he’s using the wrong language again and silently laugh at the confused faces of the people he speaks Japanese to until he’s old enough to actively choose which language he speaks in.

Hiro telling Nathan stories of the adventures he used to go on and Nathan asks if he misses Ando and Kimiko and all the others. “Yes, but now I have you and your mother.”

Nathan’s favorite stories are the ones about ‘Save the Cheerleader, Save the World’ and the story of the time Claire and Hiro went back in time together. It makes him feel closer to his birth mother, since he never got the chance to meet her.

Nathan deciding that his last name is Nakamura-Bennet, after both the family who raised him and the woman who gave birth to him. He briefly contemplated it being Bennet-Nakamura, but figured it rolled off the tongue better if Nakamura was first.

Anne being initially worried about Nathan’s destiny, but Hiro reassures her fears and, after watching Hiro’s lessons with Nathan, becomes confident that their son can save the world.

I need these things.

Mayu becomes 2nd AKB48 member to rank in Best Jeanist Awards

The ranking is based on votes from nationwide. This is the 33rd year for Best Jeanist Awards, with graduated member Itano Tomomi previously ranking 9th in 2010.

Female Ranking 2016:
1. Nanao 25,831票
2. Kitagawa Keiko 6,986票
3. Hikari Mori 3,956票
4. Nishiuchi Mariya 3,283票
5. Namie Amuro 3,081票
6. Kiritani Mirei 2,660票
7. Araki Yuko 2,315票
8. Nakamura Anne 2,198票
9. Kuroki Meisa 2,163票
10. Watanabe Mayu 1,979票

Most of these artistes are models/actresses. Mayu is the only idol!

AKB48 Watanabe Mayu attended an event for anime “Maho Girls Precure!” on 12th October 2016 and expressed her happiness at making a guest appearance in the anime series.

On the 23rd October 2016 episode of “Maho Tsukai Precure!”, she will appearing as herself, idol Mayu, in the “Nashi Mahou-kai” (The World without Witchcraft).

“This is a dream. I saw the video. They made me all pretty and cute. It’ll be a treasure my whole life. I will record it and keep it forever and pass it to my next generation.”

During the event, she also sang the theme song for the film version of the anime, titled “Tadashii Mahou no Tsukai Kata”.

“I was always watching Precure in my childhood. I can’t believe the day would come when i get to sing the theme song. I didn’t even dream that it would happen so i’m really happy. It’s something i can brag about to people in my life.”

MaYuki reveals details about their personalities and off days

On the 13th October 2016 episode of Nihon TV’s variety show “Himitsu no Kenmin SHOW x DowntownDX Gattai 3 Hr Special”, Watanabe Mayu talked about being particular about cleanliness.

Firstly, she made it clear that men who don’t wash their hands before a meal wouldn’t be considered as boyfriend material. “I can’t imagine it. Aren’t you eating germs at the same time? I always bring a hand sanitizer around and if i don’t apply it i’d feel uneasy.”

The show also followed her and Kashiwagi Yuki as they headed to a restaurant in Harajuku on their off day. The 2 discussed topics like their graduations, future and idol life. Kashiwagi reveals that she sleeps in on her off days and stays indoors while Mayu likes to go on movie/butai marathons.


guys Hiro found love again :’) and they didn’t just love each other but Anne accepted Nathan as her own and they raised him together and she accepted Hiro’s ability and their son’s destiny and loves them so much that she’s staying true to this ‘destiny’ with doing everything she can to protect Nathan since Hiro probably sacrificed himself for them. I JUST


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