I’m a bit disappointed she failed to notice he was lying and suffering, since SHE HERSELF made up the same act back in arlong park but I’m sure Oda will eventually come up with a believable explanation. 
But.. guys. She dropped the suffix, and that means that suffix had some kind of meaning. I’ve always asked myself why Oda would make Nami use a suffix just for Sanji, so maybe it was in order to emphasize Nami taking her distance now…? 

…and I hope we’ll get some other little cute scene like Sanji apologizing for making her cry or… I don’t know, just having Nami play a major role in SANJI’S ARC together with Luffy is enough for my poor shipping soul

((but shipping aside, pls don’t forget nakamaship. NAKAMASHIP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. I loved Luffy so much in this chap, please captain protect my little son Sanji))

So real talk, can we talk Nami feels in this chapter? Because certainly this was an extremely agonizing chapter for Sanji and Luffy but I am sure the rest of you guys have already dissected that ad nauseum. I wanna take a moment here to look at Nami. Because to be honest, this is probably hitting her far closer to home than just having to do with Sanji’s dismissal and his and Luffy’s pain.

Let’s take it back to the East Blue Saga when something quite similar happened in Arlong Park. Remember Arlong Park? Where Nami was forced by her situation to deny the crew mates she had grown so close to to their faces? Dismiss them and send them off with lies of uncaring towards them calling them idiots to fall for her schemes, telling them that coming to save her was worthless because what they thought they came to save was an illusion that didn’t even exist?

Because I do. I remember that moment as clearly and distinctly as the first time I read it. And Nami, the one who experienced that time from the other side, from Sanji’s side, from the side of the person forced to speak such words, make such denials, because she didn’t see any other way to save those she cared for. Nami’s pain in this scene probably runs deeper than any save Sanji’s. Because not only is there the pain of hearing the words from Sanji, but also the knowledge of the pain that Sanji is going through from her own experiences. And now, she’s truly getting to witness what that moment was like for the Straw Hats. How much what she said and did must have hurt them then.

And that was before the Grand Line. Before Sabaody. Before the New World. The Straw Hats are so much closer now than they were then and this now is even worse. Even more hurtful to all of them. And let me just remind you that the Fishman Island Arc was only a few days ago. A couple weeks at the most. And it was there that all her past memories and pain from that time and her past was brought to the forefront.

And now here she is, now, having to confront it again in the form of one of her dearest friends. And the fact that someone she cares so much for has to go through that pain, hearing the same words she forced past her lips forced past Sanji’s just wrapped and recycled, there’s no person hurting more for Sanji in this moment than Nami. There’s no one who can relate to Sanji more in this situation, at this moment than Nami. There’s no one who can better understand the pain and desperation that Sanji is going through right now than Nami.

And honestly, that’s just another arrow through the heart right there.

If the Straw Hat Crew had cell phones

their wallpapers would all be of Luffy. 

Zoro’s would be a picture of a sleeping Luffy. Complete with the snot bubble. 

Nami’s would be a picture of Luffy doing something in front of of Tangerine trees.

Usopps’s would be of Luffy doing one of his impressions. 

Sanji’s would be a pic of Nami and Robin reating something he made with Luffy in the background. 

Chopper’s would be of one of Luffy’s many smiles. 

Robin;s would be of one of Luff’s rare quiet moments. Maybe a pic of him sitting on Sunny’s head. 

Franky’s would be of Luffy’s star-eyes when he looks at something cool the cyborg does.

Brook’s would be a pic of Luffy listening to his music, either singing along or just enjoying the sounds.

Luffy’s wallpaper would be meat.

Chopper: Ano… Sanji? 

Sanji: Hm?

Chopper: Uh… I was just wondering… your new technique, skywalk… is that fun?

Sanji: Wanna find out?