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Ben’s Day 11 - “Eden” by iLL

Today’s a fairly straight cover of a song by my biggest inspiration of all time.  Koji Nakamura began his musical career as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band “Supercar”, and then went on to have his own solo act as “iLL” and later, “LAMA” with a fucking murder of amazing musicians.  He’s responsible for my favorite shit.  So here’s this thing.  Keepin’ my head all in it-in it.

It’s a cover of his song “Eden” from the record “Minimal Maximum” (mixed in with a little quotes from his other song, “Kiss” from the record “Force” at the end)

My other favorite band of all time. I was more artistic with this picture, and even made a n original logo design. I also tried to use their actual instruments in the icons. Not as much information but this shows what each ex-member has been up to since they broke up. While researching, I was surprised at how much small freelance type work there was. I wanted to make it condensed so I just tried to include the major/original works that they have done. Ishiwatari is a prolific lyricist and producer! Never realized until now. Tazawa has also assisted with several different bands like チュール. You can see more for yourself at each ex-members website: 

Ishiwatari Junji

Furukawa Mik

Nakamura Koji

Tozawa Kodai

LAMA - Modanica

a.k.a. ben who give a fuck

A year later, this day on 12/12/12, LAMA releases their second record, “Modanica”.  LAMA is an electro-rock/pop joint from Japan, consisting of Koji Nakamura (Supercar, iLL, Nyantora), Miki Furukawa (Supercar), Hisako Tabuchi (Number Girl, Bloodthirsty Butchers, toddle), and Kensuke Ushio (agraph), a complete and total powerhouse of amazing musicians.  It’s hard for me to describe their sound.  LAMA is a very relaxing listen, but that in no way indicates that they are placid, or calm.  They are relaxing in spite of how loud and hard they can be.  Their melodies very often are repetitive and droning, but not at all in any pretentious, annoying way.  A song like “Spell” can have a very driving beat and uplifting melody, but it can still lull you into a nice, warm, welcome state of mind where you don’t mind staying for a while, even if that state has your body moving and your fists in the air.  LAMA, and particularly the works of Koji Nakamura previous, have been the only ones to bring me to that state, and for that, I consider them so special to me, so essential to me.

Their first album, “New!” was a fun sort of experiment, full of a varied assortment of songs that ranged from interesting to absolutely spectacular.  "New!“ was sprinked with tons of straight synth-pop jams mixed in with a few zoned-out experimental tracks to make a record that was very good, but not easy to listen all the way through.

This inconsistency is addressed in "Modanica”.  Through and through the record, you can hear with complete confidence that LAMA now knows what they want to be.  Every musician feels ever more present in this record and everything is balanced wonderfully, there’s more Nakako-led jams to catch up to the Miki-heavy “New!”, more recognizable Hisako hooks, and more really amazing rhythms and sounds from agraph.  It’s a much more cohesive package and is very easy to listen through as an entire album, with none too many dips in quality.

I found myself rocking to myself and spacing out accordingly, just getting lost through the whole thing.  Great droning tracks like D.B.A. (Don’t Be Afraid), Domino, and So, just up there with incessantly incredible all-out jams like White Out, Parallel Sign, and Know Your Rights.  Mostly every song had a moment of exemplarity that had me K-Fedding or headbobbing with my eyes closed, my mind in space.  It’s rare to find an album that flows together well, but still has a slew of tracks you can identify and want to go back to individually later.  The record loads you in the front with a ton of great, driving songs, and then responsibly lulls you into the end with tracks like In The Darkness, Life, and Namida no Umi.

“Modanica” is a definite album of the year contender for me, showing up incredibly late in the year and knocking off many that sat so high before it. Please, listen to LAMA.  And love LAMA.  They are some of the most interesting, accessible, and energetic electronic music in the game at this point, and no one does it quite like them.  They are worth your time.  Going into this band, I was concerned that this was some weird label stunt, shoving four established musicians together for the sake of seeing what happens.  Even if that was the case, everyone involved seems to be bringing their complete all to it, and they all seem to love each other, as well, if their constant twitter conversations are to indicate anything.  And that makes me incredibly happy.

And fuck if it won’t be inspiring Space Boyfriend in every possible way, making him even further a Koji Nakamura secret cover band.  And he can’t help but dreaming of the impossibility that the repeating “I don’t know"s in Namida no Umi are calling out to him.



Tabuchi as the studio musician?

This sounds really interesting. I want this.



ナカコーに曲作りを見せてもらいました【サンレコ2014年5月号連動】 “『Koji Nakamuraインタビュー』関連企画レポート(サウンド&レコーディング・マガジ­ン2014年5月号)

Koji Nakamura名義で新作を4月30日に発表するナカコー。各曲にまつわる彼の独特­な視点は誌面インタビューを是非チェックしていただきたいが、その具体的な曲作りの方­法についてはなかなか言語化が難しいのとこ。ということで、"曲作りの初期段階"を実­演してもらうことで、彼がいつも行っている作業に迫ってみたい。映像でどうぞ!”


“(May issue 2014 Sound & Recording Magazine) ” Koji Nakamura Interview ‘related planning report

Nakako to be announced on April 30 a new name in the Koji Nakamura. Unique perspective of his I want you to come and check the magazine interview concerning each song, but the cousin of the difficult language of hard information about how the song making concrete. By having them demonstrate the 'early stages of making the song’, with that, I want to just around the work he is doing at all times. Please in the video! “