Me and Yoshiki Takahashi fully enjoyed all 3 days of Tokyo Comic Con. We made 3 posters together. (Its theme is Cyborg: Maria from Metropolis, Bride of Frankenstein and Pris from Blade Runner. ) I love Yoshiki’s psychedelic and vivid colored style that is different from] my usual. Big thanks to our booth’s producer Mr. Shinji “Tomenosuke” Nakako!


Eden (iLL cover)
  • Eden (iLL cover)
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Ben’s Day 11 - “Eden” by iLL

Today’s a fairly straight cover of a song by my biggest inspiration of all time.  Koji Nakamura began his musical career as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band “Supercar”, and then went on to have his own solo act as “iLL” and later, “LAMA” with a fucking murder of amazing musicians.  He’s responsible for my favorite shit.  So here’s this thing.  Keepin’ my head all in it-in it.

It’s a cover of his song “Eden” from the record “Minimal Maximum” (mixed in with a little quotes from his other song, “Kiss” from the record “Force” at the end)


Tabuchi as the studio musician?

This sounds really interesting. I want this.


iLL - Deadly Lovely

If you like Supercar, please listen to iLL.  This is one of my all-time favorite songs.


That is Koji Nakamura.  The dude responsible for at least a portion of my favorite music.  He was involved with Supercar, iLL, and now LAMA.  And those words above him indicate he’s involved with Eureka Seven AO.

How much more excited could I be for this stupid anime?

also, nakako, bro, gimme dat hair

(Calling that this “Fleur” character is Maeter based on no evidence at all.)

(Also, when are we gonna learn whether or not Dai Sato is writing again?  My expectations of this show weigh heavily on this fact.) 

External image

dear nakako get some fucking sleep

alternate timeline: where can i get that hoodie, i need to know for a friend

no really, calvin, get on it

alternate alternate pocket universe: i got this bd rip and the only thing NOT subbed is this fucking interview and I’m pissed but I’m gonna sit here and watch nakako be sleepy anyway.