One piece First reactions from the crew when meeting Luffy


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This is why I love One Piece– this crew’s absolute need for and utter confidence in each other.

Sanji knows Usopp has lost all faith in his abilities as a fighter and his feeling of belonging with the crew. He’s even resorted to hiding behind the mask of an alter-ego for strength.

And yet, Sanji tells him that it’s okay. There are limits to what a person can do.

Sanji’s no good at precision-based distanced combat. His strength only extends as far as his legs (which granted, are pretty long, but still) and that isn’t enough to help Robin in this situation.

So Sanji, one of the Monster Trio, asks Usopp, not Sogeking, for help, because he is powerless in this scenario. They need Usopp and his long-range sniping abilities to reach Robin. He knows that deep down, Usopp hasn’t lost his abilities as a sniper, hasn’t lost his pride as a pirate. He just needs a little push in the right direction. Because he knows that deep down, Usopp is still the Brave Warrior of the Sea and he will never abandon his nakama.

Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy with Radiance Tote Bag

BIG THANKS to everyone who messaged us this today – we’re still in a bit of shock and we’re incredibly happy to see our fandom’s work appreciated in such a way :)))

This once again shows how blessed we are to have our cast and crew and everyone involved with “Hannibal”. They have shown us Fannibals nothing but kindness and love over the years and we are so happy and grateful for this.


Welcome To The Fandom

Rodger: Ahoy, Nakama! Welcome to the One Piece Fandom!

Fan: Oh Yay! I’m so excited to be here. I just think the show is awesome! So when do I get to meet all my Nakama?

Rodger: In time… In time… First I’d like to give you a tour of the docks.

*They begin tour*

Rodger: One of the easy ways to find the Nakama you will hang out with most is to align yourself with some ships.

Fan: Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see so many of them here. I thought Oda said there wouldn’t be any shipping…

Rodger: Oh yes, but that was a long time ago… Besides people are going to ship who they want… AH! Yes here we are at the first ship.

*They look up at giant ship decked out in gold*

Rodger:  This is the LuNa ship.

LuNa: They are the pirate queen and king!

Rodger: Most of them are convinced that they are canon based on the fact that Luffy trusts Nami with his straw hat.

LuNa: And that she is the one who is in control of the ship!

Rodger: They are usually in competition with the SaNa and other Luffy ships.

SaNa: Nami cried over Sanji leaving!

Twenty Million Luffy ships: They are just Nakama!

Fan:  What about that ship over there?

NaVi: Nami isn’t even into boys!!!

Rodger:  Oh yeah. They are the only major yuri ship here. Nobody really dislikes them surprisingly enough. They just ignore them until they need art to fap to…. Anyways! Continuing on. As I mentioned before there are many Luffy centric ships here. If there is a character, they have more than likely been shipped with Luffy, but we’ll meet some of the biggest ones.

LuHan: Hancock will die if they don’t get together.

ZoLu: First mate for life!

Lubin: Luffy gave Robin a home to belong to.

LuVi: Vivi is a princess with the love of pirates, who better to be pirate queen?

Rodger: And then there is the ship that has quickly become the most powerful…

*Ship flying a flag that reads “Allies” comes charging into view*

LuLaw: This is the best pirate alliance to ever exist!!!!!!!!!!!

Rodger *points at giant red party boat*:  And everyone goes there at some point.

*Girl walks out onto deck and throws hands in the air*

Girl: WOOOOOOO!!!!! LUFFY x MEAT!!!!!!

*The two continue down the docks till they come to another large wooden ship*

Fan: This ship looks pretty normal… What’s going on here?

Rodger: This is the Zorobin ship. It’s very popular and you’d think it was normal-

*Zorobin ship fires cannonball. The pair look to see a yellow and green ship and a ship shaped like a cannon*

Zorobin: Go away! Zoro’s power was awakened by Robin being in trouble. Robin’s too good to be shipped with a robot!

Fan: Who are they fighting?

Rodger: Well mostly the Frobin ship-

*The Frobin ship fires a cannonball from its cannon shaped front, and someone onboard starts waving cardboard cut-out in the air.*

Frobin: Well we have Oda!!!

Rodger: No you don’t!!!!

Frobin: He gave them couple’s t-shirts!

Rodger: They are convinced their ship is canon.

Fan: Well, is it?

Rodger: Only Oda knows… Anyways, that other ship, the yellow and green one, is the ZoSan ship. They are the biggest yaoi ship in this harbor.

ZoSan: It’s cute how they love to hate each other!

Fan: Ah, I think I understand…

*They continue on.*

Fan: Wow, all the ships over here look a lot smaller.

Rodger: Yes this is the yard of small, forgotten, and crack ships. The UssoKaya ship rests over here along with a bunch of others. People visit them from other ships on occasion, but they don’t have a lot of hardcore crew members.

Fan: There are so many ships, but what if I don’t think anybody should be together…?

*Rodger smiles and points at a large white building*

Rodger: Then you can join the Marines.

*Horde of Marines comes charging by.*

Officer: Quick men, the Zorobin and Frobin ships are fighting again. We must remind them that Oda said there would be no shipping of Nakama.

Rodger: No matter what you choose though, just remember that we are all Nakama and should love and care for each other.

*Rodger, raises arm to reveal x. Fan smiles and does the same.*

Rodger + Fan: WE ARE!



And to those who will leave the guild once the story is over…:

One: You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as you live.

Two: You must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain.

Three: Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignficant , and you must never forget about your friends who loved you!


How the strawhats celebrate christmas!

There are surprisingly few gif’s of christmas.. xD


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